Best Genghis Khan Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles

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Genghis Khan is a legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. He is one of the most feared commanders in the game due to his low rage cost and the ability to dish out heavy blows quickly.

Not to mention that he can move around pretty quickly thanks to increased march speed and the use of cavalry troops.

Genghis Khan specializes in cavalry, versatility, and skill talents.

Genghis Khan
Best Genghis Khan Commander ROK
Title: First Khagan
Civilization: Other
Base Power: 1,200
Rarity: Legendary
Cavalry ROKVersatility ROKSkill ROK

Genghis Khan Summary:

  • Deals 1,700 damage with his active skill.
  • Has a 30% chance to trigger his active skill instantaneously at no additional rage cost.
  • Rage requirement reduced by 100 from 950 to 850.
  • Cavalry march speed increased by 15%.
  • Damage increased by 30% when army’s strength is more than 70%.
  • Skill damage increased by 30% and restores 25 rage when army strength is below 50%.

Why Genghis Khan is the Best Commander?

  • Superior attacking commander with a super fast rage generation.
  • Delivers powerful active skill that does ton of damage.
  • Has a chance to use his active skill back to back.
  • Improves cavalry troops’ march speed by 15%, allowing his army to move around on the map quickly.
  • Deals more damage when above 70%, allowing Genghis Khan to make a quick work out of your enemies.
  • His active skill becomes extremely valuable when his army strength falls below 50%.

Background Information

Genghis Khan ROK Guide

Genghis Khan, born Temüjin, was the founder of the largest contiguous empire in history – the Mongol Empire. The head of a nomadic Mongol tribe was killed by Tatars when Temüjin was only nine, and their clan abandoned his family.

Temüjin’s rise to power began soon after a shaman named Kokochu declared that the Eternal Blue Sky had chosen him to rule the world. By 1206, he had united all of the fractured tribes living on the Mongol plains and assumed a new title, “Genghis Khan,” signifying his position as universal ruler.

Genghis Khan quickly embarked on a series of successful invasions into China and Central Asia. He was a brilliant military leader and shrewd politician, allowing him to consolidate the lands he conquered under Mongol leadership.

Genghis Khan died in 1227 after conquering the Western Xia dynasty. According to legend, his body was returned to Mongolia by a mounted funeral escort that killed anyone and anything that crossed their path on the way to their destination.

Once the burial was complete, the escort then stampeded over the burial grounds, planted trees to conceal the site, and finally committed suicide to ensure that nobody would reveal the secret.


Welcome to our best Genghis Khan commander guide for beginners. This informative guide overviews Genghis Khan’s skills, talent trees, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms.

The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Genghis Khan right and maximize strategic advantages.

Genghis Khan is another legendary commander that the governors can obtain once your kingdom turns 120 days old.

Like every other commander, to unlock Genghis Khan, you will need to gather 10 Genghis Khan sculptures. Once you have the required materials, please navigate to the Commander Selection tab to summon him.

This legendary commander has one of the highest single-target direct damage factors in Rise of Kingdoms.

It’s no wonder why so many players want to have their hands on Genghis Khan due to his insanely good damage and mobility.

If you are looking for the best Genghis Khan commander guide to perfect yours, then you have come to the right spot!

Stick around to learn more about this excellent legendary commander!

Best Genghis Khan Skills

In this part, we will talk about his skills. Unlike other commanders, Genghis Khan has by far one of the highest direct damage factor outputs.

It means he excels at rallied the army and 1-vs-1 battles. He is also cavalry focused which means speed is preferred to maximize his combat effectiveness.

And Genghis Khan’s skills are here to further enhance the strength of troops under his leadership.

Genghis Khan ROK
Chosen One
Genghis Khan Chosen One


Rage Requirement: 950

Attacks a single target, dealing massive damage (Damage Factor 800).

Upgrade Preview:

Direct Damage Factor: 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400 / 1700

The Chosen One comes with a reduced rage requirement. It means he can cast this active skill frequently to dish out serious damage to cripple enemy targets with the least amount of resistance. Perfect for dealing quick and heavy blows.

