Best Ottoman Civilization Guide: Traits, Commanders, Gameplay & Tips

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Ottoman is one of playable civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms and is available in the Civilization Selection main menu upon creation of a new account. Players also can switch to Ottoman at any given time as long as they have Civilization Change token available.

Nationality: Ottoman

Rise of Kingdoms Ottoman

Trait 1:
+5% Archer Health

Trait 2:
+5% March Speed

Trait 3:
5% Active Skill Damage

Civilization Popularity Ranking:
3 out of 11

Unique Unit: Janissary

Elite Janissary Ottomans Rise of Kingdoms ROK

Ottoman Empire Summary:

  • Increases Archer health by 5%.
  • Troops march 5% faster on the map.
  • Increases active skill damage by 5% for all commanders.

Why Ottoman Empire is the Best Civilization?

  • Awesome civilization that greatly boosts high-damaging commanders.
  • Improved mobility for faster movement.
  • Archer troops are more resilient thanks to increased health.

Background Information

ROK Ottoman Civilization

In the 13th Century, Anatolia was divided into several independent Turkish provinces, known as the Anatolian Beyliks. Osman I rose to power in the region of Bithynia which is on the frontier of the Byzantine Empire. Osman I is a figure whose name is derived from the Ottoman Empire and amassed followers of Turkish tribal groups and Byzantine renegades.

While Osman I converted them to Islam, many of them but not all. He was able to extend the control of his principality by conquering Byzantine towns along the Sakarya River. In 1302, he defeated Byzantine during the Battle of Bapheus which contributed to Osman I’s rise to power.

It wasn’t well understood how the Ottomans came to power in early stages due to lack of resources during this period. A theory suggested that their became successful in rallying religious warriors to fight for them in the name of Islam.


Welcome to our Rise of Kingdoms civilization guide for Ottoman. If you are looking for the best Ottoman civilization guide so that you can get up to speed. Then you have come to the right place, because in our best Ottoman civilization guide we will cover all the basics that you need to know about this nation.

Ottoman is another playable civilization in Rise of Kingdoms and is available to choose right in the beginning of the game. Due to this civilization’s traits, it plays the game strategies a bit different compared to offensive civilizations such as Spain / Germany and Arabia. Because basically it gives bonus damage to active skill, which makes commanders who do massive damage with their active skills much stronger choices.

So, if you love being able to deliver a huge payload onto your enemies and watching your commanders lay waste on them. Ottoman would absolutely be the best choice for you. And I am going to explain why you will love this civilization. Stick around with us to learn more.

Best Ottoman Traits

Ottoman comes with 3 traits that benefits you directly. Although, these bonuses are slightly smaller compared to some civilizations who gain 10% to 20% bonus in such as resource production and scout march speed. It’s still worth mentioning that Ottoman has one of the best traits for delivering massive blows thanks to improved active skill damage.

Trait 1

Increases your archer attack by 5%, which is great for running full archer-only commanders.

Trait 2

Increases march speed by 5%, applies to all troops and scouting.

Trait 3

Increases the active skill damage of your commanders, greatly improves your nuking commanders such as Yi Seong-Gye and Ramesses II for example.

Best Ottoman Unique Units

Ottoman’s unique unit is Janissary and they become available for training at Tier 4. The Janissary is a good archer-type that delivers direct damage and can withstand some brute force with ease. Compared to other civilizations’ unique archers, Janissary edges them out slightly with higher attack and health points.


Janissary Ottomans Rise of Kingdoms ROK
Attack ROK
Attack: 197
Defense ROK
Defense: 192
Health ROK
Health: 192
Speed ROK
Speed: Slow
Load ROK
Load: 11
Power ROK
Power: 4

Elite Janissary

Elite Janissary Ottomans Rise of Kingdoms ROK
Attack ROK
Attack: 227
Defense ROK
Defense: 216
Health ROK
Health: 216
Speed ROK
Speed: Very Slow
Load ROK
Load: 13
Power ROK
Power: 10

Best Ottoman Commanders

Ottoman has 2 commanders who are affiliated with this civilization. While it isn’t that a lot compared to Japan who has more than 5 commanders under its nationality. Ottoman remains one of the popular choices for avid players who want to be able to do more damage with their commanders. It is more of a commander-focused civilization as opposed to a troops-focused civilization. Osman I is your starting commander.

Osman I

Osman I Commander

Mehmed II

Best Mehmed II Commander

Best Ottoman Tips & Tricks

We have assembled one of the best tips & tricks for playing as Ottoman to maximize your combat advantages using its traits. As mentioned previously, this is a commander-focused civilization due to 5% skill damage bonus. But you can do even more to further advanced your combat capabilities in Rise of Kingdoms and here’s how to:

Tip 1: Specialize in Archer Commanders

The 5% archer attack bonus is nice and you can take it even further by running archer-build only with nukers like Ramesses II. You also can do it with commanders who have leadership ability such as Mehmed II and Osman I.

Tip 2: Specialize in Nuking Commanders

As mentioned previously, you want to specialize in archer commanders. But you can save even more time of yours by specializing in commanders with powerful active skills. These three commanders I just mentioned are nukers as well.

Tip 3: Pair with Commanders Who Improves Skill Damage

To further capitalize on your commanders’ active skill damage, invest in commanders like Yi Seong-Gye who will boost your primary commander skill damage by 50%. I recommended checking out our menu list to check out each commander to help you decide which commanders to invest into improving your pairing skill damage.

Conclusion of Ottoman Civilization Guide

As we come to the conclusion of our best Ottoman civilization guide for beginners. You have learned more about its traits, unique units, commanders, and tips & tricks in detail.

If you are thinking of playing as Ottoman after the minute you download Rise of Kingdoms on your mobile device or as your next civilization in a new game. You will have no problem trailblazing playing as Ottoman.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions or tips that you have for playing as this civilization, drop an e-mail to us via our contact page. Happy ruling, Governor!


Best Ottoman Civilization Guide: Traits, Commanders, Gameplay & Tips
Best Ottoman Civilization Guide: Traits, Commanders, Gameplay & Tips
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