How to Bind Account in Land of Empires

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This article will show you how to bind accounts in Land of Empires. One of the main reasons why you will want to bind is to protect your game account from phishing or hacking. Securing your account also brings another benefit: you can continue your game progress anywhere you go on your phone, consoles, or PC.

Binding your game account in Land of Empires is straightforward progress. You will need a valid email, Google email account, VK, or Facebook to bind your game account. Once you successfully bind the account, you will receive 200 gems as a small reward.

Without further ado, here’s a step-by-step on how to bind an account in Land of Empires.

Step 1: Navigate to Lord Profile

Land of Empires Bind Game Account Step 1

The first step is to navigate to your lord profile, located in the top left corner. Tap on it to open your profile, showing you a screen like this. You will have an overview of your profile on this screen, including rankings, talent, settings, and view alliance. Next, go to Settings, where the Bind Account is located in.

Step 2: Bind Your Game Account

Land of Empires Bind Game Account Step 2

In the settings screen, you will have several options to choose from regarding your game account:

  • Language
  • Switch Accounts
  • Bind Account
  • Manage Characters
  • Customer Service Support
  • Report Bugs
  • Redeem Codes
  • System Settings

Tap on Bind Account to start the binding process. You will need a valid email address, VK social media account, or Facebook to bind your game account.

Step 3: Earn Rewards

Land of Empires Bind Account Step 3

Once you bind your game account successfully in Land of Empires. You will earn 200 gems as a part of the rewards. It is a simple, fast, and easy way to get more gems. Now that your account is bound and secure against hackers or phishing. Lastly, check out our Land of Empires gift codes guide for free rewards!

Why do you need to Bind an Account in the Land of Empires?

Aside from getting 200 gems as a part of the reward, you need to bind your game account to Land of Empires to keep it secure. Unbounded accounts run the risk of getting hacked and can be put to use for other players’ benefits.

If you plan to invest your time, money, and commitment into your game account. Then it is a good idea to bind your account to a valid, working Google email address so you can protect your in-game progression. Plus, you can continue your progression anywhere you go with a bounded account.

Is it Safe to Bind Account in Land of Empires?

It is safe to bind an account in the Land of Empires. All you need is valid, working Google email address, VK social media, or Facebook that you have access to binding your game account.

Can I Unbind Account in Land of Empires

If you accidentally bind your game account to the wrong email address or use your company email address and want to unbind. You must bind your account to another third-party app such as Facebook or VK. Once you bind to an alternative third-party platform, you can unbind the latter.

How to Bind Account in Land of Empires
How to Bind Account in Land of Empires

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