Cyclone of the Steppes
Genghis Khan Cyclone of the Steppes


Reduces rage cost of abilities by 20 and increases cavalry march speed by 3%. When troops led by this commander are attacked, this march speed bonus will be lost, and troop march speed will be further reduced 30%.

Upgrade Preview:

Rage Requirement Reduction: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80/ 100
Cavalry March Speed Bonus: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%

This passive skill is simply too good. When you max it out, the rage requirement to activate active skill becomes 850, and cavalry gains 15% march speed, allowing Genghis Khan to mobilize on the map at lightning speed.

Nomadic Empire
Genghis Khan Nomandic Empire


While the army led by this commander is at more than 70% strength, and contains only cavalry units, increases all damage dealt by 10%.

Upgrade Preview:

Damage Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

Nomadic Empire further pushes for a pure cavalry build, increasing overall damage by 30% when the army strength is above 70%. This passive skill presents an opportunity to deal with serious amounts of damage early in the game.

Military Lifestyle
Genghis Khan Military Lifestyle


When the army led by this commander contains only cavalry units and has been reduced to less than 50% strength, increases skill damage dealt by 10% and grants an additional 5 rage when attacked.

Upgrade Preview:

Skill Damage Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Rage Restored: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25

Military Lifestyle is another tremendous passive skill that enhances the damage of active skill by 30%. It will bring the total active skill damage to 2,210, and 25 rage is restored every time Genghis Khan is attacked when army strength is below 50%. This is like the Last Standing skill.

Second to None
Genghis Khan Second to none


If the “Chosen One” skill is used while the army led by this commander contains only cavalry units, grants a 30% chance that the “Chosen One” skill (Level 5) can be used again instantly.

Second to None is the ultimate skill for Genghis Khan, which gives him a chance to cast active skill again at no cost to rage and for the same amount of damage. This enhanced skill will deal a heavy blow in the enemy’s rank efficiently.

Best Genghis Khan Talent Trees

In the next part of our best Genghis Khan commander guide, we will talk about talent builds.

If you are looking for the best talent builds for this legendary commander, this is the guide you need to be at to get all the information.

Before we start talking about the best talent builds for Genghis Khan, I want to point out that versatility is worthless and shouldn’t have that many points invested.

Only the points are invested in the best talents.

Balanced Talent Build

Genghis Khan Balanced Talent Build ROK

If you prefer to go with a balanced approach, this talent build is good for Genghis Khan.

A small amount of points is invested in improving his combat effectiveness against enemy garrisons.

But most of the points go into building rage fast enough that he can use his active skill more often.

Likewise, a large chunk of points improves the troops’ health, defense, and attack under his leadership, which increases the troops’ overall combat effectiveness to take and dish out more damage.

PvP Talent Build

Genghis Khan PvP Talent Build ROK

For avid PvPers, this is the best talent build. It focuses on building rage generation fast enough so that Genghis Khan can use his active skill more often.

A small portion of the talent points improves the attack, defense, and health of cavalry. Great for dealing high amounts of damage combined with good normal attack damage.

Pair Genghis Khan with any offensive cavalry commanders who excel in PvP battles will take advantage of this robust talent build.

Field Talent Build

Genghis Khan Field Talent Build ROK

Field talent build focuses on improving overall sustained damage while expanding rage generation quickly enough to keep up with active skill damage.

Compared to the other two talent builds, this one focuses on increasing march speed that helps him reach targets quickly.

Ultimately, this is the best crowd control talent that makes concentrate on speed and damage.

Pair Genghis Khan with any commanders specializing in cavalry troops to take advantage of this Field Talent Build.

Especially if the secondary commander also has an active skill, crowd control will be an incredible addition to immobilizing the enemies.

Star Level & Talent Point Upgrade Priority

In the next part of our Best Genghis Khan commander guide, I will talk about star level & talent point upgrade priority to maximize your commander’s combat potential.

Here’s how to prioritize your Genghis Khan effectively using the Commander Skill Lock feature:

Balanced Talent Build:

  • Keep Genghis Khan at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 2⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 3 ⭐ and max out his third skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

PvP Talent Build:

  • Keep Genghis Khan at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 2⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 3 ⭐ and max out his third skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Field Talent Build

  • Keep Genghis Khan at 1 ⭐ until you max out his first skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 2⭐ and max out his second skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 3 ⭐ and max out his third skill.
  • Level Genghis Khan to 4 ⭐ and max out all of his skills.

