Best Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness Guide

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Welcome to the best Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness guide for Rise of Kingdoms players. Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness is an event where the barbarians that have been forgotten for a long time. Now they have established encampment around the ruins and you must assemble armies to defeat the barbarians.

In this guide, we are going to teach you how to beat Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness by utilizing our game strategy. Stick around with us to learn more about the event to maximize your winning chance.

Ancient & Altar of Darkness Description

Strange ancient ruins have been forgotten for a long time. Now barbarians have seized the ruins and formed encampments around them. They are unusually powerful compared to regular barbarians that you see on the map. 

Below is list of game rules that all players will have to adhere to:

  1. Ancient Ruins & Altar of Darkness are open to contending once every 15 hours and remain open for 1 hour.
  2. New barbarian armies will appear when the ruins open for contending.
  3. Defeat the barbarian defenders to earn tons of experience and rewards.
  4. Ancient Ruins can’t be attacked directly. Alliance will gain control of ruins once barbarian forces have been eliminated in vicinity of the ruins.
  5. Once an alliance gains control of an ancient ruins, the commanders dispatched by alliance members will gain experience over the time as long as they remain within the vicinity of the ruins. Governors also will earn personal honor over time.
  6. The barbarians will regain control of the ancient ruins once the contention period has ended.
  7. Only one army per governor can get the Ancient Ruins buff.

The Basics of Ancient & Altar of Darkness

Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness

Before you get started with this event, you need to know the basics first. The sequence of troops matters a lot to your success. In fact, you should be following infantry, cavalry, archers and siege units using this formation:

  • 50% of your army should be infantry troops.
  • 25% of your army should be archer troops.
  • 25% of your army should be cavalry troops.
  • 0% of your army should be siege troops.

Also you will want to have debuff / buff marches. Keep it in your mind that multiple debuff / buff march do not stack together. Only the highest debuff and buff are picked for the duration of battle.

The troop counter as following:

  • Infantry –> Cavalry
  • Cavalry –> Archer
  • Archer –> Infantry

Basic Tips for New Players

If you are new to Ancient and Altar of Darkness, taking advantage of these basic tips will help you make a steady progression.

  • Low-tier players usually have weak armies, thus they die off pretty quick. Do not hesitate to fall back and stick with the pack.
  • Always pay attention to the screen border. If it turns red, it’s because you are being targeted and should fall back within the pack.
  • Do not get isolated, it’s a very easy way to get your army killed on the battlefield.
  • Make sure you are paying attention to what is going on around your army.

Advanced Tips for Experienced Players

For more experienced or high-level players, you should know these advanced tips to maximize your fighting advantages:

  • Tap on your commander to drag troops as it can get quite laggy sometimes (we recommend playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC).
  • When attacking, it is easy to tap on the enemy commander and send your troops instead of dragging your army across the battlefield.

Experienced Tips for Veteran Players

We also included experienced tips from veteran Rise of Kingdoms players so that you also can take advantage:

  • Pay attention to your commander pairing and which commanders you bring to the battlefield.
  • Use buffs like rune, army expansion, equipment, city skill, alliance skills, and even commander view.

Ancient Ruins & Altar of Darkness Strategy

Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness Guide

In the next part of our in-depth guide, we will cover Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness strategy. Your approach to winning this game is simple and straightforward. You should build an army composed of 50% tank, who will soak incoming attacks and 50% support who will be responsible for applying buffs + debuffs.

Let’s take a closer look at how this setup works with a 50/25/25 troop ratio. In each march, you should have a commander that can apply debuff / buff. Then your other second commander should be able to absorb incoming damage and reduce the amount of damage taken.

Below is a list of best commander pairings that follows 50% Tank / 50% Support and stays within the 50/25/25 troop ratio:

All of these pairings are really good. You also will want to take advantage of crowd controls, which some of these commanders above already have such as Baibars, Guan Yu, Sun Tzu and even Aethelflaed.

Do keep it in your mind that you can dispatch up to one march at a time. It’s imperative that you have back up marches ready right at the gate.

Strategic placement is the hardest part of the game because crowds controlling your enemies is difficult. The general idea is that you use your army to weaken your enemies followed by your supporting marches. Everything will get quite clustered at this point but you will be able to have your tanks absorb incoming attacks, which allows you to deal damage until additional reinforcement arrives.

Who Should I Target First?

You should always target all damage dealer armies first. Once they have been eliminated, shift your focus on the tanks and allow the crowd control skills to work their magic. As you should follow target priority below:

  1. Damage dealer armies.
  2. Tank armies.

Weak Points

There’s some weak points you should be aware to take advantage to win the game:

  • Tanks are slow, so you need to position them and be aware of what’s going on the map.
  • Support is all about maximizing buffs and debuffs.
  • Stick close to each other and hit multiple armies is key to victory.
  • Damage dealer armies don’t last that long.
  • Always find the right time to strike your enemies.
  • You will likely experience some lag on the battlefield.
  • The more complex your strategy is, the harder it becomes to execute. Keep it simple and short.
  • There’s no perfect strategy, a well-excited strategy will help you win the battle.

Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness: Conclusion

Best Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness ROK Guide

That’s all governors! I hope you find our in-depth Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions about this event or how to execute a strategy, let us know in the comment section below.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness Guide
Best Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness Guide
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