Best Anniversary Festival Event Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners

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Welcome to our best Anniversary Festival event guide for Rise of Kingdoms beginners. Are you looking for an in-depth guide that explains to you how to complete the Anniversary Festival event?

Then look no further! You have come to the right place. I am going to show you how to complete each Anniversary Festival event in detail.

The Anniversary Festival is one of several wonderful events to celebrate with our friends and alliance members. This year, Rise of Kingdoms is turning two years old (what a baby boomer!)

During the Anniversary Festival week, we will be getting tons of rewards and easy-to-obtain gifts.

We will only have to complete objectives to get bountiful rewards like resources, tokens, and keys.

In this guide, we will share stages for each event, tips, and tricks to maximize your rewards during the Anniversary Festival event.

Your Rise of Kingdoms Yearbook

One of the remarkable features that Rise of Kingdoms added is the Yearbook. It contains history and data about your governor and how you compare with other governors on your kingdom server.

The Rise of Kingdoms Yearbook will display most beautifully as they accompany you during the festival.

You can also choose a label from countless achievements that you can give to us as a thank you and establish it over your city for other governors to see how incredible you are.

At the end of Rise of Kingdoms Yearbook event, you will get 200 gems.

It is a great way to start the celebration and upgrade your VIP level quickly.

Rise of Kingdoms Yearbook

Spoils

Matilda of Flanders is a brand new epic gathering commander added to the game during ROK Patch Notes 1.0.38.

She is super easy to unlock during the Anniversary Festival.

All you have to do is log in every day for eight days to get some Matilda sculptures along with awesome rewards.

Matilda of Flanders Anniversary Festival Event

Do not miss this opportunity, as it is one of the best free events to grab Matilda of Flanders quickly and expand your gathering arsenal.

Rise of Kingdoms Anniversary Festival Event

We will get to enjoy countless missions that get unlocked step by step during five consecutive days in these festivals.

Each task requires us to perform various actions such as login in every day to collect resources on the map to kill the barbarians.

Rise of Kingdoms Anniversary Festival Event

Here’s a list of missions for each day that you must complete:

Day 1

  • Daily Business: Login to get the rewards.
  • Field Collection: Missions to collect resources on the map in a total of quantities and times.
  • Academic Elite: Increase your power through technology researching from a minimum to maximum in 6 missions (2,500 – 100,000)

Day 2

  • Step by Step: Consume 5,000 action points in total before the end of the event.
  • City Defense: Defeat 300 barbarians. This is a great way to consume your action points quickly.
  • Ready to Attack: Increase your total troops power by 100,000. Use some speedups to accelerate training.

Day 3

  • Barbarian Invasion: Attack 30 barbarian forts to complete mission. Each completed mission gives you a golden key.
  • Alliance Action: Support your alliance and help your alliance members 400 times. Also make at least 200 donations for Alliance Technology research.
  • Tiles and Bricks: Increase your building power to a total 100,000 power. Use some speedups to accelerate upgrading.

Day 4

  • Sprint for the Win: Use a total 3,000 minutes of any speedups type for training your troops, upgrading buildings and researching technology.
  • Important Trade: Buy a total 80 items from the Mysterious Merchant. Do not waste your gems on this.
  • Accumulate Strength: Train all types of units such as Infantry, Cavalry, Archer and Siege to maximize your rewards. Use some speedups.

Day 5

  • Protect the Holy Site: Defeat guardians and collect runes to complete the mission. Works similar to the Holy Conqueror event.
  • Teamwork: Claim Alliance Gifts. The only way to complete these missions is by claiming alliance gifts. Join top alliances that have tons of whales or defeat tons of barbarian forts.
  • Resource Output: Gathering resources in the city and map. We will only need to collect a total of a certain amount of different resources in our city and map. A very easy mission.

For every mission you complete, you will get 2 Candy Commanders, which we will explain their importance further in this guide.

You also will get Epic Commander Sculptures, Tomes, and Speedups at the end of the event.

It is a great way to quickly unlock and upgrade your epic commanders, especially when you need to increase your overall power and level up commander power quickly.

Rise of Kingdoms Celebration Cake

Anniversary Event is a genius event in which you will have to craft your anniversary cake.

There are twenty-five unique and exclusive levels that gives you incredible rewards.

