Best Mehmed II Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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Welcome to our best Mehmed II commander guide for beginners. Are you looking for an in-depth guide that explains everything you need to know about Mehmed II?

Then look no further because you have come to the right place. In this guide, I am going to share what you need to know about this legendary commander.

Mehmed II is one of the best legendary commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. He is a mighty conqueror with a solid active skill that can hit up to 5 targets and a passive skill that increases overall skill damage.

Mehmed II is one of the fewest commanders that you will want to avoid in-field battles.

He specializes in leadership, conquering, and skill talents.

Mehmed II
Best Mehmed II Commander
Title: The Scourge of God
Civilization: Ottoman
Base Power: 1,200
Rarity: Legendary
leadershipsiegeSkill ROK

Mehmed II Summary:

  • Deals 1,350 damage to 5 targets with his active skill.
  • Does extra 800 damage to cities and garrisons with his active skill.
  • Troops’ attack increased by 20%.
  • Active skill damage increased by 20%.
  • Has 10% chance to deal 1,000 damage when attacking cities.
  • Increases troop capacity and rallied troop capacity by 10%.
  • Has 50% chance to trigger a second burst for 500 damage when attacking cities.

Why Mehmed II is the Best Commander?

  • High damage with his active skill.
  • Powerful city attacker thanks to increased skill damage and chance to trigger extra damage.
  • Expands troops army size, allowing more health, defense and attack.
  • Incredible flexible, can work with any troop types.
  • Great at the battlefield.

Background Information

Mehmed II ROK Guide

Mehmed II, commonly known as “The Conqueror,” was a Turkish sultan who conquered Constantinople and ruthlessly consolidated and expanded the Ottoman Empire with a military crusade into Asia and Europe.

Mehmed conquered the Byzantine capital of Constantinople in 1453, then rebuild it into the prosperous Ottoman capital of Istanbul.

His next goal was to create a world empire with conquest, reunifying Anatolia and pressing into Southeast Europe as far west as Bosnia.

He also developed the Janissary infantry corps – young Christian warriors who were given salaries to keep them loyal to the sultan.

Mehmed was a proponent of religious freedom and emphasized the importance of justice of all.

During his reign, mathematics, astronomy and Muslim theology reached their high point among the Ottomans.

Today, Mehmed is considered a hero in Turkey and parts of the wider Islamic world.


Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Commander Mehmed II. This informative guide provides an overview of Mehmed II skills, talent trees, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms.

The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Mehmed II right and maximize strategic advantages.

Mehmed II is a legendary Commander for Ottomans and can be obtained via gathering 10 Mehmed II sculptures.

Once you get the required materials, navigate to the Commander tab to summon Mehmed II.

This legendary commander is a mighty commander with the similar active skill to Baibars, but much better due to the high direct damage factor and troops-wide buffs.

It means he is incredibly flexible and can build pure infantry, pure cavalry, and even pure archers depending on your gameplay and strategy.

So, stick around with us to learn more about why Mehmed II is the best legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Mehmed II Skills

In the next part of our best Mehmed II commander guide for beginners, we will talk about his skills if you are looking for a solid legendary commander who is flexible and packs strong combat capabilities.

Then you have come to the right spot because we will discuss why Mehmed II is the best pick for obliterating your enemies into dust.

See his skills below to learn more:

Mehmed II ROK
Ottoman Cannons
Mehmed II Ottoman Cannons


Rage Requirement: 1000

Deals damage to enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area (maximum 5 targets). This skill deals additional damage to city garrisons and watchtowers.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Direct Damage Factor: 450 / 600 / 700 / 950 / 1150
  • Additional Damage Factor: 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700

The Ottoman Cannons is a robust active skill. It deals upwards of 1150 damage per target.

If you are battling against enemy garrisons, then the total damage of this active skill becomes 1850, making Mehmed II a strong nuker.

Ideal for dishing out significant damage against multiple targets and towards enemy cities.

Lord of Land and Sea
Mehmed II Lord of Land and Sea


Increases troop attack and increases skill damage dealt.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Attack Bonus: 8% / 10% / 12% / 16% / 20%
  • Skill Damage Bonus: 8% / 10% / 12% / 16% / 20%

This passive skill is fantastic because it gives Mehmed II the flexibility to work more than 3-types of armies.

It also lets him work with a pure troop build such as infantry, cavalry, or archer of your own choice.

Plus, the 20% damage bonus to active skill is a nice perk on top of it.

