Best Hermann Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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Hermann is an epic commander that was released in the original Rise of Kingdoms game. He is a garrison-based commander with high defense value and specializes in archery.

Hermann Commander ROK
Title: Teutoburg’s Liberator
Civilization: Germany
Base Power: 600
Rarity: Epic
Archer ROKSkill ROK

Hermann Summary:

  • Deals massive damage towards single target.
  • Silences enemy target for 2 seconds.
  • Reduces enemy target’s rage by 100 per active skill hit.
  • Increases archer attack and march speed by 10%.
  • Increases garrison and watchtower attack by 7%.
  • Has 10% chance to generate extra 100 rage.
  • Has 10% chance to deal 10% extra damage.

Why Hermann is the Best Commander?

  • Great for stopping nukers from using their active skills.
  • Incredible fast rage generation.
  • Hard hitter.
  • Excellent defender.
  • Good mobility.

Background Information

Hermann Rise of Kingdoms Commander

Arminius, known as his German name Hermann, was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci tribe who famously led an allied coalition of Germanic tribes to a decisive victory against three Roman legions in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD.

An auxiliary lieutenant to the Roman general Publius Quinctilius Varus, Arminius used his knowledge of Roman tactics to ambus and destroy the legions.

The defeat at Teutoburg would precipitate the Roman Empire’s permanent strategic withdrawal from Magna Germania, and the Romans made no more concerted attempts to conquer and hold Germania beyond the Rhine river.

Modern historians have regarded Arminius’ victory as “Rome’s greatest defeat” and one of the most decisive battles in history.


Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Commander Hermann. This informative guide was created to help provide an overview of Hermann skills, talent trees, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms. The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Hermann right and maximize strategic advantages.

Whether you are a new or experienced player, Hermann is one of the best commanders for crowd control and defending your cities. Unlike other commanders, Hermann comes with an active skill which deals direct damage and silences them for a few seconds. This makes him one of the most frightening commanders that can be used to effectively dispatch support or nukers like Baibars and Osman I. Hermann is the starting commander for Germany.

However, you can summon him if you are a different civilization. In order to summon Hermann, you need to get 10 Hermann sculptures which can be acquired by unlocking chests, doing expeditions, alliance gifts, participating in the events and from VIP shops. Once you have enough sculptures, go to commander tab and tap to summon Hermann.

Best Hermann Skills

In this part, we will talk about the skill set that Hermann has to offer. This is an epic commander who specializes in archer, garrison and active skill. Which means he excels in these fields when you use one of our customized talent builds to play these focuses to maximize Hermann’s skills. Without further ado, let’s find out his skill set below:

Best Hermann Commander
Ambush ROKRage Requirement: 1000


Deals massive damage to the target, decreases target’s rage, and silences the target for 2 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

Direct Damage Factor: 300 / 375 / 450 / 600 / 750
Rage Reduction: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100

Ambush is Hermann’s active skill and one of the most powerful abilities in the game. When you max his active skill, he will deal 750 damage and reduce the enemy commander’s rage by 100. Furthermore, this active skill silences them for 2 seconds, preventing them from casting their own skills.

Military Genius
Military GeniusIncreases archer units’ attack and march speed.


Upgrade Preview:

Archer Attack Bonus: 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Archer March Speed Bonus: 1.5% / 3% / 5% / 7% / 10%

Military Genius is a passive skill that gives attack bonus to archers and increases march speed for that type only. It steers the focus of this commander to a pure archer type. In addition to that, if you are playing as Germany, you get a 5% archer bonus which will push the overall attack bonus to an impressive 15%. Otherwise, it is a minor boost for other civilizations.

Legend of Teutoburger
Legend of TeutoburgerIncreases garrison and watchtower attack when this commander is serving as garrison commander.


Upgrade Preview:

Garrison/Watchtower Attack Bonus: 1% / 2% / 3% / 5% / 7%

Hermann excels in the role as a garrison commander and should take advantage of this passive skill. Combined with his silence ability, he is able to keep powerful nukers like Genghis Khan at bay while making a work out of their troops. The 7% attack bonus from the watchtower is a nice boost to protecting your city against enemy invasions.

National Hero
National HeroIncreases normal attack damage of troops. Attacks have a chance to grant an additional 100 rage.


