Best Ragnar Lodbrok Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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Ragnar Lodbrok is a new legendary commander that is being released in the Rise of Kingdoms Vikings Update. This legendary commander will be available to all governors after acquiring enough commander sculptures to summon it. The Vikings is a brand new civilizations and players who pick it as their starting civilization also can get Bjorn Ironside for free.

If you are looking for a solid attacker with powerful offensive capabilities. You might want to consider adding Ragnar Lodbrok to your commander roster because he is one of the best legendary commander out there right now. Thanks to his diverse skill set, he brings a lot of damage booster capabilities that greatly enhance all troops’ combat potential. He features Leadership, Conquering and Attack. He excels with mixed troops of infantries, cavalries and archers.

Ragnar Lodbrok
Ragnar Lodbrok Rise of Kingdoms Commander
Title: Legend of the North
Civilization: Vikings
Rarity: Legendary
Talent Abilities: leadershipsiegeattack

Ragnar Lodbrok Summary

  • 40% increased damage with active skill for 5 seconds.
  • 20% reduced damage taken for 5 seconds.
  • Attack is increased by 20%.
  • Normal attacks have a small chance to reduce the effectiveness of enemy’s healing by 40% once every 5 seconds.
  • Troops’ attack is increased by 10% when attacking enemy cities.
  • Troops capacity is increased by 10%.
  • Rallied troops capacity is increased by 10%.

Why Ragnar Lodbrok is the Best Commander?

  • Awesome legendary commander.
  • Massive damage boost with active skill thanks to long uptime.
  • Great commander for attacking cities.
  • Mixed troops which allows him to work with various commanders.
  • Flexible talent builds that allows players to suit various gameplay style.

Background Information

Ragnar Lodbrok Rise of Kingdoms Skill Set

Ragnar was the son of the King of Sweden, Sigurd Ring. After the death of king Ivar Vidfamne, the eldest son Harald Sigurdsson conquered all of the territory and became the ruler. His nephew became the chief king of Sweden. Both Sigurd and Harald fought on the plains of Ostergotland, where many men died on the battlefield.

Eventually, Sigurd ruled Sweden and Denmark with an iron fist until 804 A.D. Before his death, he sired Ragnar Lodbrok who succeed him as the new king of the Sweden. During the Ragnar’s reign, wishing not to be resolved by the Vikings warriors. He sought to conquer England with just two ships. However, the English forces was much more refined and superior, managed to defeat him and executed him.


Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Commander Ragnar Lodbrok. This informative guide was created to help provide an overview of Jadwgia skills, talent trees, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms. The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Ragnar Lodbrok right and maximize strategic advantages.

Ragnar Lodbrok is a legendary commander that is introduced in the Rise of Kingdoms Vikings Update. He is very similar to the popular Harald Sigurdsson in terms of skill set and relative strength level. Unlike him, Ragnar Lodbrok focuses on mixed army which consist of infantry, cavalry and archer troops.

To obtain Ragnar Lodbrok as a legendary commander in your roster, you will need to collect 10 Ragnar Lodbrok Sculptures. Once you have the required materials navigate to the Commander Selection tab on the lower right corner. Tap on the button to summon Ragnar Lodbrok.

Best Ragnar Lodbrok Skills

In this part of our best Ragnar Lodbrok commander guide for beginners, we will go over his skills. If you are looking for a solid starting commander to play pure infantry build and prefers to stay on the offensive side, Ragnar Lodbrok is a great pick. He comes with several powerful punches that will quickly decimate your enemies.

Best Ragnar Lodbrok Commander Guide Rise of Kingdoms
Power of the King
Power of the King

Rage Requirement: 1000

Troops led by this commander deal 10% increased damage and take 5% reduced damage for 4 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
  • Damage Taken Reduced by 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

The Power of the King is a nice active skill that allows all of the troops to deal 30% increased damage and reduce the amount of incoming damage by 15%. Absolutely a nice and powerful active skill to have that last for a few seconds.

