Best Land of Empires Talent Tree Guide for Beginners

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This guide will effectively explain how to allocate your talent points in your talent tree. Before we go into details, the Land of Empires features a simple talent tree divided into two branches: War and Economy. Then, depending on your gameplay style, allocating your stat points to the talent tree is entirely up to you.

For aggressive players who enjoy fighting other players (known as Player vs. Player or PvP), killing invaders and progressing through solo quests will want to focus on the War talent branch first. On the other hand, if you are the type of player who likes to play the game casually. The Economy is a better fit for passive gameplay that works great when you have a developed city with few mini-farming accounts.

But what if you are a new player just starting off in a Land of Empires server? Which talent tree branch should you pick first? If you were to ask me that question, I would say Economy because it has the most impact on your game progression in the early stage. Especially with the speedup bonuses, which reduce the time, it takes to complete the task.

Here is a complete overview of the Economy and War talent tree and their bonuses.

Economy Talent Tree

Best Economy Talent Tree Land of Empires

A strong economy is integral to your city’s growth and progression. This talent tree have an impact on your:

  • Resource production rate
  • Building speed
  • Research speed
  • Gathering speed
  • Healing speed
  • Hospital capacity

When you fully research your economy talent tree, these are the max bonuses that you will get:

  • +79% Building Speed
  • +118.5% Research Speed
  • +304% Wood Production Speed
  • +251% Wood Gathering Speed
  • +316% Food Production Speed
  • +273.6% Food Gathering Speed
  • +484% Healing Speed
  • +1900 Hospital Capacity
  • +260% Stone Gathering Speed
  • +312% Stone Production Speed
  • +230% Iron Production Speed
  • +210% Iron Gathering Speed
  • 10% Instant Healing
  • Reduces Building & Research Time by 20%

War Talent Tree

Best War Talent Tree Land of Empires

A strong war talent tree is essential to winning battles both in PvE and PvP. This talent tree will have an impact on the following attributes:

  • Expedition Speed
  • Expedition Capacity
  • Training Capacity
  • Infantry HP
  • Infantry Ferocity
  • Infantry Attack
  • Infantry Defense
  • Archer HP
  • Archer Ferocity
  • Archer Attack
  • Archer Defense
  • Cavalry HP
  • Cavalry Ferocity
  • Cavalry Attack
  • Cavalry Defense

Which Talent Tree should you start first in Land of Empires?

The economy is by far a better choice for all players. If you are starting off, you will want to focus on developing your city fast. Obviously, you won’t spend much of your time-fighting enemies at the beginning of the game (and it is also a fatal mistake to do so). The building and research speed bonus you get from the Economy talent tree is crucial to advancing quickly in the game.

When you get an Academy, research technologies in the Economy branch to get additional bonuses for building and research speed. The more talent points you invest into your Economy talent tree, the more impactful the bonuses will increase your overall power.

How to get more Talent Points in Land of Empires?

You get more talent points by upgrading your Lord Level. You can get experience for your Lord through using the Lord Exp items in your inventory. They are obtained via daily quests, storyline quests, farming invaders, and events. Each time your Lord levels up, you get one talent point to allocate in your talent tree.

Is there a Maximum Lord Level in the Land of Empires?

Currently, there are no max lord levels in Land of Empires. Unfortunately, though, the progression it takes to the next Lord Level becomes exponentially longer with each level up. Therefore, you will want to do daily quests, events, and special occasions as often as possible to continue to level up steadily.


Best Land of Empires Talent Tree Guide for Beginners

And that’s a wrap of our in-depth Land of Empires talent tree guide for beginners. Now you know which talent tree to focus on first. If you already made a few points into the war branch first, it is still not too late to start working on the economy talent tree.

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Did you find our guide informative and helpful? If you have questions about the Land of Empires talent tree, let us know in the comment section below.

Good luck and happy ruling!

Best Land of Empires Talent Tree Guide for Beginners
Best Land of Empires Talent Tree Guide for Beginners

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