Best El Cid Hero Land of Empires Guide: Tips, Skills, Pairings, and Equipment

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Welcome to our El Cid Hero guide for Land of Empires. If you are looking for ways and tips to maximize your starter hero, you have come to the right place. This guide will talk about the best El Cid tips, skills, pairings, and equipment to get the most out of the hero.

El Cid is a starter hero that joins your rank at the beginning of the game. You will find him surrounded by the undead army who ravaged the world with Valkyrie on his side. As El Cid fights his way out to liberate your city from the evil ruler, he will grow to be one of your powerful heroes.

El Cid Stats

Below is the breakdown stats for both troops and solo at max level:

Troops Stats

  • Troops Type: Infantry
  • Troops Capacity: 13,400
  • Infantry Attack: 147%
  • Infantry Defense: 147%
  • Rally Infantry Attack: 18%
  • Rally Infantry Defense: 18%
  • Against Rally Defense: 69.8%

Solo Stats

  • Attack: 1,811
  • HP: 34,875
  • Defense: 2,246

El Cid Skills

The hero comes with one rage skill, two passive skills, and an awakened skill that improves an existing skill. Below are the El Cid skills at max level.

Holy Slash

El Cid Holy Slash Skill Land of Empires

Solo: Increase defense by 164% for 5 seconds and deals 614% damage to all enemy units in a small semi-circle area.

Troops: Reduces damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds and deals 350% damage to enemy troops. Can activate once every 15 seconds.

Holy Light’s Aegis

Holy Light's Aegis El Cid Skill Land of Empires

Solo: Increases damage output by 10% and reduces damage taken by 10%.

Troops: Reduces damage taken by 12%.

Spirit Dust

Spirit Dust El Cid Skill Land of Empires

Solo: Reduces all friendly units damage taken by 5%.

Troops: Increases infantry defense by 15%.

Shine of Justice

Shine of Justice El Cid Skill Land of Empires

Solo: Increase defense by 175% for 5 seconds and deals 645% damage to all enemies in a small semi-circle area.

Troops: Reduces damage taken by 25% and increases damage dealt by 25% for 5 seconds. Deals 365% damage to enemy troops. Can occur once every 15 seconds.

Best El Cid Pairings

Here’s a list of best Heroes to pair with El Cid for both solo and troops battles:


Caesar Hero Land of Empires

Arguably the best hero to pair with El Cid since both specialize in the infantry. Though Caesar’s skills provide additional output to overall attack and defense capabilities. If you are looking for a hero that can crowd control, Caesar’s rage skill grants immunity against any form of control such as slow, stun, and silence. Not just only that he can further increase attack and defense by an additional 40%.

While in troops battle, all troops gain a 20% damage bonus and take 20% less damage that lasts for 7 seconds. So when Caesar is maxed out, the infantry troops will get an extra 20% bonus for both attack and defense, which will benefit El Cid immensely.


Best Spartacus Hero Land of Empires

While having an additional attack and defense output is always lovely. You need a Hero that can quickly deliver powerful strikes that will incapacitate your enemies. Spartacus is a speedy Hero with an active skill that increases the attack speed. While activated, Spartacus strikes enemies with a flurry of attacks. When in troops battle, all troops take 25% less damage which is helpful, especially for infantrymen.

Spartacus plays an essential role in solo and team due to his self-healing ability. Whenever he uses his active skill, he restores a small portion of heal to the team. Therefore, if you struggle against a particular wave or stage, Spartacus’ healing ability can go a long way to improve your team’s defense capabilities.


Anhur Hero Land of Empires

You need a solid Hero that can withstand heavy blows in both solo and team. Look no further; Anhur is a tanky Hero that will have no problem soaking massive attacks. His active skill is robust, thanks to his self-healing and reflection ability. This means whenever attacks he receives, a portion of the damage is sent back against the attackers. Plus, a bit of damage is converted into health.

Unlike other Heroes, Anhur focuses mainly on reducing damage taken and increasing the overall health pool. As an infantry specialist, Anhur has a passive skill with the highest infantry HP bonus of a whopping 45%. If you notice your infantry troops dying quickly on the battlefield. Then that extra infantry health bonus can change the tide of battle. Overall, Anhur is a solid hero to pair with for El Cid.

El Cid Equipment

Below is the recommended gear:

  • Weapon:
  • Helmet:
  • Breastplate:
  • Boots:
  • Accessory 1:
  • Accessory 2:

El Cid Hero Tips in Land of Empires

Here’s some tips and tricks to take advantage of this Hero:

  • Use Holy Slash skills strategically when the enemy is preparing powerful attacks to reduce damage.
  • Use infantry troops only with El Cid to get the most of the defense bonus.
  • When paired with other Heroes that have similar rage skills, alternate to maximize buff uptime.

Conclusion of Best El Cid Hero Guide

Best El Cid Hero Land of Empires Guide

To sum up, El Cid is a great starter hero. He will stay on your team long until you acquire several legendary heroes to replace him.

He is reliable, solid, and strong enough to easily withstand some of the most brutal attacks.

As a bonus point, infantry troops are pretty easy to train and a popular choice for players who want to specialize in infantry Heroes.

Did you find our best El Cid hero guide for the Land of Empires helpful and informative? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, check out our Land of Empires gift codes for freebies and goodies (you can’t miss out on these!)

Good luck and happy ruling!

Best El Cid Hero Land of Empires Guide: Tips, Skills, Pairings, and Equipment
Best El Cid Hero Land of Empires Guide: Tips, Skills, Pairings, and Equipment

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