Ultimate Guide to Basic Stats: Attack, Defense and Health for Beginners

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Did you know that basic stats like attack, defense, and health matter a lot in Rise of Kingdoms? For some of you who are new to the game, these basic stats are fundamental to winning the battles using your commanders and a wide variety of troops.

Getting to know the basic stats in Rise of Kingdoms will help you understand the importance of attacking and defending your forces against enemy invaders. After reading this guide about the basic stats in Rise of Kingdoms, you will learn to care about them a lot more.

Overview of Basic Stats

  • What is Attack and How it Works?
  • What is Defense and How it Works?
  • What is Health and How it Works?

What is Attack and How it Works?

Basic Stats Attack Rise of Kingdoms ROK

Attack simply means the strength of your troops and their ability to deal damage. In Rise of Kingdoms, there are several ways to perform attacks using various methods.

Here is ways you can do to increase the attack value of your troops:

  • Expand your troop capacity.
  • Select unique units that have high attack value.
  • Play commanders that have strong attack talent build.
  • Specialized commanders give bonus attacks (i.e Leonidas I, Saladin, and Julius Caesar).

High attack means the marches can do even more damage within a short timeframe. Dealing significant damage is essential for attacking enemy governor’s cities, PvP battles such as the Lost Kingdom events, and even in arenas like Ark of Osiris and Sunset Canyon.

What is Defense and How it Works?

Basic Stats Defense Rise of Kingdoms ROK

The defense simply means the ability to reduce the amount of incoming damage from the enemies, allowing your troops to withstand the battle for a much longer period. There are several ways defense plays a role in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Defense reduces the amount of incoming damage from normal and skills.
  • Higher defense means your troops can withstand more attacks.
  • Defense is the ability that resists attacks.

Here is ways you can do to increase the defense value of your troops:

High defense means your commander can absorb a majority of the incoming damage, which is especially critical when fighting in open field battles or defending your city against potential attackers. Defense keeps your troops alive for a much longer time and minimizes the number of casualties.

What is Health and How it Works?

Basic Stats Health Rise of Kingdoms ROK

Health means your troops’ total health and the ability to absorb damage before being sent back to the hospitals for healing or before getting killed on the battlefield. More health means more damage your troops can take. Here are a few things you should know about Health in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Health is how long your troops can stay alive during the battle.
  • Health does not counter any incoming attacks.
  • Health doesn’t reduce incoming attacks.
  • The more troops you have, the bigger healing factor will be.
  • Having more health means you can take more damage.
  • Play commanders that have huge health pool such as Constantine I.

There are few ways you can increase your troops’ health, but it is mainly done via commanders’ talent builds. The majority of the basic stats aimed at reducing the damage taken are done with defense builds and troops.

How to Use Basic Stats to Your Advantage

Basic Stats Rise of Kingdoms Guide

These basic stats are pretty much simple and easy to understand. Unfortunately, most of the players do not know how to take advantage of these basic stats to maximize their combat effectiveness, which is one of the game’s mistakes!

One trick you can do to increase further the damage done using rallying armies is to fill up with special units. For instance, if the primary commander leading the rallying military happens to be Saladin, specializing in the cavalry. Then the cavalry should be the first to fill up capacity because they get huge bonuses thanks to Saladin’s cavalry skills.

In Rise of Kingdoms there are 4 different type of roles to play using your commanders:

  • Damage Dealer (DPS): High attack, low defense, and health. Great for dishing out damage to cripple your enemies while tanks take hold of the frontline.
  • Tank: Great for commanders that have high health and defense but low attack. They are good at absorbing attacks and providing temporary buffs to themselves as well as nearby allies.
  • Support: Commanders that don’t excel at health, defense, or attack might find themselves helpful in providing support to nearby friendly commanders by buffing allies or debuffing enemies.
  • Healer: Commanders excel at healing allies using magic powers to replenish injured troops and bring them back to the battle.

You can learn more about the best commanders based on their troop category:

That’s all Governors! I hope this guide on the basic stats for attack, defense, and health helps you win the battles in Rise of Kingdoms. If you have any questions about the combat system, let us know in the comment section below, and we will be happy to discuss it with you!

Ultimate Guide to Basic Stats: Attack, Defense and Health for Beginners
Ultimate Guide to Basic Stats: Attack, Defense and Health for Beginners
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