Best Commander Pairs

The good news is, there’s a good amount of commanders to pair with Genghis Khan.

However, because he is a powerful nuker, it is best to keep him as the primary commander and pair with secondary commanders who have the same focus and are flexible enough to work with Genghis Khan’s build and skills.

At the same time, you want to have a secondary commander who will also benefit from damage bonus to active skill. So, let’s find out the best secondary commander pairs for Genghis Khan.

Xiang Yu

Meet Xiang Yu. He is easily one of the best cavalry commanders in the game right now, and he is insanely powerful thanks to his skill set.

If you ever dream of dominating your enemies through sheer power, damage, and force. Xiang Yu is an excellent cavalry commander to pair with Genghis Khan.

This legendary commander comes with a powerful active skill that deals 1,700 damage against three targets and reduces their defenses by 30%. It means normal troops under Xiang Yu + Genghis Khan’s leadership will be able to inflict even more damage.

In addition to that, Xiang Yu reduces the rage requirement by 50 while on the map. It’s beneficial because it lowers the requirement for Genghis Khan to activate his active skill.

While Genghis Khan is already a great single-target damage dealer, Xiang Yu will be able to provide up to an additional 20% skill damage bonus, 10% through passive skill, and another after getting the rage buff.

Overall, Xiang Yu and Genghis Khan are a powerful combo in Rise of Kingdoms.


Best Saladin Commander ROK

One of the most powerful cavalry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Saladin is a formidable commander to face against due to high damage output and powerful passive skills.

The reason why Saladin + Genghis Khan ranks so well together is simply because of rage reduction. Genghis Khan benefits Saladin a big-time though reduced rage generation.

It means Saladin only takes less rage to activate his active skill to inflict significant damage — and more frequent.

In addition to that, he can significantly reduce enemy target’s march speed and healing effect by a significant amount, which deals a substantial blow to enemy garrison commanders.

If that’s all you think about this commander pairing, Saladin also provides 20% reduced counterattack damage taken.

It will turn the Saladin + Genghis Khan into a powerful pairing that will make quick work out of enemies in Sunset Canyon, Osiris League, and even the Lost Kingdom.

Mehmed II

Mehmed II ROK

When you pair Genghis Khan with Mehmed II, you get the two best nukers in the game together. While he isn’t precisely a cavalry commander, here’s why we recommend this combo.

Genghis Khan excels at dealing direct damage fast enough to wreak havoc. At the same time, Mehmed II excels at dealing splash damage and will do quick work out of enemy cities.

Mehmed II’s skills are incredibly flexible that makes him one of the preferred commanders to pair.

Although, if you don’t have him on your roster just yet. Then you should pair Genghis Khan with Baibars to take advantage of his solid movement impairment effects and splash damage.

Free-to-play players can obtain Mehmed II through various events like the Wheel of Fortune and Card King to collect commander sculptures.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao ROK

Suppose you are looking for a secondary commander that specializes in farming barbarians to pair. 

Cao Cao can benefit significantly from Genghis Khan’s active skill damage bonus and the same cavalry specialization.

This pair excels at crowd control and will keep your enemy targets at bay, culling the weak to maximize their losses.

Best of all, both will gain march speed, which helps you move around on the map quickly enough to reach your targets.

If you don’t have Cao Cao, then either Aethelflaed or Pelagius is an excellent alternative option and is the starting commander for Spain.

Minamoto No Yoshitsune

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Alternatively, you can pair Genghis Khan with Minamoto No Yoshitsune if you do not have Cao Cao in your commander roster yet.

Minamoto No Yoshitsune is an excellent barbarian commander that will make it pretty easy to destroy barbarian camps and barbarian troops on the map.

Genghis Khan can drastically improve Minamoto No Yoshitsune’s combat strength through sheer power and high single target damage.