The Raven
The Raven

Attack is increased by 5%. Normal attacks have a 10% chance to reduce the target’s healing effects by 20% for 3 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Attack Bonus: 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%
  • Healing Effect Reduction: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%

Grants 20% flat attack bonus. In addition to that, there is a small chance that normal attacks will reduce the effectiveness of healing by 40%. This means the enemy commanders will suffer major troop losses in heat of battle, especially the defenders in the cities.

The Horn’s Call
The Horn's Call

Troops led by this commander deal 2% increased damage when attacking cities.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

A simple passive skill that gives 10% increased attack when invading cities.

Lord of the North
Lord of the North

Troop capacity is increased by 2%. When this commander launches a rally, rallied troops gain 2% increased troop capacity.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Troop Capacity Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
  • Rallied Army Capacity Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

Another passive skill that grants 10% troop capacity bonus and increases troop capacity by an additional 10%.

Odin’s Might

Odin's Might

Enhanced Skill: Power of the King: Troops led by this commander deal 40% increased damage and take 20% reduced damage for 5 seconds.

Odin’s Might is a must-have skill that further increase the damage buff from active skill by 40%, reduces incoming damage by 20% and extends the duration to 5 seconds. This enhanced skill allows Ragnar Lodbrok to maintain high uptime — overall a big damage increase.

Best Ragnar Lodbrok Talent Trees

In this section, we will talk about the best talent builds for Ragnar Lodbrok. There are three viable talent builds to choose from. Although, it depends on your preferred gameplay and current strategy, one of these talent builds might be particularly appealing to you. However, you can always switch to a different talent build at any given time. Below is a list of top 3 best talent builds for Ragnar Lodbrok:

Conqueror Talent Tree Build

Ragnar Lodbrok Conqueroring Talent Build Rise of Kingdoms

First and foremost, this is the best talent build if you plan to play as the conqueror with Ragnar Lodbrok. Since he is already a powerful attacker, most of the strength will come from expanded rally troops capacity. This talent build focuses on powering up offensive capabilities against cities as well as boosting the attack strength of rallying troops. Which makes Ragnar Lodbrok an ideal commander for alliance wars.

PvP Talent Tree Build

Ragnar Lodbrok PvP Talent Build Rise of Kingdoms

If you prefer to play against other players with Ragnar Lodbrok, you can do so with this talent build. This tree mainly focuses on giving a steady, passive damage bonus to all the troops under his leadership. In addition to that, Ragnar Lodbrok gets a rage boost that helps him maintain a high uptime on the 40% damage bonus — which is already a very powerful booster on the top of this talent build in PvP battles like Sunset Canyon, the Lost Kingdom and Ark of Osiris.

Field Talent Tree Build

Ragnar Lodbrok Field Talent Build Rise of Kingdoms

Finally, if you want to provide a solid and powerful damaging support to your friendly commanders The Ragnar Lodbrok’s field talent build is way to go. Thanks to a large number of passive attack booster which adds even more on the top of his 40% active skill damage buff. This talent build is a very nice way to massively increase the normal troops’ combat capabilities. Awesome for on the map battles and when you want to play this legendary commander as a support damage dealer.

Star Level & Talent Point Upgrade Priority

In the next part of our Best Ragnar Lodbrok commander guide, I am going to talk about star level & talent point upgrade priority to maximize your commander’s combat potential. Here’s how to prioritize your Ragnar Lodbrok effectively:

Conqueror Talent Tree Build:

  • Keep Ragnar Lodbrok at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Ragnar Lodbrok to 3 ⭐ and max out his third skill.
  • Level Ragnar Lodbrok to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

PvP Talent Tree Build:

  • Keep Ragnar Lodbrok at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Ragnar Lodbrok to 2 ⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Ragnar Lodbrok to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Field Talent Tree Build

  • Keep Ragnar Lodbrok at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Ragnar Lodbrok to 2 ⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Ragnar Lodbrok to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Best Commander Pairs

Believe it or not, there are a lot of solid commanders that you can pair with Ragnar Lodbrok. For some of you who are looking for the best of all, we have assembled must-have commanders in the ranking order. Here’s a list of best commander pairing for Ragnar Lodbrok. Check them out below.

