Best Academy ROK Guide: Level, Cost & Power

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=Academy ROK Icon
Prerequisite: City Hall Level 4
Ability: Research technologies.
Base Power: 5

Background Information

The Academy is a building which allows the governor to research various technologies. Upgrading the academy will permanently increase the research speed bonus for the city.

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Gold Mine Level & Requirements Chart

LevelRequirementsResearch Speed BoostCostTimePower
1City Hall Lv.40.5%Resource icon food 500
Resource icon wood 800
2City Hall Lv.41.0%Resource icon food 1.0K
Resource icon wood 1.5K
3City Hall Lv.41.5%Resource icon food 2.0K
Resource icon wood 2.8K
2m 40s27
4City Hall Lv.42.0%Resource icon food 3.8K
Resource icon wood 5.0K
Resource icon stone 800
5City Hall Lv.52.5%Resource icon food 6.8K
Resource icon wood 9.0K
Resource icon stone 1.5K
6City Hall Lv.63.0%Resource icon food 11.5K
Resource icon wood 15.5K
Resource icon stone 3.2K
53m 20s336
7City Hall Lv.73.5%Resource icon food 17.3K
Resource icon wood 23.3K
Resource icon stone 5.0K
1h 47m688
8City Hall Lv.84.0%Resource icon food 26.0K
Resource icon wood 35.0K
Resource icon stone 8.0K
3h 33m1,346
9City Hall Lv.94.5%Resource icon food 39.0K
Resource icon wood 52.5K
Resource icon stone 12.8K
7h 7m2,591
10City Hall Lv.105.0%Resource icon food 58.5K
Resource icon wood 78.8K
Resource icon stone 20.5K
14h 13m4,975
11City Hall Lv.115.5%Resource icon food 90.0K
Resource icon wood 120.0K
Resource icon stone 32.5K
17h 4m7,970
12City Hall Lv.126.0%Resource icon food 135.0K
Resource icon wood 180.0K
Resource icon stone 50.0K
20h 29m11,679
13City Hall Lv.136.5%Resource icon food 202.5K
Resource icon wood 270.0K
Resource icon stone 75.0K
1d 1h16,387
14City Hall Lv.147.0%Resource icon food 305.0K
Resource icon wood 405.0K
Resource icon stone 112.5K
1d 5h22,391
15City Hall Lv.157.5%Resource icon food 457.5K
Resource icon wood 607.5K
Resource icon stone 170.0K
1d 11h30,127
16City Hall Lv.168.0%Resource icon food 687.5K
Resource icon wood 912.5K
Resource icon stone 255.0K
1d 18h40,207
17City Hall Lv.178.5%Resource icon food 1.0M
Resource icon wood 1.4M
Resource icon stone 382.5K
2d 3h53,497
18City Hall Lv.189.0%Resource icon food 1.6M
Resource icon wood 2.1M
Resource icon stone 575.0K
2d 13h71,227
19City Hall Lv.199.5%Resource icon food 2.3M
Resource icon wood 3.1M
Resource icon stone 875.0K
3d 1h95,369
20City Hall Lv.2010.0%Resource icon food 3.5M
Resource icon wood 4.7M
Resource icon stone 1.3M
3d 16h128,424
21City Hall Lv.2112.0%Resource icon food 5.3M
Resource icon wood 7.0M
Resource icon stone 2.0M
5d 17h174,240
22City Hall Lv.2214.0%Resource icon food 7.9M
Resource icon wood 10.6M
Resource icon stone 3.0M
6d 5h239,921
23City Hall Lv.2316.0%Resource icon food 11.8M
Resource icon wood 15.9M
Resource icon stone 4.5M
24City Hall Lv.2418.0%Resource icon food 17.8M
Resource icon wood 24.0M
Resource icon stone 6.8M
25City Hall Lv.25


Watchtower Lv.25

Trading Post Lv.25

25.0%Resource icon food 26.8M
Resource icon wood 36.0M
Resource icon stone 10.2M
Master’s Blueprint x 1

Side Quests

Rewards are given via quest completion for upgrading this building.

Upgrade Academy to Level 3Resource icon food 1,750
Resource icon wood 3,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 4Resource icon food 2,500
Resource icon wood 4,500
Resource icon stone 750
Upgrade Academy to Level 6Resource icon food 8,500
Resource icon wood 11,750
Resource icon stone 2,500
Upgrade Academy to Level 7Resource icon food 10,250
Resource icon wood 14,000
Resource icon stone 3,250
Upgrade Gold Mine to Level 6Resource icon food 13,000
Resource icon wood 17,750
Resource icon stone 4,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 8Resource icon food 14,250
Resource icon wood 17,000
Resource icon stone 4,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 9Resource icon food 14,250
Resource icon wood 17,000
Resource icon stone 4,250
Upgrade Academy to Level 19Resource icon food 231,000
Resource icon wood 313,250
Resource icon stone 88,500
Upgrade Academy to Level 20Resource icon food 347,500
Resource icon wood 471,000
Resource icon stone 134,000
Upgrade Academy to Level 23Resource icon food 1,173,750
Resource icon wood 1,591,000
Resource icon stone 455,000

Academy Tips & Gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, Academy plays an important role in researching technologies that increases your troops‘ attack, defense, health and march speed value. They are also the lifeline that further enhances the production of your resources like farms, lumber mills, quarries and gold mines.

Without Academy, you can’t advance your City Hall and you will struggle to expand in power. When you are starting the game, research only in basic military technologies as you get free basic economic technologies from the tribe villages to save you resources and time.

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