Best Gilgamesh Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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Welcome to the best Gilgamesh commander guide for Rise of Kingdoms beginners. If you are looking for a new archer commander to add to your growing roster.

Then look no further, because Gilgamesh is one of the most powerful archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms along with Amanitore, who is one of the newest garrison commanders.

Introducing in ROK Patch Notes 1.0.49 Gilgamesh, Wrath of Ishtar is an excellent commander to have on the team for PvP battles such as the Lost Kingdom and Sunset Canyon.

He is incredibly strong with high damage output and an epic debuff that reduces enemy’s health. Which makes him a well-rounded conqueror for city and field battles.

Gilgamesh Wrath of Ishtar Rise of Kingdoms

Rarity: Legendary
Civilization: Other | Title: Wrath of Ishtar
Archer ROKArcher | Siege SkillConquering | Skill ROKSkill

Gilgamesh Summary:

  • Deals 1,500 damage to current target.
  • Reduces enemy target’s health by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Increases archer’s health by 30%.
  • Deals 20% additional damage to armies that have 50% or below health.
  • Inflicts 20% additional damage when attacking cities.
  • Gain +5% archer attack bonus every 6 seconds, stacks up to 6 times.
  • All troops led by Gilgamesh takes 10% less damage.
  • Gilgamesh has 30% chance to inflict Blood Craving and heal troops for a minor amount.
  • Enemy target takes 15% increased skill damage.

Why Gilgamesh is the Best Commander?

  • Superior damage output.
  • High and damaging skill set.
  • Awesome health reduction.
  • Amazing self-buff, good archer attack.
  • Stackable archer attack buff.
  • Takes less damage, which improves survivability.
  • Excellent debuff.
  • Great commander pairings.

Background Information

Gilgamesh Rise of Kingdoms Commander

Gilgamesh was a major hero during the ancient Mesopotamian in the late 2nd millennium B.C. He was the king of the Sumerian city-state of Uruk who deified. His rule took place in the beginning of Mesopotamia and became a major figure during the Third Dynasty of Ur.

His legendary exploits are narrated in the Sumerian poems. Which he came to the aid of the Goddess Inanna and drove away the creatures that were infesting her tree. After Enkidu’s death, his shade told Gilgamesh about the conditions in the Underworld.

Gilgamesh became afraid of his own death and visited the sage in hope to find immortality. He repeatedly failed the trails set before him and returned home, only to realize that immorality is beyond his reach.


Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Gilgamesh. This informative guide was created to help provide an overview of Gilgamesh skills, talent trees, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms. The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Gilgamesh right and maximize strategic advantages.

Gilgamesh is a new legendary commander that is being added to the game in Rise of Kingdoms 1.0.49 update. To summon Gilgamesh, the Governors will have to collect 10 Gilgamesh sculptures through events and quests. Once you obtain enough materials, go to the Commander Selection tab in the lower right corner. Tap to open the screen and summon Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh Skills

Gilgamesh Rise of Kingdoms Guide

One of the main perks that Gilgamesh has to offer in Rise of Kingdoms is powerful and damaging skill set. His active skill delivers high damage and reduces enemy target’s health, which leaves them exposed to incoming damage especially when doing a city battle.

Gilgamesh also comes with an unique skill set that feature massive health and damage booster that increases all of the troops’ combat strength under his leadership. If you are looking for an archer commander with solid skill set, then Gilgamesh is the perfect choice.

Check out his skills below:

Roar of the Tiger

Roar of the Tiger Rise of Kingdoms Skill

Active Skill | Rage Requirement: 1000

Deals direct damage to the current target (Damage Factor 1500), and reduce their health by 30% for 3 seconds.


  • Direct Damage Factor: 900 / 1000 / 1100 / 1300 / 1500
  • Enemy Health Reduced: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

Bowman of Uruk

Bowman of Uruk

Passive Skill

Archers led by this commander gain 30% increased health and deal 20% increased damage to enemy troops that have fewer than 50% of units remaining.


  • Archer Health Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
  • All Damage Dealt by Archers: 10% / 12% / 14% / 17% / 20%

A King’s Right

A King's Right

Passive Skill

Archers led by this commander gain 20% increased attack when attacking cities or strongholds, and gain a 5% attack bonus every 6 seconds. The bonus lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 6 times.


  • Archer Attack Bonus: 10% / 12% / 14% / 17% / 20%
  • Archer Attack Increase (Per Stack): 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%

Enkidu’s Path

Enkidu's Path

Passive Skill

Troops led by this commander take 10% less damage from normal attacks.

Their attacks have a 30% chance of inflicting a Blood Craving debuff on targets afflicted troops suffer damage when healed (Damage Factor 500). This debuff lasts 3 seconds and can trigger at most once every 5 seconds.


  • Normal Attack Damage Reduced: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
  • Direct Damage Factor: 300 / 350 / 400 / 450 / 500



Enhanced: Enkidu’s Path | Passive | Expertise

Troops led by this commander take 15% less damage from normal attacks. Their attacks have a 30% chance of inflicting a Blood Craving debuff on targets afflicted troops suffer damage when healed (Damage Factor 700) and take 15% increased skill damage. This debuff lasts 4 seconds and can trigger at most once every 5 seconds.

Gilgamesh Talent Trees

There are two talent builds to use with Gilgamesh: City Attacker and Field Attacker.