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca Rise of Kingdoms Guide

One of the best leadership commanders to pair with is Hannibal Barca. He does ton of damage and applies debuff against multiple targets. Thanks to Ragnar Lodbrok already powerful active skill that massively boost the normal troops’ offensive capabilities, both commanders goes nicely together.

Hannibal Barca brings healing ability to the table in addition to damage booster which is much needed for players who wants to maximize overall damage done against cities. One of the main advantage that this commander have is a passive skill which gives 10% bonus damage if there are three or more troops in the army.


Best Aethelflaed Commander ROK Guide

Everyone knows that Aethelflaed is one of the best peacekeeping commanders due to her impressive experience boosting skill set. However, if you are looking to power level your commander and to grow in power quickly, you may want to consider pairing Ragnar Lodbrok with Aethelflaed. Since both performs well with mixed troops and Ragnar Lodbrok gives damage boost which helps a lot when you are chain-farming multiple barbarians.

Aethelflaed in exchange grants additional experience that helps you level up Ragnar Lodbrok quickly and effectively. This combo can give you an early edge over other major players in the beginning of game, especially if you are big on farming and strengthening your power level.

Mehmed II

Mehmed II ROK

Are you looking for a solid legendary commander that will improve Ragnar Lodbrok’s city attacking capabilities? Then look no further because Mehmed II is the perfect commander to pair with. He comes with an extremely powerful active skill that does a ton of damage against five targets at a time. He also have a passive skill that increases troops attack and skill damage by 20% at all the time.

On top of that, Ragnar Lodbrok grants 40% damage bonus which brings overall an 60% increase to normal troops attack. The Mehmed II + Ragnar Lodbrok will launch the normal troops’ attack strength to a new heights. And if you want to raze an enemy city quickly and effectively, Mehmed II have a skill that does a ton of damage against city. Both are awesome commanders to pair for farming and rallying enemy cities. Osman I is an alternative if you don’t have this legendary commander.

Best Ragnar Lodbrok Equipment Set

Equipment Name Stats
Heart of the Saint Heart of the Saint
  • Cavalry Defense +13%
  • Archer Health +6%
  • Infantry Health +4%
Abyssal Visage Abyssal Visage
  • +8% Attack
  • Infantry Attack +3%
  • Archer Attack +3%
Dark Lord’s Blessing Dark Lord’s Blessing
  • +8% Defense
  • Archer Attack +5%
Revival Gauntlets Revival Gauntlets
  • Infantry Attack +3%
  • Cavalry Attack +3%
  • Archer Attack +4.5%
Revival Greaves Revival Greaves
  • Archer Defense +8%
  • Cavalry Defense + 5%
Flame Treads Flame Treads
  • Archer Health +5.5%
  • Cavalry Attack +3%

Set Bonus: 

  • No Set Bonus
Overall Stats:

  • Cavalry Attack + 22%
  • Cavalry Defense + 21%
  • Archer Attack + 15.5%
  • Archer Defense + 7.5%
  • Archer Health +11.5%
  • Infantry Attack + 9%
  • Infantry Health +4%

Best Ragnar Lodbrok Strategies and Tips

We have assembled a comprehensive list of best Ragnar Lodbrok strategies and tips to maximize this commander’s combat effectiveness in Rise of Kingdoms. Be sure to take advantage of our strategies and tips:

  • Invest talent points in rage booster to help the commander maintain high active skill uptime.
  • Always make sure his active skill is up all the time to keep 40% damage bonus.
  • Mix the troops as much as you can to get attack and defense bonus.
  • Pair with other commanders that can do damage with active skill as Ragnar Lodbrok lacks the capability to do so.

Best Ragnar Lodbrok Review


Best Ragnar Lodbrok Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
Best Ragnar Lodbrok Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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