Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.8 Notes: New Features, Balance, and Optimization

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All Infinity Kingdom servers are scheduled to be updated to the latest patch 1.8 version on 01/13/2022 at 06:00 UTC. The servers is expected to be down for 3 to 6 hours. All Lords will be mailed with a compensation reward as a way of thank you for the patience.

The Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.8 brings another series of balance changes, new features and enhancements to the game. As the Legion of Frostborne is about to enter its war phase. It is time for the Lords to show their great valor and Wisdom in the Frozen Realm. The Patch 1.8 brings official start of the Season System, which will apply to all servers. As the Seasons progress, the level limits will be raised and new content will be unlocked. Stick around to read all the features and changes in this Patch notes.

New Features

New features are being introduced in Patch 1.8:

  • Season System
  • Alliance Tactics
  • Illusion Battlefield Special Topic

Season System

All servers will officially start using the Season system. The system will assign each server to a season based on its Chronicle progress and Legion of Frostborne performance. As each server progresses through the seasons, the maximum level (of buildings, Immortals, troops, dragons, and more) will increase, and new Academy Technology and Lord Talent branches will be unlocked.

Season Divisions

  • Preparation Season: Servers that have not completed Chronicle event 21 “Royal Ambition” will be in the Preparation Season. 
  • Season 1: Servers which have completed Chronicle event 21 “Royal Ambition” but have not completed the first round of Legion of Frostborne will be in Season 1. 
  • Season 2: Servers which have completed the first round but not the second round of Legion of Frostborne will be in Season 2. 
  • Season 3: Servers which have completed the second round but not the third round of Legion of Frostborne will be in Season 3. 
  • Conquest Season: Servers which have completed the third round of Legion of Frostborne will be in the Conquest Season.

Season Content Expansions

  • Season 1: Tower of Knowledge Skills
  • Season 2: New Level Limits, Lord Talents, Well of Time, Daily Missions, Artifacts, and More
  • Season 3: Tower of Knowledge Skills
  • Conquest Season: New Level Limits, Lord Talents, Well of Time, Daily Missions, Artifacts, and Tower of Knowledge Skills

Alliance Tactics

New Alliance tactics will be available in the regular season of Legion of Frostborne. Alliance tactics provide all Alliance members with powerful battlefield support. The Alliance Leader (R6) or Officers (R5) can use tactics to provide all Alliance members with protection on the battlefield.

Tactic Points

  • Activation – Alliance tactics must be activated before they can be used. To activate a tactic, your Alliance must first earn Tactic Points.
  • Obtaining Tactic Points – Tactic Points are obtained from Gnome cities. After your Alliance occupies a Gnome city, it will obtain a certain amount of Tactic Points at regular intervals. The higher the level of the occupied city, the more Tactic Points your Alliance will obtain.

Tactics Type

  • Military Tactics – Military tactics provide attack boosts that give Alliance members an offensive advantage in battle. The best defense is a strong offense.
  • Expansion Tactics – Expansion tactics apply to Thermal Tower effects, and can increase the advantages provided by your Alliance’s Thermal Towers. They also include tactics that can weaken the effect of enemy Thermal Towers.
  • Defense Tactics – Defense tactics concentrate on providing defensive boosts that give Alliance members a defensive advantage in battle. Establish a sturdy defense to create opportunities to counterattack.

Using Tactics

  • Categories – Alliance tactics are categorized into passive tactics and active tactics.
  • Taking Effect – Passive tactics take effect after being activated. Active tactics must be used by the Alliance Leader (R6) or Officers (R5) before they can take effect.
  • Range – Tactic effects apply to all Alliance members whose territory is in the Frozen Realm.

Resetting and Switching Tactics

  • Setting Tactics – To adapt to the ever-changing battlefield, Alliance management must initially set 3 different tactic combinations, then switch between these combinations in response to the current situation.
  • Switching Tactics – Switching combinations does not consume resources, but after switching, there is a waiting period before you can switch tactics again.
  • Resetting Tactics – Activated tactic combinations can be reset, upon which all Tactic Points will be refunded, so you can use them to activate other tactics.

