Best Caesar Hero Land of Empires Guide: Tips, Skills, Pairings, and Equipment

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Meet Caesar, one of the strongest legendary heroes in the Land of Empires. If you specialize in infantrymen and need a formidable hero that can deliver a perfect combination of significant damage and defense output. Then look no further because you have come to the right spot.

Our article will discuss the best Caesar trips, skills, pairings, and equipment to maximize this hero. Caesar is a legendary hero you can summon after collecting 10 Caesar Shards, which can be obtained via VIP Pack. Therefore make sure you are consistently upgrading your VIP level through accumulating points.

Caesar Stats

Below is the breakdown stats for both troops and solo at max level:

Troops Stats

  • Troops Type: Infantry
  • Troops Capacity: 13,400
  • Infantry Attack: 248.49%
  • Infantry Defense: 248.49%
  • Rally Infantry Attack: 35%
  • Rally Infantry Defense: 35%
  • Against Rally Defense: 70.40%
  • Against Siege Attack: -35.90%

Solo Stats

  • Attack: N/A
  • HP: N/A
  • Defense: N/A

Caesar Skills

The hero comes with one rage skill, two passive skills, and an awakened skill that improves an existing skill. Below are the Caesar skills at max level.


Uncrowned Caesar Skill Land of Empires

Solo: All friendly units gain Control Immunity. Damage reduces by 40% and damage output increased by 40% for 6 seconds. Deals 1300% damage to enemies in a medium circular area.

Troops: Reduces damage taken by 20% and increases damage dealt by 20% for 7 seconds. Deals 400% damage to enemy troops. Can occur once every 15 seconds.

Steel Heart

Steel Heart Caesar Skill Land of Empires

Solo: Reduces damage taken by 25%. Effect is doubled when HP is below 50%.

Troops: Reduces damage taken by 10% and increases infantry defense by 10%.

Spirit Dust

Majesty Heart Caesar Skill Land of Empires

Solo: Grants a stack to random friendly unit, increasing attack by 15% and defense by 25% for 5 seconds that stacks up to 7 times. Refreshes whenever a new stack is applied.

Troops: Increases infantry attack and defense by 10%.

Fury of Supreme

Fury of the Supreme Skill Caesar Land of Empires

Solo: Grants immunity to control effects. Reduces damage taken by 45% and increases damage dealt by 45% for 6 seconds. Deals 1,500% damage to enemies in a medium circular area. Restores all friendly units health by 10% and rage whenever rage skill is activated.

Troops: Reduces damage taken by 20% and increases damage dealt by 20% that lasts for 7 seconds. Deals 440% damage to enemies. Can only occur once every 15 seconds. Increases enemy troops damage taken by 18% after rage skill is activated for 9 seconds.

Best Caesar Pairings

Here’s a list of best Heroes to pair with Caesar for both solo and troops battles:

El Cid

El Cid Hero Land of Empires

One of the best heroes to pair with is El Cid. This hero is a starter and strong choice due to its solid defense bonus whenever the rage skill is activated. Caesar being a defense-focused hero, can always use some additional defense bonus to cement his role as a powerful city defender. But also to thrive in solo battles with impunity thanks to reduced incoming damage.

On the other hand, El Cid provides excellent splash damage that makes it easier to run through solo dungeons and missions. So, if you are looking for a hero that is reliable, easy to level up, and solid to pair with Caesar. El Cid is a great pick since both specialize in infantry troops.


Best Spartacus Hero Land of Empires

Of course, Caesar is a strong defender and attacker in terms of gameplay. But you need a Hero that can strike fast in seconds. That is where Spartacus comes into play. He is a mighty hero with an impressive rage skill which increases attack speed. When activated, Spartacus can do quick work out of a single target while Caesar focuses on controlling groups of troops.

Despite Spartacus’ below-average health and defense capabilities, he still packs enough offensive power to be a formidable force both in solo and troops battle, thanks to his self-healing capability. Caesar’s self-healing skill also provides a nice safety net for Spartacus, increasing your team’s overall combat strength.


Anhur Hero Land of Empires

If you are looking for another Hero to further bolster your team’s defense capabilities. Anhur is a perfect Hero with solid damage-soaking skill. He can withstand brutal attacks and reflect some of them back to the attackers for a good amount of damage. While Caesar is balanced in both attack and defense capabilities, Anhur takes a step further with his fantastic health bonus, increasing infantry troops’ HP pool by a wide margin.

As an infantry specialist, Anhur provides a nice bonus to enhance your infantry troops’ health so they can fight longer on the battlefield. Even with maxed-out defense value, an increase in health will go a long mile and can change the tide of battle. In a nutshell, Anhur is a great addition to be on the same team as Caesar, Spartacus, and El Cid.

Caesar Equipment

Below is the recommended gear:

  • Weapon:
  • Helmet:
  • Breastplate:
  • Boots:
  • Accessory 1:
  • Accessory 2:

Caesar Hero Tips in Land of Empires

Here’s some tips and tricks to take advantage of this Hero:

  • Use Uncrowned skill whenever it is off cooldown.
  • Use infantry troops only to get the most of the attack and defense bonuses.
  • Always maintain active buff all the time.

Conclusion of Best Caesar Hero Guide

Best Caesar Hero Land of Empires Guide

In conclusion, Caesar is an incredible legendary hero with solid defense and offensive capabilities. Collecting shards to summon this hero won’t be an easy task. However, as long as you upgrade your VIP level so does your chance of getting shards for Caesar will increase.

This legendary hero is truly a force to be reckoned with, both solo and on a battlefield. He is a great hero for any player who wants to specialize in infantry troops.

Did you find our best Caesar hero guide for the Land of Empires informative and helpful? Let us know in the comment section below. Lastly, head over to our Land of Empires gift codes for freebies!

Good luck and happy ruling!

Best Caesar Hero Land of Empires Guide: Tips, Skills, Pairings, and Equipment
Best Caesar Hero Land of Empires Guide: Tips, Skills, Pairings, and Equipment

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