Best Wall ROK Guide: Level, Cost & Power

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Wall ROK Guide
Prerequisite: None
Ability: Increases defense and provide protection for your city against enemy attacks.
Base Power: 5

Background Information

The Wall is the main defense building in the city. The wall is a requirement before upgrading the City Hall.

Walls durability is decreased after a successful attack, along with the Watchtower, and must be manually repaired when damaged.

If wall durability reaches zero as the result of fire after an attack, the city will teleport to a random location on the map.

Wall Level & Requirements Chart

2None15,500Resource icon food 2.3K
Resource icon wood 2.8K
3City Hall Lv.316,000Resource icon food 4.3K
Resource icon wood 5.0K
1m 30s37
4City Hall Lv.416,500Resource icon food 7.8K
Resource icon wood 9.0K
5Tavern Lv.517,000Resource icon food 14.0K
Resource icon wood 16.3K
6Tavern Lv.617,500Resource icon food 18.0K
Resource icon wood 21.0K
Resource icon stone 25.0K
58m 20s519
7Tavern Lv.718,250Resource icon food 27.0K
Resource icon wood 32.0K
Resource icon stone 40.0K
1h 57m1,037
8Tavern Lv.819,000Resource icon food 41.0K
Resource icon wood 47.0K
Resource icon stone 64.0K
3h 53m1,965
9Tavern Lv.919,750Resource icon food 61.0K
Resource icon wood 71.0K
Resource icon stone 102.4K
7h 47m3,656
10Tavern Lv.1020,500Resource icon food 92.0K
Resource icon wood 106.0K
Resource icon stone 164.0K
15h 33m6,784
11Tavern Lv.1121,250Resource icon food 137.0K
Resource icon wood 160.0K
Resource icon stone 250.0K
18h 40m10,816
12Tavern Lv.1222,000Resource icon food 207.0K
Resource icon wood 240.0K
Resource icon stone 375.0K
22h 24m16,060
13Tavern Lv.1322,750Resource icon food 310.0K
Resource icon wood 360.0K
Resource icon stone 565.0K
1d 3h22,965
14Tavern Lv.1423,500Resource icon food 465.0K
Resource icon wood 540.0K
Resource icon stone 850.0K
1d 8h32,169
15Tavern Lv.1524,250Resource icon food 698.0K
Resource icon wood 810.0K
Resource icon stone 1.3M
1d 22h44,583
16Tavern Lv.1625,000Resource icon food 1.0M
Resource icon wood 1.2M
Resource icon stone 1.9M
1d 22h61,540
17Tavern Lv.1726,000Resource icon food 1.6M
Resource icon wood 1.8M
Resource icon stone 2.9M
2d 8h84,977
18Tavern Lv.1827,000Resource icon food 2.4M
Resource icon wood 2.7M
Resource icon stone 4.4M
2d 19h117,860
19Tavern Lv.1928,000Resource icon food 3.5M
Resource icon wood 4.1M
Resource icon stone 6.6M
3d 8h164,369
20Tavern Lv.2029,000Resource icon food 5.3M
Resource icon wood 6.2M
Resource icon stone 9.9M
21Tavern Lv.2130,000Resource icon food 8.0M
Resource icon wood 9.3M
Resource icon stone 14.8M
4d 20h326,321
22Tavern Lv.2231,000Resource icon food 12.0M
Resource icon wood 13.9M
Resource icon stone 22.2M
6d 6h466,309
23Tavern Lv.2332,000Resource icon food 18.0M
Resource icon wood 20.9M
Resource icon stone 33.3M
8d 18h674,163
24Tavern Lv.2433,000Resource icon food 27.0M
Resource icon wood 31.3M
Resource icon stone 50.0M
13d 3h986,224
25Tavern Lv.2540,000Resource icon food 40.5M
Resource icon wood 47.1M
Resource icon stone 75.0M
Master’s Blueprint x 1
41d 4h1,545,374

Side Quests

Earn rewards via quest completion for upgrading this building.

Upgrade Wall to Level 2Resource icon food 2,500
Resource icon wood 1,750
Upgrade Wall to Level 3Resource icon food 3,250
Resource icon wood 6,000
Upgrade Wall to Level 4Resource icon food 5,250
Resource icon wood 7,750
Upgrade Wall to Level 5Resource icon food 25,250
Resource icon wood 26,750
Upgrade Wall to Level 6Resource icon food 17,500
Resource icon wood 21,000
Resource icon stone 9,500
Upgrade Wall to Level 7Resource icon food 21,250
Resource icon wood 24,750
Resource icon stone 12,250
Upgrade Wall to Level 8Resource icon food 26,750
Resource icon wood 31,500
Resource icon stone 16,500
Upgrade Wall to Level 9Resource icon food 29,250
Resource icon wood 30,000
Resource icon stone 17,000
Upgrade Wall to Level 19Resource icon food 469,000
Resource icon wood 548,750
Resource icon stone 331,250
Upgrade Wall to Level 20Resource icon food 704,750
Resource icon wood 824,250
Resource icon stone 498,000
Upgrade Wall to Level 22Resource icon food 1,585,750
Resource icon wood 1,856,500
Resource icon stone 1,122,250

Wall Tips & Gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, having an active wall does play an essential role in maintaining your position on the map. A well-maintained wall means you can keep holding your foothold during an alliance war.

If you get zeroed during the war, your city will be teleport to a different region on the map. A zeroed player with no wall during an alliance war means the enemies can advance towards their objective.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy wall throughout peacetime and war times. To douse the fire if you come under attack, repair your wall right away to the relief of it, which will require a considerable amount of resources.

Without enough resources, you will not be able to douse the fire and risk being teleport to a different map after getting zeroed. For the best defense, make sure you level up your Watchtower and have strong garrison commanders (preferable Charles Martel or Yi Seong-Gye) to secure your city.

Best Wall ROK Guide: Level, Cost & Power
Best Wall ROK Guide: Level, Cost & Power

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