Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners. If you are thinking of how to join one of these top alliances on your server or setting up one. Then you have come to the right spot because in Rise of Kingdoms, you won’t be able to progress that far without being in an alliance.

The truth is that alliance is fundamental to your civilization growth. They provide you with resources, protection, technology advancements, and even buffs from holy sites all around the zones. Plus, you get bonus gathering rate for harvesting resource spots in alliance territory.

In our Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners, I will be covering the basics and things that you need to know about alliance functions and features in the game. New information regarding the alliance system and features will be updated in the future, thus I recommend bookmarking House of Kingdoms for quick reference.

Simple Alliance Guide for Beginners

Alliance Rise of Kingdoms Guide

One of the easiest way to get started in Rise of Kingdoms for beginners is to join an alliance. You heard me right, just join an alliance and grow your power. You definitely do not want to create an alliance as a new player because managing it will be challenging and you need to make friends first. But here’s some perks for being in an alliance:

  • Joining your first alliance will earn you 300 Gems for free.
  • Alliance members can help you build / upgrade buildings quickly.
  • Get protection during peace time and war time.
  • Expand your alliance territory to gain control of resource points.
  • Conquer and occupy Holy Sites for alliance-wide buff bonuses.

How to Create Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

If you are an experienced player in Rise of Kingdoms and want to create alliance as opposed to joining somebody’s else. You will need to meet the following requirements first before doing so:

  • You must have an Alliance Center
  • You must have 500 Gems

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to create an alliance. From that point, you need to customize your alliance, identification, who you are looking for, is there any requirement, and finally what language you prefer your alliance to speak in:

  • Alliance Tag (4 Unique Characters)
  • Alliance Name (Name of your alliance)
  • Announcement (A short description of your alliance)
  • Requirement (Join now or apply first)
  • Language (Native or International)

How to Build Alliance Fortress

Alliance Fortress

In the beginning, the first thing you need to do to get your alliance established in your kingdom is to build an Alliance Fortress. They are the heart of your alliance and the starting point to growing beyond. The Center Fortresses provides additional power bonus to alliance members who resides within the territory radius.

You can upgrade Alliance Fortresses up to Level 3. With each upgrade, the cost becomes more and more expensive. I highly recommend investing all of your resources in researching alliance technology early on to reduce the cost to upgrade your alliance fortresses first.

Level 1 Fortress

  • Member Size: 20
  • Power: 500,000
Level 1 Alliance FortressCreditsFoodWoodStoneGold
Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Center Fortress900,000
Rise of Kingdoms Credits

Level 2 Fortress

  • Member Size: 50
  • Power: 5,000,000
Level 2 Alliance FortressCreditsFoodWoodStoneGold
Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Center Fortress4,500,000
Rise of Kingdoms Credits
Rise of Kingdoms Food
Rise of Kingdoms Wood
Rise of Kingdoms Stone
Rise of Kingdoms Gold

Level 3 Fortress

  • Member Size: 50
  • Power: 5,000,000
Level 3 Alliance FortressCreditsFoodWoodStoneGold
Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Center Fortress9,000,000
Rise of Kingdoms Credits
Rise of Kingdoms Food
Rise of Kingdoms Wood
Rise of Kingdoms Stone
Rise of Kingdoms Gold

As you can see, the cost to upgrade alliance fortresses becomes more expensive later in the game. However, you shouldn’t worry too much as long as you have plenty of Alliance RSS points under your control to provide a steady flow of resources.

How to Build Alliance Flags

Alliance Flag

Before you can build an alliance flag, you need to complete your alliance fortress. Once that is complete, your next step is to build an alliance flag. They are usually used to claim stake of territory in Rise of Kingdoms. You always will want to aim at scooping up more resource points to fall under your alliance’s control.

Your alliance also should be working towards the holy sites in all zones and claim them. The alliance flags needs to be adjacent to them in order to capture them. They are great for exerting your alliance’s control beyond the fortresses. Although, they are quick to build as it is easy to destroy them.

What you can do with Alliance Flags:

  • Focus on resource rich areas.
  • Capture Alliance Deposits.
  • Surround your Alliance Fortresses .
  • Exert your alliance’s control.
  • Capture Holy Sites.
  • Go to War with adjacent alliances.

How to Get Alliance Resources

Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Gold Mine
This is Alliance Gold Mine. When captured, it generates a steady flow of gold every hour.

One of the most important thing about being in an alliance is that they need resources. The resources are used to build new flags, fortresses, and researching technologies. Luckily, as an alliance member you have several ways to help out your alliance.