Illusion Battlefield Special Topic

An “Illusion Battlefield” special topic will be added to the Daily Talks to gather and disseminate the latest competition news. The special topic will be updated as the Illusion Battlefield competition on your server progresses, allowing Lords to learn and discuss strategies with each other.

Special Topic Updates

  • Pre-competition period – The Illusion Battlefield special topic will appear in Daily Talks 48 hours before registration for the competition begins.
  • Competition period – During the competition, the special topic will recommend 10 exciting matches, allowing you to watch them in live broadcasts or replays. To ensure the fairness of the competition, live broadcasts will have a delay of 5 minutes. You cannot pause or change the playback speed of live broadcasts.
  • Post-competition period – The special topic will remain for 7 days after the competition ends, allowing you to watch match replays. After 7 days, the special topic will no longer be displayed.

Match Recommendation Criteria

The system will recommend matches in the current round of the Illusion Battlefield based on Alliances’ winning odds, winning streaks, and other parameters.

Interactive Features

You can view live broadcasts or replays. You can also like matches, post comments, or share matches to a chat channel.

Pre-arranged Units

You will be able to pre-arrange different troop formations that you can switch between for different combat situations.

  • Unlock Conditions – Reach Lord Lv. 32.
  • Creating Pre-arranged Units – Tap the button in the top right of the Units interface to access the pre-arranged unit feature. You can then edit various troop combinations and give them names.
  • Limitations – You can create a maximum of 3 pre-arranged units.
  • Using Pre-arranged Units – Tap the “Use” button to quickly switch to the troop formation you want to use.

Exclusive Immortal Artifacts

Exclusive Immortal artifacts are artifacts that have been exclusively made for a certain Immortal. They will unleash the full potential of that Immortal. You need complete exclusive Immortal artifact schematics to forge exclusive Immortal artifacts.

  • If an Immortal equips their own exclusive artifact, their exclusive skill will be unlocked. The exclusive skill is a massively improved version of the Immortal’s ultimate skill.
  • If an Immortal equips the exclusive artifact of a different Immortal of the same class, they will enjoy its attribute bonuses, but their exclusive skill will not be unlocked.

New Immortal

Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.8 will be introducing a brand new legendary immortal named Hammurabi, who is an expert Lightning Immortal outfitted with powerful bow.


Infinity Kingdom Hammurabi Immortal
  • Element: Lightning
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Type: Bowman
  • Class: Magic
  • Skill: Final Judgment – Summons the Code of Hammurabi and cast judgement to all enemy units, inflicting Magical Damage (Damage Rate X%). Every negative effect the enemy units have will cause the damage rate to increase by 15%.

Damage Rate (X): 178.5/203/227.5/252/276.5/301/325.5/350 

  • You can get Hammurabi fragments by participating in the King of the Hill event. After summoning this Immortal, you can unlock more Hammurabi fragments through exchanging mystery pearls from Mystery Pearl shop in Daily Deals. Please pay attention to the calendar, and make sure you don’t miss out on the King of the Hill event.


In Version 1.8, we have added features to help new Lords join Alliances and learn the basics of the game. We have also made some optimizations to provide a smoother game experience.


  • Updated the Alliance recommendation system to recommend suitable Alliances based on Power and language.
  • Alliance Declaration
  • Added translation and translation review features to help you read Alliance declarations written in other languages.

Norheim Survival Guide

Added the “Immortal Skill Effect Details” chapter to the Development part of the guide. This chapter categorizes and gives detailed explanations of Immortal skills, their effects, and status effects.

Login Rewards

Log in for 300 days total or 200 days in a row to receive a corresponding commemorative Avatar Frame. Lords who have already reached the requirements will be able to claim their rewards after the update is complete.

Legion of Frostborne

Following the end of the trial season, our developers have listened closely to your feedback, and made comprehensive optimizations to the gameplay, balance, and visual effects of Legion of Frostborne. Legion of Frostborne now has more gentle survival requirements, tighter cooperative gameplay, and more room for strategizing. We cordially invite you to the Frozen Realm once more to experience the newly optimized content, and share your feedback with us. With your guidance, we will continue to improve Legion of Frostborne, as well as develop new exciting game modes in the future!

