Best Academy Path to Research Technology Fast: Guide for Beginners

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You do not have to spend that much time on researching technologies in Rise of Kingdoms. In fact, there’s a best way to research technology fast. Academy is the heart where you research advancements for your troops, building speed and even improving your resources production.

In this guide, I am going to share the best Academy path to research technology fast. The purpose of this guide is to help beginners who are new to Rise of Kingdoms learn the best way to advance quickly in game without consuming their time too much.

For beginners, I recommend scouting map as you will be able to make contact with villages who gives you basic economic technologies. Plus, a mini farming account is essential as researching late technologies will become more expensive and you need additional resources to keep up with the progression.

Having a VIP Status Level 6 or higher is also a good idea since they comes with small bonuses that boosts your researching timer. Without further ado, here’s how to research technologies fast in Rise of Kingdoms for beginners!

How to Advance Economic Technology Quickly

Economic Technology

You do not need to research these technology via your Academy in the beginning. You can get them from the tribal villages and max all of them upwards to Masonry at Level 5. Afterwards, you will have to research intermediate and advanced economic technology.

Here’s how to advance your economic technology quickly in Rise of Kingdoms:

  1. Max out your Masonry via Tribal Villages (+15% Building Speed)
  2. Max out your Writing afterwards (+10% Faster Research Speed)
  3. Max out your Engineering afterwards (+35% Faster Building Speed).
  4. Max out your Mathematics afterwards (+15% Faster Research Speed)

Getting the building and research speed bonuses is essential to cutting the timer as they will become longer in late game. For instance, the time it takes to upgrade your City Hall to Level 25 is around 4 months.

Both Masonry and Engineering will cut the time by roughly a month and half off the building timer for upgrading your City Hall. Therefore, it is important that you get these speed bonuses as soon as possible to accelerate your progression.

How to Advance Military Technology Quickly

Military Technology

In the beginning of the game, you can focus on researching basic military technologies. Once you max out your economic technologies, focus at getting the must-have technology first before researching military techs.

It’s also important to keep in your mind that you will want to obtain high-tier troops as soon as possible. So you do need these speed bonuses to be able to research your technologies quickly. Because the military technologies is so interlocked, your first focus is to get Tier 3 troops right away,

  1. Get Tier 3 Troops quickly.
  2. Max out your military technologies before researching Camouflage
  3. Research Tier 4 Troops quickly

Pro tip for beginners, don’t research Tier 4 siege units as they don’t really contribute that much of value. Ideally, you want to research infantry troops, archer troops and cavalry troops because they will make most of your forces.

Once you have them unlocked, research Tier 4 siege troops.

You also will want to max out your Combat TacticsDefensive Formation Herbal Medicine as they will give your troops bonus. But that also depends on the gameplay and strategy you plan to utilize in Rise of Kingdoms.

For instance, if you are going to use Cavalry Commanders, you probably will want to stick to Tier 5 cavalry troops. The cost and time it takes to research tier 5 troops are time-consuming and expensive. So you need to plan ahead what you plan to play.

How to Increase Your Research Speed


There’s so many ways you can do to increase your research speed. Without knowing how to increase your research speed, you are going to be stuck with slower progression while more experienced players will get ahead of you.

So getting to know how to accelerate your research speed is absolutely must. Luckily, there’s a few ways you can do as a free-to-play player:

  • Ask your alliance for helping hand.
  • Kill sentinels and get runes with research speed buff.
  • Upgrade your VIP Status to higher level.
  • Use Research Speedups.

You can increase the number of alliance helping hands that you get by upgrading your alliance center and upgrading the amount of time that a helping hand reduces on your building / research timer. Being in one of these top alliances also helps!

Over to You!

That’s all, Governors! I hope you found this guide on how to research technology fast in Rise of Kingdoms. Now that you know how to take advantages of bonuses and buffs to accelerate your research progression, you will have no problem making steady advancements in terms of power and dominance in your kingdom.

Best Academy Path to Research Technology Fast: Guide for Beginners
Best Academy Path to Research Technology Fast: Guide for Beginners
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