While both are high damage dealers, Minamoto No Yoshitsune comes with an array of defensive skills such as a shield to absorb incoming damage and decrease severely wounded troops when attacking cities.

Suppose you plan to launch a rallying army against player-based cities and neutral buildings such as holy sites. Minamoto No Yoshitsune will turn the tide of battle in your favor.


Best Attila Commander ROK

Unless you want to have a debuffer to pair with Genghis Khan and take advantage of a massive damage boost, Attila is a good choice.

He has a similar skill set to Genghis Khan, except his active skill reduces enemy attacks and increases their damage.

It means the cavalry will be able to do quick work out of them.

In addition to that, there’s a slight chance to boost your troops’ damage upwards to 100% with this combo.

One of the main advantages you get for pairing Genghis Khan with Attila is immunity to silence, which is especially important since you want to keep on dishing out heavy direct damage.

If you don’t have Attila, then Belisarius is a solid choice.


Baibars ROK Selection Screen

If you don’t have any of these legendary commanders above, Baibars is your next best pick.

He is a solid cavalry commander with significant splash damage thanks to his active skill.

He can hit up to 5 targets and deal for 1,000 damage to each target. At the same time, these targets will be slowed down, which allows this pair to clamp down on them.

Baibars has a lot of combat abilities to offer which is something that Genghis Khan indeed lacks in: splash damage and movement impairment abilities.

If you genuinely want to harass your enemies and demolish their farmers or field armies, pair Genghis Khan with Baibars for best combat performance.

Alternatively, you can swap Baibars for Saladin to maximize overall damage done and gain increased march reduction effect against the enemies.


Lancelot ROK

Lastly, you can pair Genghis Khan with Lancelot if you don’t have a maxed-out epic cavalry commander yet.

Though as strange as it might sound, why would anyone pair a legendary commander with an elite commander?

One of the main reasons is that Lancelot is an excellent commander early to mid-game and doesn’t take that much effort to max out.

He comes with a solid skill set that will help Genghis Khan a lot — especially with accelerating rage generation so that Genghis Khan can deliver a series of heavy attacks.

This pair is great for shutting down your enemies quickly in the early game. Once you have progressed to the late game and developed a solid epic commander / legendary commander, you can swap Lancelot out.

Best Genghis Khan Equipment Set

Equipment Name Stats
Vanguard Halberd Vanguard Halberd
  • +5% Defense
  • +4% Health
Expedition War Helm Expedition War Helm
  • +6% Defense
Windswept Breastplate Windswept Breastplate
  • +4.5% Defense
  • +3% Movement Speed
Windswept Bracers Windswept Bracers
  • +2.5% Health
  • +3% March Speed
Vanguard Greaves Vanguard Greaves
  • +4% Attack
  • +1% Health
The Scarlet Hounds The Scarlet Hounds
  • +4% Health

Set Bonus: 

  • +4% Attack
  • +4% March Speed
Overall Stats:

  • +8% Attack
  • +15.5% Defense
  • +9% Health
  • +10% March Speed
Equipment Name Stats
Heart of the Saint Heart of the Saint
  • +13% Defense
Abyssal Visage Abyssal Visage
  • +8% Attack
Dark Lord’s Blessing Dark Lord’s Blessing
  • +8% Defense
Iset’s Sufferance Iset’s Sufferance
  • +3% Attack
  • +3% Health
Gladiator Gladiator
  • +8% Health
Cloud Racers Cloud Racers
  • +5.5% Attack

Set Bonus: 

  • No Set Bonus
Overall Stats:

  • + 16.5% Attack
  • +21% Defense
  • + 11% Health

Conclusion of Best Genghis Khan Commander Guide

Best Genghis Khan Commander Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Now you know the best talent builds, skill path to pick, commander pairings and more for Genghis Khan.

When you develop him the right way, he can easily scoop some quick victories for you and your troops through sheer power.

As I mentioned before, he pairs exceptionally well with most of the cavalry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Which makes him one of the best pick for free-to-play players.

Did you find our best Genghis Khan commander guide informative and helpful? If you have any questions about this commander, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Happy ruling, Governor!


Best Genghis Khan Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
Best Genghis Khan Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles
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