City Attacker

Best Gilgamesh Talent Build Conquering

If you plan to use Gilgamesh as your main city attacker for PvP, this is the best talent build. It focuses on increasing overall damage output while granting additional skill damage bonus. Plus it gives out the most rage generation which is a must for more frequent active skill usage. Whenever Gilgamesh is the main commander, the secondary commander that also specializes in archer troops type will benefit from this talent build. It is the to-go talent build for any players that needs a reliable, high damage ouput city attack talent tree.

Field Attacker

Best Gilgamesh Talent Build PvP

For those players who prefers to battle on field will find this talent build useful with Gilgamesh. While this archer commander excels at city battles, they are also a formidable force on the field thanks to its incredibly high damage output. If you are looking to do some quick kills or to chase down fleeing enemies, this talent build will enable Gilgamesh to make a quick work out of them — especially when it comes down to a 1v1 battles.

Star Level & Talent Point Upgrade Priority

Thanks to new Commander Skill Lock feature, you can determine which skill you want to upgrade first. Below is our recommended skill path to use based on talent tree build you picked for Gilgamesh.

PvP Talent Tree Build:

  • Keep Gilgamesh at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Gilgamesh to 2 ⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Gilgamesh to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Field Talent Tree Build

  • Keep Gilgamesh at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Gilgamesh to 2 ⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Gilgamesh to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Best Gilgamesh Commander Pairs

Gilgamesh is one of the most powerful legendary commanders due to high damage output and excellent debuffs. So, you will definitely want to pair him with other archer commanders to maximize overall damage in order to quickly eliminate enemy targets.

His only weakness is that he doesn’t have splash damage, which will be a major boost especially when you are fighting multiple enemies. This part is where we are going to share some of the best commander pairings to pair with Gilgamesh.

Without further ado, here they are:

Yi Seong-Gye

Rise of Kingdoms Yi Seong-Gye

Easily one of the best archer commanders to pair with Gilgamesh. Yi Seong-Gye is already a formidable legendary commander thanks to his insane damage output. He has an active skill that inflict major damage against multiple targets.

However, the Gilgamesh and Yi Seong-Gye combo is exceptionally strong due to +50% skill damage boost. Gilgamesh always can use some additional skill damage boost to increase his overall damage output.

Yi Seong-Gye have the advantage of being a pure archer commander, which means both commanders will be able to benefit from increased damage, health, and skill damage along with strong single and splash attack capabilities.

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus the Great Rise of Kingdoms

If you are looking for another solid archer commander to increase single target damage output. You will want to pair Gilgamesh with Cyrus the Great. Along with a powerful 30% health reduction, Cyrus the Great will cause the enemy target to take 20% increased damage from all attacks, including skill damage.

He also have decent skill set that allows some of the passive skills to inflict additional damage over the course of battle. Gilgamesh is a great attacker, but he can take advantage of the rage generation booster that Cyrus the Great has to offer.

This combo is perfect if you are looking to takeover your enemy cities by the storm.

Nebuchadnezzar II

Nebuchnezzar II Rise of Kingdoms

Another solid archer commander that’s worth pairing with is Nebuchadnezzar II. He has one of the best skill set in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to high splash damage against multiple targets.

He is also an excellent rally commander thanks to an impressive counterattack damage bonus, which is a major stat in any PvP battles such as city and field. If you need extra speed, Nebuchadnezzar II comes with a 15% march speed bonus which will definitely help you get across the map quickly compared to other commanders.

The Gilgamesh + Nebuchadnezzar II is a great combo if you want to snatch some additional damage output, defense and speed.

Edward of Woodstock

Edward of the Black Prince ROK Guide

One of the best commanders that any Governors that wants to build a pure single-target march needs to pair Gilgamesh with Edward of Woodstock.

While he comes with a significantly higher rage requirement to cast an active skill, he is the perfect archer commander to maximize your overall single-target damage output thanks to high damage, powerful counterattack damage, and skill damage boost.

If you want to effectively conquer your enemy cities while minimize troops losses and maximizing resources on return. Edward of Woodstock will make a quick work out of the enemy governors with support of health reduction from Gilgamesh.

Best Gilgamesh Equipment Set

Equipment Name Stats
Golden-Age Golden Age
  • +13% Defense
Revival-Helm Revival Helm
  • +7% Defense
Revival-Plate Revival Plate
  • +7.5% Attack
Revival-Gauntlets Revival Gauntlets
  • +4.5% Attack
Revival-Greaves Revival Greaves
  • +7.5% Defense
Cloud Racers Cloud Racers
  • +5.5% Attack

Set Bonus: 

  • +3% Attack
  • +3% Defense
Overall Stats:

  • + 15% Attack
  • +31% Defense
  • + 5.5% Health
Equipment Name Stats
Dragon’s-Breath-Bow Dragon’s Breath Bow
  • +20% Defense
Dragon’s-Breath-Helm Dragon’s Breath Helm
  • +11% Attack
Dragon’s-Breath-Plate Dragon’s Breath Plate
  • +11% Health
Dragon’s-Breath-Vambraces Dragon’s Breath Vambraces
  • +7.5% Attack
Dragon’s-Breath-Tassets Dragon’s Breath Tassets
  • +11% Attack
Dragon’s-Breath-Boots Dragon’s Breath Boots
  • +7.5% Defense

Set Bonus: 

  • +3% Attack
  • +3% Skill Damage
  • +5% Health
Overall Stats:

  • +32.5% Attack
  • +27.5% Defense
  • +16% Health


Do you want to learn more about Gilgamesh’s history and background? You can visit this official website to learn about this awesome commander.

Best Gilgamesh Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
Best Gilgamesh Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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