Alliance Titles and How to Use Them: Guide for Beginners

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In this guide, I will talk about Alliance Titles in detail and how to use them in Rise of Kingdoms. Whenever you are in an alliance or one of these top alliances, getting to know the ins and outs of an alliance is pretty important.

Being in an alliance means you will have access to various perks and bonuses such as increased gathering rate inside alliance territory and spending your alliance credits in the alliance shop like VIP Points to accelerate your VIP Status.

However, did you know that if you hold an alliance title, you will get a small buff to your civilization? Even though these title bonuses are small, it can be incredibly helpful if you are trying to make the most use out of it.

Some alliances have adopted a rotation method which rotates alliance members based on their need and how long they plan to use. When they are done using them, other alliance members get that title to boost their building speed and such.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about Alliance Titles and how to use them in Rise of Kingdoms.

What is Alliance Titles?

Alliance Titles Rise of Kingdoms

An alliance title can be only given to officers who are Rank 4 in your alliance to recognize their position. Only officers can get these alliance titles. Leaders of the alliance are not eligible for title but if he / she gets demoted to officer position then they are eligible to hold an alliance title.

To get an alliance title, you must appoint officers and there is four different titles to pick:

  • Counselor (+1% Building Speed & +1% Research Speed)
  • Warlord (+1% Troop Attack & +1% Troop Defense)
  • Envoy (+1% Troop Health)
  • Saint (+10% Gathering Speed)

Alliance Title: Counselor

Alliance Titles Counselor

Counselor gives you +1% building and research speed, which is useful when you have a lot of buildings to upgrade and need to speed up your technology research. While the bonus is minor, it does cut some minutes off upgrading and researching timer as you progress further in the late game.

Alliance Title: Warlord

Alliance Titles Warlord

Ideally, you want someone with high troop power and has Tier 4 / Tier 5 troops to hold this title since they can make the most use out of this blanket buff bonus. The +1% troop attack and defense do help out quite a bit with doing extra damage and reducing incoming damage. Which makes this title useful for any powerful players.

Alliance Title: Envoy

Alliance Titles Envoy

You can’t really do that much with Envoy as your alliance title. Though, any defenders — mainly Britain players because of their +20% alliance garrison capacity will greatly benefit from this alliance title. Since garrison troops usually are sitting in the city, the health bonus will fortify them.

Alliance Title: Saint

Alliance Titles Saint

Any avid players who wants to speed up their gathering rate will absolutely love to have this alliance title. If you are already using the best gathering commanders, you can take a step further with an extra 10% gathering rate boost. You can easily see your overall gathering timer slashed by roughly 80% (accounting in the gathering talent points, skills, alliance territory bonus, runes and titles).

Future Alliance Titles in Rise of Kingdoms

For now, there are few alliance titles to appoint your officers in the alliance. You can have up to 8 officers at a time but there are only 4 titles to appoint. Which leads me to think that there’s few more titles that are currently under development.

In the future, Lilith Games might release new alliance titles with an interesting twist to the game. Seeing how important these titles are do play quite an impact on the game. It would be cool to have more alliance titles so that players can grow quickly and take advantage of the bonuses.

Here’s some suggestions that I think Lilith Games potentially might add to Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Alliance Title: Peacekeeper (+5% Damage to Barbarians & +5% Experience Gain)
  • Alliance Title: Champion (+1% Army Rally Damage & +5% Rally Army March Speed)
  • Alliance Title: Spymaster (+10% Scout March Speed)
  • Alliance Title: Harbinger (+2% Skill Damage and +2% Rage Generation)

What do you think of these potential alliance titles that might be included in the future content updates? Let us know how you think of this guide on alliance titles and if that helps you out by commenting below in the comments section. Happy ruling, Governors!

Alliance Titles and How to Use Them: Guide for Beginners
Alliance Titles and How to Use Them: Guide for Beginners
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