Best Quarry ROK Guide: Level, Cost & Power

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Quarry ROK
Prerequisite: City Hall Level 4
Ability: Produce stone
Base Power: 5

Background Information

The Lumber Mill produces wood for collection by the governor. It is one of four such resource production buildings, along with the Farm (food), Quarry (stone), and Goldmine (gold).

Each upgrade of the lumber mill improves its wood production per hour and its max wood capacity.

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Quarry Level & Requirements Chart

LevelRequirementsStone / HRCostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.4300Resource icon food 100
Resource icon wood 100
2City Hall Lv.4320Resource icon food 300
Resource icon wood 300
3City Hall Lv.4350Resource icon food 500
Resource icon wood 500
4City Hall Lv.4390Resource icon food 1.0K
Resource icon wood 1.0K
5City Hall Lv.5435Resource icon food 2.0K
Resource icon wood 2.0K
6City Hall Lv.6490Resource icon food 3.5K
Resource icon wood 3.5K
7City Hall Lv.7550Resource icon food 5.3K
Resource icon wood 5.3K
1h 10m387
8City Hall Lv.8620Resource icon food 8.0K
Resource icon wood 8.0K
1h 27m627
9City Hall Lv.9710Resource icon food 12.0K
Resource icon wood 12.0K
1h 48m934
10City Hall Lv.10825Resource icon food 18.0K
Resource icon wood 18.0K
2h 24m1,351
11City Hall Lv.11975Resource icon food 27.5K
Resource icon wood 27.5K
3h 36m1,979
12City Hall Lv.121,160Resource icon food 42.5K
Resource icon wood 42.5K
5h 24m2,926
13City Hall Lv.131,390Resource icon food 65.0K
Resource icon wood 65.0K
6h 43m4,152
14City Hall Lv.141,650Resource icon food 97.5K
Resource icon wood 97.5K
8h 6m5,708
15City Hall Lv.152,025Resource icon food 147.5K
Resource icon wood 147.5K
9h 40m7,690
16City Hall Lv.162,400Resource icon food 222.5K
Resource icon wood 222.5K
11h 40m10,260
17City Hall Lv.172,775Resource icon food 335.0K
Resource icon wood 335.0K
16h 40m14,000
18City Hall Lv.183,225Resource icon food 525.0K
Resource icon wood 525.0K
21h 40m19,200
19City Hall Lv.193,750Resource icon food 800.0K
Resource icon wood 800.0K
1d 3h26,260
20City Hall Lv.204,350Resource icon food 1.2M
Resource icon wood 1.2M
1d 9h35,860
21City Hall Lv.215,025Resource icon food 1.8M
Resource icon wood 1.8M
1d 19h49,300
22City Hall Lv.225,850Resource icon food 2.7M
Resource icon wood 2.7M
2d 5h67,780
23City Hall Lv.236,750Resource icon food 4.1M
Resource icon wood 4.1M
2d 22h94,060
24City Hall Lv.247,800Resource icon food 6.3M
Resource icon wood 6.3M
3d 21h132,500
25City Hall Lv.2515,600Resource icon food 9.5M
Resource icon wood 9.5M
Master’s Blueprint x 1
6d 6h192,000

Side Quests

Rewards are given via quest completion for upgrading this building.

Upgrade Quarry to Level 2Resource icon food 500
Resource icon wood 250
Upgrade Quarry to Level 3Resource icon food 500
Resource icon wood 750
Upgrade Quarry to Level 4Resource icon food 750
Resource icon wood 1,000
Upgrade Quarry to Level 5Resource icon food 3,750
Resource icon wood 3,500
Upgrade Quarry to Level 6Resource icon food 2,750
Resource icon wood 2,750
Upgrade Quarry to Level 7Resource icon food 3,250
Resource icon wood 3,250
Upgrade Quarry to Level 8Resource icon food 4,000
Resource icon wood 4,250
Upgrade Quarry to Level 9Resource icon food 4,500
Resource icon wood 4,000
Upgrade Quarry to Level 10Resource icon food 3,000
Resource icon wood 3,000
Upgrade Quarry to Level 19Resource icon food 79,500
Resource icon wood 80,250
Upgrade Quarry to Level 20Resource icon food 119,250
Resource icon wood 120,250
Upgrade Quarry to Level 22Resource icon food 268,000
Resource icon wood 270,750

Quarry Tips & Gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, Quarry plays an important role in training your troops, upgrading your buildings and researching technologies. A well maintained Quarry means you will have enough resources to support your city independently.

Always keep your stone protected to avoid them being plunder by raiders. You can do so through increasing the Storehouse to further protect your stone whenever you are inactive or not watching your city.

If you are running a mini farming account, it’s good idea to max out your Quarry and do these following steps to draw in additional resources for your main account.

Quarry Gallery in Rise of Kingdoms

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