Best Arms Training Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our best Arms Training Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners. The Arms Training is a brand new event where you must fight Lohar repeatedly without returning to your city.

Each time you defeat Lohar, you will earn points. In exchange, Lohar becomes stronger and unlocks a new skill. You will have the ability to pick a skill to further empower Lohar and make the event difficult over the time.

For starters, I highly recommend you to follow these skills in order to beat the Arms Training event:


We have tried several skill orders multiple times, but the one above gave the best results. Also, when you are doing the Arms Training, don’t forget to activate buffs / bonuses such as:

How to Beat Armsmaster Lohar in Arms Training Event

Rise of Kingdoms Arms Training Skills

With 10 passive skills, plus two starting skills, the Armsmaster Lohar is not an easy target to defeat if you aim to achieve the maximum rewards. In this part, I am going to show you how to beat the Armsmaster Lohar effectively and easily:

  • Use archer commanders or cavalry commanders and specialize in the specified troops as infantry troops have their attack reduced by 20%.
  • Use T4 units or higher with strong and solid commanders.
  • You will need Tier 5 troops in order to get top ranking.
  • Take advantage of runes like Attack, Defense and Health. You can get runes around the Holy Sites.
  • Ask for Kingdom Titles like General or Justice.
  • Use Army Expansion token to increase defense and troop capacity size.
  • Try to take advantage of alliance skills like Books & Battle.
  • Activate War Frenzy which can be achieve by scouting any player on the map.

Best Commanders for Arms Training Event

In this part, I am going to share the best commanders to use for the Arms Training Event. Below is our recommended commanders to pair with to achieve the best results and maximize your winning chance:

Important Note: Peacekeeping commanders’ skills do not deal extra damage to Lohar in the Arms Training event. Healing skills also do not work.

Arms Training Event: Lohar Boss Skills

Arms Training Lohar Skills

Lohar comes with two starting skills:

  • All damage received from infantry troops reduced by 20%.
  • Healing and reinforcements are disabled when challenging Armsmaster Lohar.

Each time you defeat Lohar, you will pick a new skill for him. Below is a list of unlockable Lohar boss skills:

Rapid Regeneration
Whenever attacked Lohar´s troops have a 10% chance to heal troop units by 1%, and in the next 10 seconds continuously heal troop units.
Reinforced Armor
Every 10 seconds, Lohar´s troops gain a shield (Damage Factor 1000) for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, incoming normal attack damage is reduced by 20%.
Lohar Provoke
Whenever attacked, Lohar has a 30% chance to remove debuffs from his troops, and at the same time increase their attack and defense by 15% for 3 seconds.
Master of the Bow
Lohar´s mastery of the bow allows him to snipe enemy wrists with incredible accuracy, causing them to drop their weapons. When Lohar uses this skill, your troops will become disarmed (Normal attacks disabled) for 2 seconds.
Combo Shots
Lohar’s active skill is powered up to “Combo Shots” whenever using “Lethal Shot”, there is a 50% chance to use “Lethal Shot” again, to a maximum of 5 times.
Lohar Wild Rage
Wild Rage
Attacks have a 10% chance to deal extra damage once (Damage Factor: 1000) and silence the target for 3 seconds.
Lohar Armor Piercing Spears
Armor Piercing Spear
All damage Lohar’s troops deal is increased by 20% and ignores the shield effects of the target.
Lohar Malignant Venom
Malignant Venom
Lohar’s troops add a stack of poison with each attack, lasting 10 seconds and stacking up to 30 times (duration is refreshed when a stack is added). Each stack increases damage taken from all sources by 1%.
Will of Battle
During an engagement of battle, when Lohar’s troop units are reduced to 50%, after 10 seconds immediately heal to 30% troop units.
Lohar No Retreat
No Retreat
When Lohar’s troop strength is lower than 50%, his troops deal an extra 20% normal attack damage and 20% counterattack damage and take 20% less skill damage.

Arms Training Event Rules

Whilst the Armsmaster Lohar has organized a session of Arms Training, this is your chance to gain valuable battle experience.

  1. When the Arms Training begins, Lohar will start with two starting skills and one active skill. Each 3rd time you defeat Lohar’s troops, he will level up and acquire a new skill. You can pick any skill for him to activate.
  2. Governors only can dispatch up to one troop for the entire duration of each training session.
  3. Armsmaster Lohar’s troops count as elite barbarians.
  4. Once a Governor’s troop has been defeated, given up, returned to the city or defeated a fully-upgraded Lohar 3 times. The session ends and points are calculated.
  5. Each time you defeat Lohar’s troops, you earn 10,000 points.
  6. If your troop were defeated midway, you will get bonus points based on the percentage of troops that you defeated in the battle.
  7. If you defeat a fully-upgraded Lohar 3 times, then the bonus points will be based on the percentage of troops remaining multiplied by 10,000.
  8. Returning to your city in the middle of the battle or giving up the Arms Training will not grant you bonus points.
  9. Governors can start training sessions 5 times per day.
  10. The highest points achieved will be counted as the final score.
  11. If the server is taken down for maintenance, any training session in progress will be ended. Please make sure to plan accordingly.

Arms Training Event Rewards (Rankings)

Lastly, you will get big rewards based on your ranking for the Arms Training event. The higher your ranking is, the bigger and better rewards becomes. You can easily get 20 golden keys, legendary chests, ton of speedups for your buildings and training troops. So make sure you keep on defeating Lohar for a chance to get these handsome rewards:


Remember to take advantage of rankings, always make sure you activate buffs to maximize your overall combat effectiveness. Follow this checklist so you will have an easy time defeating the Armsmaster Lohar:

  • War Frenzy
  • Runes
  • Kingdom Titles
  • Army Expansion Token
  • Equipment

Best Arms Training Guide: Conclusion

Best Arms Training Event Rise of Kingdoms Guide

That’s all governors, I truly hope you found our best Arms Training event guide for beginners helpful and informative. If you have anything that you think should be added to this guide, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best Arms Training Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
Best Arms Training Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
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