Here’s how you can help out your alliance with getting more resources:

  • Occupy more Alliance Resource Deposits within your alliance’s territory.
  • Gather resource points within your alliance’s territory. They get 1% on top of it as a bonus.

And you can do that by helping out your alliance with accelerating the building timer of flag by sending your armies. Furthermore, if you use one of the best gathering commanders, you are helping out your alliance by speeding up the gathering timer.

Which means your alliance can get the required resources much sooner than later and they can build new flags / fortresses right away. Make sure to take advantage of your commanders’ skills.

How to Get Alliance Credits

In Rise of Kingdoms, the Alliance Credits is important because you can use them to purchase items for your alliance members to buy in the Alliance Store. Plus, you also use Alliance Credits to build new fortresses and flags.

There are three ways you can do to earn Alliance Credits:

  • Help out your alliance members.
  • Make donations to alliance technology.
  • Assist with constructing Alliance buildings. This is the easiest and best way to earn a lot of Alliance Credits for yourself.

Why You Should Join a Top Alliance?

Join Rise of Kingdoms Top Alliances Guide

If you are a Free-to-play Player and isn’t in one of the top alliance. You are going to get bullied, walked over and crushed until you have nothing left and it isn’t a fun experience. So for love of the god, please take this tip and do what you can to join a top alliance on your server.

The kingdom’s history is basically written and ruled by the top alliances that are usually ranked between 1 to 3. My advice to you is get in the most powerful alliances you can and work your way up.

Believe it or not, you will be surprised by how willing they will accept you. Top alliances are always looking to shed away dead-weights and inactives with fresh players to grow their power. If you have high power compared to their low powered members, they will likely accept you in their alliance.

One of the most effective way to join a top alliance in Rise of Kingdoms is to make a self-introduction. Reach out to rank 4 members that you are an experienced player, that you are a P2P, you are active, you are royal, and you will always help build flags.

Once you join their alliance, be sure to chat and mingle with the members. Make friends and especially top alliance members.

If you are a F2P player and happen to be in a top alliance. The benefits that you get will be the same to the dolphins. Whales will buy packages and you get a share of their packages. Top alliances will have whales that always buys packages which gives you golden keys for chests.

Just to share my experience from being in one of the top alliances on in my server. Every time I wake up in the morning and log in Rise of Kingdoms. I get tons of chests via Alliance tab that contains more than 50+ hours worth of speedups. Plus items that are worth more than 1,500 gems altogether.

Not to forget to mention that I get golden keys… a lot of golden keys and goodies. Let that sink in for a moment and imagine the perks of being in one of the top alliances in your kingdom. It does feel great to have the perks.

Besides, the top alliances usually are the ones who control Shrines, Sanctums, Passes, Lost Temple and the entire map. These holy sites gives you the luxury that low tiered alliances can’t afford. In a nutshell, you get the most bang for just being in a top alliance.

How to Grow Your Power Fast

Power Up Commanders Fast

If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms and struggle with growing your power fast enough to meet the alliance’s power requirements. You most likely made quite a few early game mistakes. But you also can do it the easy way if you are willing to jump to other kingdom.

You will need to create a jumper account, max out your buildings and City Hall to Level 7. Then select a kingdom you want to jump. With power between 200K to 300K, you should have no issues joining the top alliance early in the beginning.

I highly recommend creating two jumper accounts at a time. One will be your main and another one is your farming account. Your farming account focuses on farming skills / commanders so that you can feed it to your main account.

The point of having a jumper’s account is to give you a head start in a brand new server. Your jumper’s account makes it easy enough to join top alliance and maintain high power ranking.

Alternatively, you can follow my in-depth guide on how to grow your power fast for beginners. This involves powering up your commanders fast so that you can accelerate your progress. I also recommend following my guide on how to rush your VIP Status to Level 6.

Don’t Want to Waste Your Current Progress?

Alliance Rise of Kingdoms Guide

That’s fine, keep playing on your current account. Migrate your current account to a new server as soon as migration option becomes available for the new kingdom. If you want to switch to a different device for better gaming experience, you can save your game.

I hope you found our Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms guide helpful and informative. And for love of god’s sake, please make sure to join the top alliance. You will not regret getting ton of freebies like tokens, bonuses and perks. Most importantly, have fun.

If you have any questions about our Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms guide. Please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. We are looking forward to strike a conversation with you. Happy ruling, Governors!

Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Alliance Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
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