Land of Empires Academy Research Guide: Best Path

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Welcome to the best Land of Empires Academy research guide. If you are looking for ways to fast-track your game progression to get ahead of rivals. This guide will provide information on the best path to research technologies to advance your game progression.

While having strong heroes, troops, and a growing economy are integral to becoming a powerhouse in the Land of Empires. Robust technology is also essential since they give out bonuses that will benefit you tremendously in the late game.

Before we go into details, here are some tips on how you can speed up your technology research quickly in the Land of Empires

Tip 1: Join an Alliance

First and foremost of all, join an alliance. Be proactive and find an active alliance to join. The more active alliance is, the more helping hands you will get to help speed up your technology research. Each help you receive from your alliance members reduces the time it takes to research by one minute.

Tip 2: Save Speedups for Big Researches

Never spend your speedup items at the beginning of the game. Research that takes a few minutes can be done with the help of your alliance members. However, you will need to save your speedups for late games when it takes a longer time to research technologies (into the hours, not minutes).

Tip 3: Farm Invaders

High-level invaders are more likely to drop speedups. You can search for high-level invaders to dispatch your troops if you need more speedups. Collecting speedups can help you advance your technology research quickly.

Tip 4: Do Quests

Another way to get more speedups to research your technology quickly is by doing quests. It can be daily quests, storyline quests, and even obtaining speedups from chests. They are a quick, easy way to get more speedups for your Academy to research technologies on the fast track.

Tip 5: Focus on a few things

The best players get far ahead in-game because they focus on a few things. Funneling all of their power and investing in heroes, upgrades, and technologies net them greater power compared to tasking on many things at a time. If you plan to research technologies, focus on a single technology branch (or two) at a time. Never try to research, as you will find yourself stretched out and fall behind your rivals.

What are Academy Research in Land of Empires?

Academy Research Land of Empires

In Land of Empires, the Academy is divided into three core branches:

  • Development
  • War
  • Economy

Each branch plays a role in granting bonuses to your city, troops, and resources. The tricky part about this is choosing which path to start researching first. If you are new to the server and just started playing it, Development will always be your first choice due to building speed bonuses.

War or economy are interchangeable for those who prefer to play aggressively or passively.

Development Branch

Academy Development Technology Land of Empires

Development focuses on granting additional bonuses to your city, such as training, building speed, healing speed, and research rate. This should be your first choice to start researching technology as it impacts your city’s progression the most.

Not researching technologies in the Development branch means you are missing out on these bonuses that reduce time. Especially when it comes to late game, as these technologies will have a much more significantly positive contribution to your overall progression and the ability to stay on top of the game.

Each time you research Expedition Queues I, II, and III. Switch over to either War or Economy (depending on your gameplay style) and research up to Defense Maneuver or Metal Refining. Then switch back to Development and research to the next Expedition Queue level.

War Branch

Academy War Technology Land of Empires

The War branch is your best option if you prefer to play aggressively. It focuses on upgrading your troops’ attack, defense, and ferocity. In addition, war technologies are great for those who want to make it easier to fight invaders. They do solo missions, dungeons, and even quests.

Since progressing in-game gives out the most rewards, you will want to research technologies in the war branch once you upgrade your Expedition Queue level. In the late game, you will want to think of which you want to focus on to get the most out of these war technology bonuses, such as infantry, cavalry, and archer troops-type.


Academy Economy Land of Empires

Lastly, if you prefer to play passively, then the Economy branch is your best option. This is because it mainly focuses on upgrading your resource production rate. Therefore, this technology branch is excellent if you plan to set up a few mini-farming accounts close to your main account to speed up your game progression. Make sure to bind your account. Though keep in mind that technologies in the Economy only increase your resource production rate, not the gathering rate.


To sum this up, the best Academy research path in Land of Empires as it follows:

  • Development (Always your first choice up to every Expedition Queue upgrade).
  • War (for aggressive players)
  • Economy (for passive players)

As a general tip, focus on one or two technology branches to get the most power out of your Academy research. Do not try to focus on war or economic technologies in early games, as you will find yourself falling behind players.

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Did you find our in-depth guide on the best Academy research path in the Land of Empires valuable and informative? If you have any questions, please comment below to let us know!

Happy ruling, and game on!

Land of Empires Academy Research Guide: Best Path
Land of Empires Academy Research Guide: Best Path

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