Mehmed II Faith


When attacking cities, normal attacks have a 10% chance to deal additional damage to the garrison.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Additional Damage Factor: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000

Faith is a solid passive skill that gives a slight chance to deal extra damage to the garrison.

With this passive skill, he will be able to eliminate enemy forces with relatively minimal resistance.

Sage King
Mehmed II Sage King


Increases troop capacity. When this commander launches a rally, increases rallied army capacity.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Troop Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
  • Rallied Army Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Expanded troop capacity goes a long way. The 10% troop capacity means Mehmed II can do more damage with more troops.

Bonus point, if you are launching a rally army, Mehmed II can command 10% more troops.

Meaning, your alliance members can pour more troops to do even more devastating damage.

Orban Bombard
Mehmed II Orban Bombard


Deals damage (Damage Factor 1350) to enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area (maximum 5 targets). This skill deals additional damage to city garrisons and watchtowers (Damage Factor 800), and has a 50% chance to deal a second burst of additional damage to city garrisons and watchtowers (Damage Factor 500).

Out of all commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, Mehmed II has one of the best-enhanced skills that dramatically increases his overall active skill damage.

As a result, the direct damage factor goes up massively, and there’s a 50% chance to deal additional damage towards garrisons and watchtowers.

Suddenly, Mehmed II transforms into a powerful conqueror with this enhanced skill.

Best Mehmed II Talent Trees

Now that you have seen the best Mehmed II skills and how awesome they are. We will share our best talent builds for this legendary commander.

While we typically recommend three talent builds, Mehmed II is very different due to his flexibility and troops-wide bonuses.

It means he isn’t restricted to just one army type and doesn’t have any skills that require a 3-types army.

As a result, we have four recommended talent builds for you to roll with Mehmed II.

Conqueror Talent Build

Mehmed II Conqueror Talent Build ROK

By default, this is the best talent build for playing Mehmed II as the primary commander and conqueror.

This talent build emphasizes building rage fast enough so that he can dish out heavy blows against enemy garrisons and watchtowers.

In addition to that, a small part of the talent points is invested in growing the troops’ capacity size and damage bonus.

If you enjoy playing on the offensive side and want to maximize plundering enemy cities with minimal troop losses.

Then the Conqueror talent build is the perfect pick to go with Mehmed II due to several bonuses against the cities and improved rage generation.

Pure PvP Talent Build

Mehmed II Pure PvP Talent Build ROK

If you prefer to have the flexibility for Mehmed II to work with any secondary commanders and roll with pure army-type, this is the talent build.

You don’t invest your talent in talents that give this commander defense and attack bonuses when having three or more army-type.

The Pure PvP talent build is excellent when you want to retain the majority of the power in addition to expanding Mehmed II’s active skill damage and rage generation speed.

The Pure PVP talent build is suitable for PvP battles such as the Sunset Canyon and Lost Kingdom event.

You will surely get ahead of your enemy targets with this talent build thanks to increased rage and significantly higher attacking power.

Mixed PvP Talent Build

Mehmed II 3-Types PvP Talent Build ROK

The Mixed PVP talent build is a popular choice to the pure PvP talent build.

If you prefer to roll with multiple troop types instead of just one, you will open up to a whole new number of possibilities with these best rally commanders like Trajan and Ragnar Lodbrok, for instance.

This talent build invests the points into increasing both attack and defense when Mehmed II commands three or more troop types.

Like the pure PvP talent build, the mixed PvP talent build works exceptionally well thanks to increased rage generation for much higher damage output.

It’s the perfect talent build for pairing with leadership-style commanders as an alternative pick.

Field Talent Build

Mehmed II Field Talent Build ROK

The Field Talent Build is excellent for governors who further push Mehmed II’s active skill damage.

This talent build focuses heavily on boosting overall skill damage and increasing the speed of rage generation to allow Mehmed II to cast his active skill more often.

As a city attacker, being able to dish out heavy and damaging strikes is especially important in the open field battles for one-to-one fights.

If you need a commander that can deal high burst damage in a short timeframe, the Field Talent Build is an excellent choice once you have Mehmed II’s active skill expedited.

Star Level & Talent Point Upgrade Priority

In the next part of our Best Mehmed II commander guide, I am going to talk about star level & talent point upgrade priority to maximize your commander’s combat potential.