Upgrade Preview:

Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Trigger Chance: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

To maximize your active skill usage, National Hero has a 10% chance to restore 100 rage. Furthermore, it increases your troops’ overall attack by 10% which provides a nice buffer to Hermann’s offensive capabilities.

Dead End
Dead EndDeals massive damage (Damage Factor 1150) to the target, decreases target’s rage by 100, and silences the target for 2 seconds.

Dead End enhances Ambush by increasing the damage factor to 1150 and reduces their rage by 100. If you roll a rage generation talent build with this, you will be able to keep your enemies silenced with a very high uptime while dishing out serious punches.

Best Hermann Talent Trees

In this section, we have included the top 3 best Hermann talent builds. As I mentioned previously that he excels in archer type. Although, he is a flexible commander that pretty much can work with any type of armies thanks to his role as a garrison commander. When you are not playing him as the garrison commander, we have a talent build that makes him a very powerful support commander thanks to silence ability. Check out the best talent builds for Hermann below:

Field Talent Build Tree

Best Hermann Field Talent Build Tree

Hermann’s field talent build tree focuses on maximizing his active skill usage, allowing him to deliver heavy blows while keeping the enemies silenced. Most of the points are invested in improving overall active skill damage, reducing the amount of damage that you take from enemies’ active skill.

Once you max out the Skill area, start investing your talent points in improving your archers’ combat effectiveness. Since Hermann specializes in archers, you need to be able to at least rely on the archers to deliver damage and withstand the battle since they have a chance to generate 100 rage on normal attacks.

Garrison Talent Build Tree

Best Hermann Garrison Talent Build Tree

If you are looking for a solid garrison talent build tree to use for Hermann. This is the best path right now. It focuses on investing the majority of your talent points into Garrison. Then part of the points are invested in boosting Hermann’s rage generation.

This talent build aims to maximize the amount of rage that Hermann can generate so that he is able to keep the nukers like Mehmed II and Genghis Khan at bay. At the same time, the defense of his troops is also improved considerably with this talent build.

Pair with a secondary commander like Sun Tzu to cover your weak spot and further bolster your city’s defense while both are serving as the garrison commanders.

PvP Talent Build Tree

Best Hermann PvP Talent Build Tree

Don’t get me wrong, Hermann can be really amazing in PvP battles if you use this talent build. This talent tree is carefully crafted to maximize the archer troops’ combat effectiveness. Which will make Hermann an ideal choice for Sunset Canyon challenges as he is capable of keeping your enemies silenced and delivering major damage.

Once you max out the Archer area, you can start investing the remaining talent points in the Skill Area. Make sure to max out Rejuvenate as it will generate 60 rage whenever a skill is used. Pair with a secondary commander and you get a rage generator machine who will own the battle.

Star Level & Talent Point Upgrade Priority

In the next part of our Best Hermann commander guide, I am going to talk about star level & talent point upgrade priority to maximize your commander’s combat potential. Here’s how to prioritize your Hermann effectively:

Garrison Talent Build:

  • Keep Hermann at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Hermann to 3 ⭐ and max out his 3rd skill. Ignore his second skill.
  • Level Hermann to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Field Talent Build:

  • Keep Hermann at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Hermann to 2 ⭐ and max out his 2nd skill.
  • Level Hermann to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

PvP Talent Build

  • Keep Hermann at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Hermann to 2 ⭐ and max out his 2nd skill.
  • Level Hermann to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Best Commander Pairs

The next part of our best Hermann commander guide will be talking about which pairs to go with this commander. You will find out that it is pretty easy to pair Hermann with any commander thanks to his powerful silence active skill. Let’s find out who the best commander pairs you should go for with Hermann.

Edward of Woodstock

Edward of Woodstock Commander

Believe it or not, Edward of Woodstock is an excellent choice to pair with Hermann. While he comes with an incredible powerful active skill that does a lot of damage, it takes quite a bit of time for him to build rage. If you ever find yourself in need of a solid commander that can disable enemy nukers while Edward focuses on building his active skill.

This pair works great because Hermann will silence the enemy and reduce their rage by 100. In addition to that, your troops will have a chance to grant 100 rage which will help speed up Edward’s rage generation rate and allow him to cast his active skill more often to deliver devastating blows.


