How to Create Mini Farming Accounts in Land of Empires

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Are you looking for ways to progress fast in the Land of Empires without spending money? Then you have come to the right spot because, in this guide, we will show you how to create mini-farming accounts in the Land of Empires.

Important Note: you will not get banned or punished for having additional characters or gaming accounts. This is encouraged by the game developers as a part of the strategy.

What is a Mini Farming Account in the Land of Empires?

A mini-farming account passively generates resources and stockpiles them over time. Its purpose is to provide resources to the main account whenever it is plundered by the attacking force. A mini-farming account usually will not have any defending troops. Experienced players situate their mini-farming accounts close to their main city for easy farming.

Is Mini Farming a Legit Strategy in the Land of Empires?

Yes, it is a legit strategy in Land of Empires. Mini farming accounts help progress in-game fast, especially in a late game where resources cost becomes exponentially expensive. Usually, one mini farming account is acceptable, but two or three farming accounts are even better. Having enough resources means constructing high-level buildings, training high-level troops, and developing late-game technologies.

How to build a Mini Farming Account fast in the Land of Empires?

You can develop your mini farming account fast by investing your talent points into the Economy and researching economy technologies in Academy. You will get building speedup and research bonuses critical to your city’s progression.

How to start a Mini Farming Account in Land of Empires?

Getting a mini-farming account up and running will require extra time. However, once you reach the point where the city is self-sustainable and capable of producing resources without much attention. Then, you can start focusing more on your main game progression. There are two ways to create mini farming accounts: make another character on the same server & using a different game account.

Option 1: Make Another Character on the Same Server

This option requires an empty character slot. You are allowed to have up to 2 characters per continent. Here’s how to make another character and put them in the same server in Land of Empires.

Step 1: Navigate to Lord Profile

How to Create Mini Farming Account Land of Empires

The first step is to go to your Lord Profile by clicking on the tab in the upper right corner. This will pull up your profile on the screen. Next, tap on the Settings where Manage Characters is located in.

Step 2: Manage Characters

Create Mini Farming Account by Manage Characters Land of Empires

Next, locate the Manage Characters on your screen. This will take you to the next screen, where you can see all of your character creations.

Step 3: Create a New Character

Character Creation Mini Farming Account Land of Empires

You will see the option to create a new character on the screen. Remember, you only can have up to two active characters on the same continent per game account. So if you want to have another mini farming account, you must create a second game account.

Option 2: Create a Second Game Account

Players who want to be able to funnel more resources and progress in-game more quickly. This option is excellent if you have plenty of time on your hand to manage multiple farming accounts. Generally, one mini-farming account should be sufficient.

However, if you want to grow in power quickly, you might want to go for a second or even a third mini-farming account. Here’s how to create a second game account in Land of Empires.

Step 1: Switch Accounts

Create Mini Farming Account by Manage Characters Land of Empires

In the Settings screen, you will see the option to Switch Accounts. Doing so will require you to exit the game. You will then be prompted to sign in using your game account.

Step 2: Sign in different Game Account

Land of Empires Game Account Creation

On the login screen, you will be given the option to sign in using your VK social media account, your Facebook, or Google. You can add as many accounts as you want to your list (and that makes it easier to switch in the future).

Managing Your Mini Farming Accounts

One drawback is that you can’t assign which continent you want your following game account to land on first. If you are on a different server where your main account is located at.

Then you just have to go through the tutorial and manage characters to create a new one on the same server as your main character.

The beginning stage of your mini-farming accounts will take up some of your time. You must focus on upgrading your buildings and do the storyline quests until you fully reclaim the city. Once your city is free of evil rule, you do not need to spend much of your time aside gathering and producing resources for your main character.


How to Create Mini Farming Account Land of Empires Guide

Now you know how to create a mini farming account(s) in Land of Empires using character creation and a second game account as an alternative option. If you don’t want to spend money in-game but stay ahead of your rivals, mini-farming accounts are your best option as a free-to-play player.

Many experienced players will tell you that having a mini farming account is a big booster in the late-game stage. Especially when it comes to spending resources on high-end troops and buildings. The best time to start mini-farming accounts is early in the stage while developing your main city.

Lastly, check out our Land of Empires gift codes guide for free rewards!

We hope you found our guide useful and informative. If you have questions about mini farming accounts, let us know in the comment section below.

Good luck!

How to Create Mini Farming Accounts in Land of Empires
How to Create Mini Farming Accounts in Land of Empires

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