Here’s how to prioritize your Mehmed II effectively using the Commander Skill Lock feature:

Conqueror Talent Build:

  • Keep Mehmed II at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 3 ⭐ and max out his third skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Pure PvP Talent Build:

  • Keep Mehmed II at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 2⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Mixed PvP Talent Build:

  • Keep Mehmed II at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 2⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Field Talent Build

  • Keep Mehmed II at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 2⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Mehmed II to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Best Commander Pairs

As much as I want to reiterate that Mehmed II is a fantastic legendary commander, that’s worth leveling up.

His flexibility only means a lot of commanders pair well with him. But in this part, we only focus on the best secondary commander to pair with to maximize advantages and reap excellent combat capabilities.

That being said, let’s reveal the best commander pairs for Mehmed II.


Trajan Commander Rise of Kingdoms

One of the best commanders to pair with Mehmed II is Trajan. He is a new legendary commander that’s being added in the game.

Trajan comes with a wide array of powerful skill, including an active skill that further increases the skill damage by an additional 30%.

Which is a major damage booster for Mehmed II since he is already a heavy hitter against cities. With both commanders excelling in the leadership role, it allows room for flexibility to work with various troop-types.

While Mehmed II focuses solely on the offensive side, Trajan brings much needed buffs such as +20% defense and +20% health while on the map.

Plus, he provides additional rage generation after using his active skill. Mehmed II will definitely work out the best when paired with Trajan.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Rally Army Mechanism Rise of Kingdoms

If you are in need of another solid city-attacker, you may want to consider pairing Mehmed II with Julius Caesar.

He is a very strong legendary commander that will make a quick work out of enemy cities through lowering their defenses and boosting your troops’ overall damage.

Julius Caesar also have one of the largest troop capacity size, which makes him an incredible viable commander in Rise of Kingdoms — especially when it comes to launching a rally army.

Like Mehmed II, Julius Caesar specializes in leadership and works the best when he is commanding three or more troop-types.

Bonus point, when Mehmed II is paired with Julius Caesar, both commanders take 10% less damage. If you do not have this legendary commander yet, Scipio Africanus is equally good.

Frederick I

Frederick I ROK Guide

You can take your conquest to the next level by pairing Mehmed II with Frederick I.

As a powerful city attacker, Frederick I has the ability to command a multitude troop types and possesses a powerful active skill.

When he activates his active skill, he deals a major strike against the target and grants normal attacks 100% chance to inflict skill damage for the next few turns.

One of the main advantage that Frederick I has to offer is expanded troop capacity which is 5% more compared to Mehmed II. The more troops both commanders lead, the more skill damage Frederick I will do with his active skill.

If you are looking to maximize your overall damage output during your conquest, Frederick I is an excellent and formidable legendary commander to pair.

Yi Seong-Gye

Rise of Kingdoms Yi Seong-Gye

If you are looking to build a nuker pair, Mehmed II and Yi Seong-Gye go together really nicely.

I mentioned previously that Mehmed II is flexible and can quickly work with a pure archer build which will benefit from Yi Seong-Gye’s passive skills that contribute attack and defense bonuses to archers.

Yi Seong-Gye’s active skill deals AoE Splash damage and has very significant damage.

Together this pair sets up for a sweeping blow that will wreak havoc on the map.

In case you don’t have Yi Seong-Gye, pair Baibars with Mehmed II.


Attila Rise of Kingdoms Guide

It might come across to some players as a surprise, but Attila is an excellent secondary commander to pair with Mehmed II.

He comes with an active skill that increases normal attack and counterattack damage by a flat 30% for 4 seconds.

Furthermore, he reduces enemy troops’ attacks by 50%, which is very impressive.

If you are rolling pure cavalry build, Mehmed II will have no problem working with Attila.

Thanks to Mehmed II’s passive skills, he is flexible and will benefit from Attila’s exorbitant perks toward cavalry, transforming this pair into a powerful horsemen force.

Alternatively, you can go with Takeda Shingen if you prefer a strong debuffer instead of gaining massive attack bonus with Attila.

Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great ROK

Alexander the Great makes a great tanky pair with Mehmed II.

Suppose you like the idea of commanding a large infantry force with expanded troop capacity and the ability to provide support to your alliance members without sacrificing attack and defense bonuses. Then you will love this combo.

Alexander the Great specializes in infantry and gives bonuses when running pure infantry build.

He can also put up a shield that reduces damage and increases up to 3 enemy targets’ damage taken when the shield is up.

It goes nicely with Mehmed II since he dishes out splash damages that add up the numbers quickly.

An alternative option to Alexander the Great is Eujli Mundeok.

