How to Beat Warpath Event as F2P Player in ROK

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Warpath is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where all governors are encouraged to train their troops at least Tier 2 or higher to obtain rewards.

The length of this event lasts for 4 days and resets at every 00:00:00 UTC, which means you can obtain rewards up to 4 times for the entire duration of the event.

However, if you are playing as a Free-to-Play player and struggle to complete the Warpath event. Then stick with us to learn how you can finish Warpath and get all the rewards, the easy way without having to spend a dime on the game.

Step 1: Train Tier 2 Troops

The most obvious step is start training tier 2 troops. It does help a lot if you have high level barracks, siege factory, stable and archery since they can train a large batch in a single go. The more tier 2 troops you can train, the faster you fill up objectives in less time.

Step 2: Pace it Out

To keep balance of your growing power and strength in number, the next step is upgrading your Tier 2 troops to Tier 3. Since you are upgrading them from T2 to T3 as opposed to training them directly. They only take half of the resources and consumer half of the training time.

Which makes it incredible easy to train them as it is to train Tier 2 troops. For every new batch of Tier 2 troops that you trained, upgrade them. Pace it out as you churn daily objectives.

Step 3: Have Speedups In Case

Sometimes you might find yourself just a little bit short of the required objective. Make sure you have at least some training speedups and universal speedups just in case you need to make shortcuts to finish the last few objectives. Do this as a last resort.

How to Beat Warpath Event as F2P Player in ROK
How to Beat Warpath Event as F2P Player in ROK


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