To make the cake, you must use Candy Commanders as it is the best way to level up.

You can get tons of Candy Commanders by completing all the missions during the event.

You can craft Anniversary Cake for free or pay 7,000 gems to get extra rewards and recoup all the gems at the final level.

I highly recommend you to pay 7,000 gems because each gift is so incredible compared to other events.

There’s awesome rewards that you definitely must get:

  • 35 Golden Sculptures.
  • Ton of Speedups
  • Hundreds and hundreds of gems to recover spent gems.
  • Dozen of golden keys.
Rise of Kingdoms Anniversary Cake

As a Free-to-Play player, the Anniversary Festival is the best event to enjoy multiple rewards. To be smart and strategic, be sure to have at least some gems in reserve when these events arrive.

Because if you pay without thinking, you can easily add 7,000 gems on the last day and unlock all of these gifts to level up faster and recover some of the gems.

If you need a way to stockpile gems in advance of the event. There’s a few ways to do that:

Tasty Task

Another part of the Anniversary event is called Tasty Task. It’s the easy way to win items by contributing your effort to complete missions and several levels in various events.

In this case, you can obtain Celebration Boxes to win Candy Commanders to max out your Anniversary Celebration cake.

Celebration Anniversary Cake Rise of Kingdoms

Here’s 3 ways to win Celebration Boxes:

  • Map Collection: You have a small chance to get Celebration Boxes while gathering resources on the map!
  • City Collection: You have a small chance to get Celebration Boxes while gathering resources in your city!
  • Defeating Barbarians: You have a small chance to get Celebration Boxes after defeating barbarians on the map!

Tips on How to Get Celebration Boxes Fast

In this part, I am going to show you how to get more celebration boxes fast:

  • Through Map Collection, send your gathering armies to farm 120K – 130K resources on the map. You can do this every 15 minutes with a good chance of getting 3 Celebration Boxes.
  • You also can teleport to Zone 1, where there are Level 1 to 2 resource points, and they have a precise chance of getting Celebration Boxes without the need to select a number of troops or recalling them home.

If you plan to collect resources in your city then you must:

  • Collect the resources every 20 to 30 minutes to maximize the number of Celebration Boxes.
  • Use boots and resource runes to increase the production of your resource buildings.
  • Use your action points to defeat barbarians on the map to generate additional Celebration Boxes 
Rise of Kingdoms City Skin

The Celebration Boxes give you a chance to get the exclusive city skin for only three days.

But if you reach Anniversary Celebration Cake to Level 17, then you will permanently unlock this city skin design for your city.

Sending Cards

You also can send congratulations to your friends and alliance members by sending cards to them.

They can open the cards, and up to 5 governors in your kingdom server will get random gifts, gems, keys, speedups, and resource packs.

It is an excellent way to get quick rewards. Do not miss this opportunity to recognize your alliance members.

Sending Cards Rise of Kingdoms

To send cards to your alliance members or friends, it’s necessary to have a Card Pack that you can obtain via upgrading your Celebration Cake level or through purchasing bundles with your money during the event.

“Zenith of Power”

Lastly, Zenith of Power starts on the 2nd day of the Anniversary Festival event and lasts for four days.

All governors must increase their power to get some rewards up to a maximum of 1 million power. In addition, you will get exclusive rewards like golden sculptures, speedups, stars, and keys.

Zenith of Power is a general continent ranking where you will compete for your power growth with other governors in 7 different kingdoms.

All governors will fight to claim reign for the ranking rewards, which gives you avatar frames, exclusive legendary city theme, and 20 golden sculptures.

Zenith of Power Rise of Kingdoms

It’s a tough ranking system for F2P players as you will have to increase your power in an abysmal way to reach the top 10 ranking rewards.

You can grow your overall power somehow, but it’s’ the only number that counts.

Zenith of Power isn’t a recommended event for F2P players. Thus it’s better that you focus on securing the million power points and claim rewards equally, which is still pretty good than nothing.

Best Anniversary Festival Conclusion

Best Anniversary Festival Event ROK Guide

That’s all Governors! I hope you find our top best Anniversary festival guide for beginners helpful and informative.

If you have any questions about the Anniversary Festival guide, feel free to drop a comment below.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience, I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

It’s faster, smoother, and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game.

You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best Anniversary Festival Event Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
Best Anniversary Festival Event Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
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