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Another solid commander to pair with Mehmed II is Hannibal Barca. Just like Mehmed II, Hannibal Barca works exceptionally well with all troops.

If you throw in 3 or more troops type, both will get a damage bonus beneficial to your conquest.

His active skill can hit up to 3 targets and reduce defense and attack by 25% for 3 seconds.

Furthermore, when you battle outside your alliance territory, all troops get an extra 15% damage bonus.

So, in a nutshell, Hannibal Barca is an incredible commander to work with Mehmed II. Be sure to max him out if you plan to do this commander combo.


Best Aethelflaed Commander ROK Guide

You might consider doing Aethelflaed + Mehmed II combo because Aethelflaed comes with an active skill that can hit up to 5 targets.

Which makes it one of the best free-to-play commanders if you are not a spender like me.

She also specializes in killing barbarians which is excellent if you want to power level your commanders quickly.

That being said, Mehmed II also can hit multiple targets, which will be a significant boost to farming barbarians for the experience.

Aside from that, Aethelflaed will increase overall damage by 20% if you do three or more troops type in the army.

Not only that, she is a fantastic PvP commander because of her active skill that reduces targets’ attacks, defense, and health by 30%.

It is a significant debuff. Perfect for wrangling with multiple enemy targets.


Baibars ROK Selection Screen

Baibars is one of our favorite epic commanders. He is entirely free to play, and you can get him right at the beginning of the game if you pick Arabia as your starting civilization.

Baibars will work well with Mehmed II because he can tailor specifically to maximize bonuses earned for doing a pure cavalry build.

Mehmed II is already a strong commander, but he lacks slow movement effects.

It is where Baibars comes into play. His active skill hits up to 5 targets and applies a slow movement effect.

It allows Baibars + Mehmed II combo to control multiple targets with ease effectively.

And if one of them tries to escape, you will have no problem making quick work out of them to maximize your enemy’s casualties.

Sun Tzu

Rise of Kingdoms Sun Tzu Preview

Lastly, Sun Tzu is a solid commander to pair with Mehmed II. You can get Sun Tzu right at the beginning of the game if you pick China as your starting civilization.

He is by far one of the tankiest and high-damage dealing commanders within the epic category.

Mehmed II comes with a passive skill which increases active skill damage by 20%. Sun Tzu also comes with that passive skill, bringing the overall active skill damage bonus to 40%.

Instead of dealing 1,000 damage to each target, Sun Tzu now does 1,400 damage, and Mehmed II will be able to dish out 2,500 damage to 5 targets.

The Sun Tzu + Mehmed II stages are the perfect combo to maximize massive damage to multiple targets.

Unfortunately, though, infantry troops tend to be a bit slower in exchange for more health and defense.

You can rest assured that this pair will stay longer in the battle thanks to significant damage, health, and defense.

Best Mehmed II Equipment

Equipment Name Stats
Heart of the Saint Heart of the Saint
  • Cavalry Defense +13%
  • Archer Health +6%
  • Infantry Health +4%
Abyssal Visage Abyssal Visage
  • +8% Attack
  • Infantry Attack +3%
  • Archer Attack +3%
Dark Lord’s Blessing Dark Lord’s Blessing
  • +8% Defense
  • Archer Attack +5%
Revival Gauntlets Revival Gauntlets
  • Infantry Attack +3%
  • Cavalry Attack +3%
  • Archer Attack +4.5%
Revival Greaves Revival Greaves
  • Archer Defense +8%
  • Cavalry Defense + 5%
Flame Treads Flame Treads
  • Archer Health +5.5%
  • Cavalry Attack +3%

Set Bonus: 

  • No Set Bonus
Overall Stats:

  • Cavalry Attack + 22%
  • Cavalry Defense + 21%
  • Archer Attack + 15.5%
  • Archer Defense + 7.5%
  • Archer Health +11.5%
  • Infantry Attack + 9%
  • Infantry Health +4%

Conclusion of Best Mehmed II Commander Guide

Best Mehmed II Commander Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Before we conclude, getting Mehmed II isn’t going to be that easy as a free-to-play player. Instead, you will have to collect sculptures through events like Wheel of Fortune and Card King.

But once you have Mehmed II in your commander roster, you will be able to take advantage of his extraordinary skill set to deliver an incredibly high damage output.

He is easily one of the best commanders due to his flexibility to work with several commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Did you find our best Mehmed II commander guide informative and helpful? If you have any questions about this commander, let us know in the comment section below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Happy ruling, Governors!


Best Mehmed II Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
Best Mehmed II Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
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