Ultimate Rise of Kingdoms Events: Guide for Beginners

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Doing events is the easiest way to earn valuable rewards in Rise of Kingdoms. There’s so many events to play and they typically last for a few days to weeks.

When an event is over, they will be replaced by a different event and usually return within a couple of weeks. Which creates an endless loop of events for everyone to participate in Rise of Kingdoms.

To locate events, they are on the top right of your screen. To see events that’s currently running in the game, navigate to see the schedule.

Below is a complete and comprehensive list of Events in Rise of Kingdoms.

Kingdom Events

The Kingdom Events are unlocked as your kingdom reaches new milestones in the timeline. Essentially, more events unlock the further your kingdom progresses.

Image Event Name Description
Lohar’s Trial Kill barbarians to earn Bone Necklaces.
Arms Training Defeat Lohar repeatedly without returning to city.
The Mightiest Governor Compete with other Governors to see who is the best.
Mighty Army Defeat Barbarians and Train Troops.
King of the Tribes Destroy Barbarian Forts to earn Alliance Event points.
Clarion Call Defeat barbarians to earn points for rewards.
Training Day Accelerate troop training to earn rewards.
Warpath Train Troops and to receive the rewards.
Lord of War Increase your total troop power to get the rewards.
Tiles & Bricks Increase your power by upgrading the buildings.
Boundless Wisdom Increase your power by upgrading technologies.
Game of Power Increase your power via training, upgrading or researching.
Daily Gathering Gather Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold on the Map.
Strategic Reserve Defeat barbarians, gather resources, collect loot to get Supply Boxes.
Holy Conqueror Defeat Guardians and collect Runes.
Country Themed Event Complete various tasks to receive the event item.
Karuak Ceremony Defeat Udor to get rewards and XP for your commanders.
Eve of the Crusade Compete against alliances and kingdoms for huge rewards!
The Lost Kingdom Compete against other Kingdoms for huge rewards!
Silk Road Speculators Protect the Alliance Caravan from the enemies.
Card King Flip the cards, couple them up and receive the rewards.
Strange Incidents Help recover the burning villages and catch the bandits.
Shadow Legion Defend your cities from the Shadow Legion Invasion.
Ian’s Ballads Team up with your friends to defeat the bosses in the huge event map.
The Golden Kingdom Defeat the enemies and solve the mysterious labyrinth of the Golden Kingdom.
Ceroli Crisis Team up with your friends, pick your own skills to defeat the event bosses.

Permanent Events

Permanent events do not have any specific timeline or deadline at all. They remain active throughout your kingdom’s age and will stay active until you complete the objective requirements for these events.

  Event Name Description
Era Breakthrough Upgrade your City Hall to receive a lot of valuable rewards
Facebook Follow the official Rise of Kingdoms page to receive 200 gems.

Global Events

These Events are generally made for the most commonly holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.

  Event Name Description
Hungry Turkey Thanksgiving special event
Cornucopia &
Grateful For You
Thanksgiving special event
Esmeralda’s House  
Wheel of Fortune Spin the wheel with gold to get the rewards

Event Calendar

There’s the Event Calendar which gives you a quick overview of the current events in your kingdom and the upcoming ones. This feature lets you work on the upcoming events much easier.

Which means you can know which one to focus on first and how to prepare them so that you can maximize the rewards you receive during these events.

Rise of Kingdoms Event ROK

That’s all Governors! I hope you found our Ultimate guide on the events for Rise of Kingdoms helpful and informative. If there’s any events that we are missing, please let us know and we will add to this guide! You can do so by commenting below in this article.

Happy getting these luxurious rewards!

Ultimate Rise of Kingdoms Events: Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Rise of Kingdoms Events: Guide for Beginners

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