New Attack and Garrison Limitations

  • Applies To: Cities and Checkpoints in the Frozen Realm
  • Limitations

When Attacking: At least one grid occupied by the target city or checkpoint must be within the range of the Thermal Towers of your Alliance or friendly Alliances. Otherwise, you cannot dispatch troops to attack the city/checkpoint.

Contested: If no grids occupied by the target city or checkpoint are within range of the Thermal Towers of your Alliance or friendly Alliances, you cannot dispatch troops to attack the city/checkpoint. If you already have troops marching to garrison the city/checkpoint, these troops will return immediately upon arrival. However, troops already garrisoned in the Wall or districts of the city/checkpoint will not be recalled due to loss of Thermal Tower range. 3. After Occupation: Already occupied cities and checkpoints will not be lost even if they fall outside the Thermal Tower range of your Alliance or friendly Alliances.

Increased Resource Deposit Capacity

To make it easier to survive in the Frozen Realm, the capacity of Lv.8 or higher resource deposits in the Frozen Realm has been increased.

Design Optimizations

Added visual effects from when Gnome cities in the Frozen Realm have been damaged or are being repaired, so the battle situation is more clear.

UI Optimizations

  • Color Tags

All servers participating in the Legion of Frostborne will be allocated a color. Your Territory Decoration, marching troops, marching lines, and territory markers on the mini-map will be the same color as your server. This makes it easier to read the battle situation.

  • Enemy and Ally Tags

Friendly and enemy Alliances will be marked more clearly, so you can easily tell friends from foes.

  • Chronicle Calculation Rules

Optimized rules for calculating Thermal Tower production/building objectives in the Legion Chronicle. Thermal Towers produced and built before the relevant Chronicle Chapter starts will also be calculated towards fulfilling the objective.

  • Building Thermal Towers

After completing a Thermal Tower’s construction, the construction troops will automatically return.

Other Optimizations

  • Login Screen: Changed to a brand-new Legion of Frostborne login background. Also added a Customer Service button so you can easily contact us if you encounter any problems.
  • Dragon Chests: You will be able to use keys or Gems to unlock other chests while waiting for a Dragon Chest to be purified.
  • Hall of Immortals: The chance of summoning each Immortal or Immortal Fragment at the Hall of Immortals will be accurately displayed.
  • Daily Talks: Press Officers will be able to add an eye-catching title when publishing news.
  • Wonderful Journey: Added the Skip (to skip animations) and Consecutive Roll features.

Balance Adjustments

Below are the balance changes focused to improve overall gaming experience in Infinity Kingdom. Starting with Attila the Hun who received a minor nerf to its skill.

Attila the Hun

  • Before: Knocks back all enemy targets within a fan-shaped radius in front of you, inflicting massive Physical Damage (Damage Factor X%) with a Y% chance of inflicting Silence (unable to recover Energy or use skills) for 4s.

Damage Factor (X): 69/92/115/138/161/184/207/230

Silence Chance (Y): 15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50

  • After: Knocks back all enemy targets within a fan-shaped radius in front of you, inflicting massive Physical Damage (Damage Factor X%) with a Y% chance of reducing targets’ Physical Defense by 15% and inflicting Silence (unable to recover Energy or use skills) for 4s.

Damage Factor (X): 69/92/115/138/161/184/207/230

Silence Chance (Y): 10.5/14/17.5/21/24.5/28/31.5/35

Battle Attribute Adjustments

Added two new battle attributes.

  • Magical Protection: Reduces magical damage received.
  • Magic Penetration: Reduces the effect of Magic Protection.

Tower of Knowledge Skills

  • Energy Burst: Added a cooldown. Skill can only be triggered once every 2 seconds.


Weakened the effect of troop type vulnerabilities. Strengthened the effect of elemental vulnerabilities.


Resources returned for dismissing troops will be obtained as non-secure resources.

That’s all the changes for the upcoming Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.8 notes. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest patch notes.

Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.8 Notes: New Features, Balance, and Optimization
Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.8 Notes: New Features, Balance, and Optimization

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