Keira Rise of Kingdoms Commander

Keira is a recently released epic commander with the introduction of Ian’s Ballads and Ceroli Crisis. She is a solid commander to pair in these events if you need Hermann to keep them silent and to delay them from using their active skill. This pair is a good pick because Keira gives 150% increased active skill damage against the barbarians in these events.

Which means Hermann will be doing at least a whooping 2,700 damage each time and silencing them for 2 seconds. In order for this to work, you will have to have Keira as the primary commander to take advantage of that passive skill bonus. In a nutshell, if you need a strong pair to keep the barbarians silenced and to mitigate incoming damage, Hermann and Keira is an amazing choice.

Julius Caesar

Rise of Kingdoms Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a good secondary commander to pair with Hermann. Because of his flexibility which means he can play any type of army. Since Hermann is good with archers, it will be easy to roll pure archer force with Julius Caesar. This combo improves troop capacity and increases overall damage / defense output.

Hermann will be able to keep the enemies silenced while Julius will dramatically reduce their combat capabilities. This pair sets up for effective crowd control. If you don’t have Julius Caesar, go with Scipio Africanus instead.

Yi Seong-Gye

Rise of Kingdoms Yi Seong-Gye

If you prefer to play on the defensive side with Hermann. Yi Seong-Gye is the best secondary commander to pair with. He comes with an active skill that deals insane amounts of damage and further improves the archer’s attack / defense output. Best of all, he is also a good garrison commander that will benefit Hermann a lot.

This combo pair is great because Hermann’s troops will be able to get increased attack and defense value from Yi Seong-Gye. While he can keep your enemies silences, rolling Garrison talent build trees is the ideal choice because the commander pair will be able to further improve their defense capabilities.


Lohar ROK Character Screen

Some of you might opt to go PvE with Hermann and that’s absolutely fine. But, if that’s the case then you should roll Field talent build tree and pair him with Lohar. This pair will benefit from Lohar’s increased experience gained and improved damage against neutral units.

This is especially important because in the late game, Barbarians will become high level and their active skills do deal quite serious amounts of damage. This pair helps keep their active skill at bay while dishing out heavy damage to minimize your losses. If you don’t have Lohar which is typically obtainable during the Lohar’s Trial event, Aethelflaed and Boudica are good alternative choices.

Best Hermann Equipment

Equipment Name Stats
Golden-Age Golden Age
  • +13% Defense
Revival-Helm Revival Helm
  • +7% Defense
Revival-Plate Revival Plate
  • +7.5% Attack
Revival-Gauntlets Revival Gauntlets
  • +4.5% Attack
Revival-Greaves Revival Greaves
  • +7.5% Defense
Cloud Racers Cloud Racers
  • +5.5% Attack

Set Bonus: 

  • +3% Attack
  • +3% Defense
Overall Stats:

  • + 15% Attack
  • +31% Defense
  • + 5.5% Health
Equipment Name Stats
Dragon’s-Breath-Bow Dragon’s Breath Bow
  • +20% Defense
Dragon’s-Breath-Helm Dragon’s Breath Helm
  • +11% Attack
Dragon’s-Breath-Plate Dragon’s Breath Plate
  • +11% Health
Dragon’s-Breath-Vambraces Dragon’s Breath Vambraces
  • +7.5% Attack
Dragon’s-Breath-Tassets Dragon’s Breath Tassets
  • +11% Attack
Dragon’s-Breath-Boots Dragon’s Breath Boots
  • +7.5% Defense

Set Bonus: 

  • +3% Attack
  • +3% Skill Damage
  • +5% Health
Overall Stats:

  • +32.5% Attack
  • +27.5% Defense
  • +16% Health

Best Hermann Strategies and Tips

We have assembled a comprehensive list of best Hermann strategies and tips to maximize this commander’s combat effectiveness in Rise of Kingdoms. Be sure to take advantage of our strategies and tips:

  • Pair with El Cid to extend silence duration to 3 seconds.
  • Awesome anti-infantry buster commander.
  • In addition to his fast rage generation ability, talent rage generation to further increase his silence uptime.
  • You can pair Hermann with Yi Seong Gye to get 50% active skill damage increase.
  • If enemy players are sending in infantry commanders to attack your city, use Hermann to defend as his archers kill infantries quickly.

Best Hermann Review


Best Hermann Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
Best Hermann Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
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