Best Torgny Talent Tree Build and Skills ROK Guide

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If you are looking for a powerful siege commander in Rise of Kingdoms, Torgny is an excellent choice. He is one of the first commanders that have a talent tree in Engineering, which specializes in siege units such as Trebuchets and Arrow Tower. He made the first appearance in Ceroli Crisis and now is available to play as a legendary commander in the game.

Unlike other commanders, Torgny’s level, skills and talent tree will automatically boost to their max level whenever you enter Heroic Anthem KvK event in Rise of Kingdoms. This commander’s goal is to build arrow tower and stay in long as possible. Because of the way his talent tree revolves an arrow tower, it is not a good idea to dispatch him on the map.

Only Torgny and Wafura can build arrow towers at this moment. Bonuses from the talent tree can be obtain via garrisoning the arrow towers with siege units. So, if you are planning to hold the fort down, this commander is a great pick. Based on his skill set, he has an overall rating of C in Rise of Kingdoms Tier List.

That being said, read on to learn more about Torgny’s talent tree build and skills.

Overview of Torgny Commander

Rise of Kingdoms Torgny Commander

Rarity: Legendary


  • Engineering
  • Versatility
  • Defense


★★☆☆☆ Overall
★☆☆☆☆ Open Field
★☆☆☆☆ Rallying Cities
★☆☆☆☆ Rallying Object
★★★★★ Defending Object
★★★★☆ Defending Cities

How to get Torgny in Rise of Kingdoms

To get Torgny in Rise of Kingdoms, you need to collect 10 Torgny sculptures to summon him. In order to max him out, you will need 680 sculptures. Because of his legendary status, the rarity of sculptures is much difficult to obtain and you will be better off saving universal sculptures to max him out.

Your also can visit our Rise of Kingdoms gift codes to redeem for gems to spent on events that drops Torgny sculptures.

Is Torgny a Good Commander?

Yes, Torgny is a very good commander when garrisoned in an arrow tower to take advantage of his skill set bonuses. Otherwise, he is very weak on an open field map. Therefore, you will always want to have Torgny on an arrow tower and garrisoned with siege units to be able to do considerable amount of damage.

How to Play Torgny for PvP

Torgny is one of the best legendary siege commander that grants powerful damage bonus modifiers to its siege units while garrisoned in an arrow tower. With the ability to construct arrow towers to protect strategic keypoints such as zones, passes, resource sites, and holy sites. If you want to be able to ward off invaders from taking over keypoints, use Torgny to protect the area and bring the zone under your control.

How to Counter Torgny for PvP

Commanders that specializes in conquer skill set will have no problem countering Torgny in PvP. Because an arrow tower is a structure and when garrisoned, Torgny gains garrison defensive bonuses. Which means commanders like Alexander the Great, Xiang Yu, and Gilgamesh all can deal massive damage towards Torgny. That being said, Torgy is a siege commander which means it deals no bonus damage against troops type.

Best Torgny Talent Tree Builds

If you plan to use Torgny to build arrow towers in Rise of Kingdoms, you will want to have optimized talent tree that will take advantage of bonuses. Since Torgny is the one of the fewest commanders that specialize in engineering, any commanders that pairs with him needs to be secondary in order for Torgny’s talent tree to take full effect.

As mentioned before, Torgny is best when garrisoned in an arrow tower. But vulnerable on an open field. Your purpose with this siege commander is to hold off enemy invaders as long as you can while inflicting major causalities on the enemy side. Below is the recommended talent tree builds for Torgny:


Best Torgny Pairings

In order to maximize Torgny’s skill set, he is best paired with other commanders that specializes in engineering that focuses on siege units. Remember, if you pair Torgny with other commanders such as Wafura, you only can have one active arrow tower. However, if you split both commanders, then you can have up to two active arrow towers at a time. Below is the best Torgny pairings.

Wafura Rise of Kingdoms Profile


One of the best commanders to pair with is Wafura. Just like Torgny, Wafura specializes in engineering and comes with a very powerful skill set that grants bonuses to siege units. In addition to that, Wafura can construct arrow towers, which plays an important role in providing defense to strategic key points. If you plan to maximize your combat capabilities with an arrow tower, Wafura is the perfect siege commander to pair with Torgny.

  • Primary Commander: Torgny
  • Secondary Commander: Wafura

Torgny Skills

Below is list of skills that this commander uses during an active battle:

Flametongue’s Kiss

Active Skill
Rage Requirement: 1000 Increases ranged normal attack damage dealt by for 5 seconds. Can only be used while in an Arrow Tower.

Upgrade Preview:
Ranged Normal Attack Damage: 10%/ 15%/ 20%/ 25%/ 30%

Saint Elmo’s Fire

Increases Attack Torgnys siege units by 5% and their Defense by 5%. All Torgny’ s deal 5% more normal attack damage.

Upgrade Preview:
Ranged Normal Attack Damage: 5% /8% /11% /15% 20%

Earth-Shattering Roar

While in an Arrow Tower, troops take less 1% normal attack damage, and when hit with a normal attack troops have a chance of dealing skill damage to their target (Damage Factor 500). This effect triggers once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Direct Damage Factor: 500/ 600 / 700/ 800 / 1000

Force of a Thousand Storms

Increases Health of Torgny’s siege units by 5%, and when hit with a normal attack, they have a 10% chance to increase their Defense by 10% for 3 seconds. This effect triggers once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Siege unit Health: 5%/ 8%/ 11%/ 15%/ 20%

Thunderous Curse

New Skill- Reduces of severely wounded units by 25% while in an Arrow Tower.


Best Torgny Talent Tree Build and Skills Rise of Kingdoms Guide

In conclusion of our in-depth Torgny talent tree build and skills, you now have a better idea of how to play him in Rise of Kingdoms. He is a strong commander when garrisoned in arrow tower to provide protection and hold strategic key points. But if you are going to fight on open field maps, Torgny won’t fare well. Therefore, you would be better off using commanders with offensive combat capabilities.

Did you find our Torgny commander guide informative and helpful? If you have questions about this new siege commander in Rise of Kingdoms, let us know in the comment section below. We are looking forward to talking with you about this commander.

Good luck, and happy ruling!

Best Torgny Talent Tree Build and Skills ROK Guide
Best Torgny Talent Tree Build and Skills ROK Guide

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