The Best Arabia Civilization Guide for Beginners: Traits, Gameplay, Tips & Tricks

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Arabia is one of playable civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms and is available in the Civilization Selection main menu upon creation of a new account. Players also can switch to Arabia at any given time as long as they have Civilization Change token available.

Nationality: Arabia

Rise of Kingdoms Arabia

Trait 1:
+5% Cavalry Attack

Trait 2:
+10% Damage Dealt to Barbarians & Neutral Units

Trait 3:
+5% Rally Army Damage

Civilization Popularity Ranking:
1 out of 11

Unique Unit: Mamluk

Elite Mamluk Arabia Rise of Kingdoms

Arabia Summary:

  • Increases Cavalry attack by 5%.
  • Deals 10% extra damage against barbarians & neutral units.
  • Deals 5% extra damage when your commander is the rally leader.

Why Arabia is the Best Civilization?

  • Perfect civilization for playing offensive wars in late games.
  • Deals extra damage whenever you become the rally leader in PvP wars and events.
  • Cavalry troops do more damage and move faster.

Background Information

Best Arabia Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

The 7th Century Arabia saw the rise of Islam as the most powerful religion force in the Middle East. In 622, Muhammad unified the Arabia tribes into a single country that quickly becomes one of the strongest political entity and ultimately led to a rapid expansion into Central Asia, North Africa, Southern Italy and to the Iberian Peninsula.

After the death of Muhammad in 632, Abu Bakr rose to the power and avenge a recent defeat by the Byzantine forces. Although, he had to quell the rebellion by Arab tribes which led to Wars of Apostasy. Afterwards the rebellion subsized, Abu Bakr attacked the Byzantium Empire and decivisiely defeated their army as well as destroying the Persian Empire.

Because of the victorious battles, the Caliphate was able to greatly expand Arabia beyond just the Middle East, but into Africa, Europe and Asia. This led a shift of political focus on promoting Islam to these newly conquered land.


Welcome to our Rise of Kingdoms civilization guide for Arabia. If you are looking for the best Arabia civilization guide so that you can get up to speed. Then you have come to the right place, because in our best Arabia civilization guide we will cover all the basics that you need to know about this nation.

Arabia is one of the best offensive civilizations that offers players plenty of options to  work together with alliance members as opposed to Germany for players who prefer to play by themselves. One of the main traits that this civilization features is +5% damage bonus while commanding a rally army. Which plays a significant edge in late game.

If you are just starting off the game and plan to create your own alliance or joining one of these top alliances to take advantage of rallied armies, Arabia is the best civilization to play right now in Rise of Kingdoms. Your starting commander is Baibars and he is amazing at dealing moderate amount of AoE / Splash damage.

Best Arabia Traits

In the next part of our best Arabia civilization guide for beginners, we are going to talk about this civilization’s traits and how you can maximize these bonuses to your advantage. In overview, you can see Arabia is an offensive civilization since these traits are all about damage. But here’s how you can maximize these traits using your troops and strategy.

Trait 1

Increases your cavalry attack by 5%. This trait is great when you are running pure cavalry commanders like Genghis Khan, Attila and Cao Cao.

Trait 2

Increases your damage done towards barbarians and neutral units by 10%. Works the best when you are using peacekeeping commanders such as Aethelflaed, Lohar and Boudica.

Trait 3

Increases the damage done by your rallied armies by 5%. Works the best when you are commanding the rally army for the bonus to take effect.

Best Arabia Unique Units

Arabia’s unique unit is Mamluk and they become available for training at Tier 4. The Mamluk excels at speed and they are very powerful at delivering strong blows to your enemies. Mamluk balances at both attack and defense while boasting good health points, making them an excellent unique unit for Arabia.


Mamluk Arabia Rise of Kingdoms
Attack ROK
Attack: 192
Defense ROK
Defense: 192
Health ROK
Health: 197
Speed ROK
Speed: Slow
Load ROK
Load: 10
Power ROK
Power: 4

Elite Mamluk

Elite Mamluk Arabia Rise of Kingdoms
Attack ROK
Attack: 227
Defense ROK
Defense: 212
Health ROK
Health: 222
Speed ROK
Speed: Very Slow
Load ROK
Load: 12
Power ROK
Power: 10

Best Arabia Commanders

Arabia only has 2 commanders who are affiliated with this civilization. While it is worth mentioning that Arabia is one of the best civilizations to play in Rise of Kingdoms, commanders selection is limited though. However, you always can work with other commanders who will benefit from Arabia’s traits. Here’s a list of Arabia commanders.


Baibars Rise of Kingdoms


Saladin Commander ROK

Best Arabia Tips & Tricks

If you are planning to play Arabia as your starting civilization or later in the game. You will find our civilization guide on tips and tricks for playing as Arabia helpful and insightful. Especially the fact that this civilization is popular among these bloodthirsty players!

Tip 1: Just Roll with Cavalry Commanders

One of the best ways you can make the most use out of that 5% cavalry attack bonus is to just stick purely to cavalry. Invest in cavalry commanders like Pelagius and Takeda Shingen.

Tip 2: Use Peacekeeping Commanders

That 10% damage bonus to barbarians is nice and you can do even more with peacekeeping commanders. Make sure to invest in 2 good peacekeeping commanders. I highly recommend using Aethelflaed as your primary commander for chain-farming barbarians.

Tip 3: Max out Your Castle

Rally army is one of your biggest assets in the game as Arabia. Use rally armies often and to provide 5% flat damage bonus to support your allies.

Conclusion of Arabia Civilization Guide

Best Arabia Civilization Guide Rise of Kingdoms

As we come to the conclusion of our best Arabia civilization guide for beginners. You have learned more about its traits, unique units, commanders, and tips & tricks in detail.

If you are thinking of playing as Arabia after the minute you download Rise of Kingdoms on your mobile device or as your next civilization in a new game. You will have no problem trailblazing playing as Arabia.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions or tips that you have for playing as this civilization, drop an e-mail to us via our contact page. Happy ruling, Governor!


The Best Arabia Civilization Guide for Beginners: Traits, Gameplay, Tips & Tricks
The Best Arabia Civilization Guide for Beginners: Traits, Gameplay, Tips & Tricks
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