Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.7 Notes: New Features, Balance, and Optimization

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All Infinity Kingdom servers are scheduled to be updated to the latest patch 1.7 version on 11/21/2021 at 06:00 UTC. The servers is expected to be down for 3 to 6 hours. All Lords will be mailed with a compensation reward as a way of thank you for the patience.

The Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.7 brings the biggest update ever seen in Norheim called Legion of Frostborne. It is the longest awaited feature and the most anticipated multi-server GVG game mode. Lords from various servers can travel to the Frozen Realm to negotiate and form grand alliances to pave the path to victory. Alliances will be able to construct Thermal Towers to keep your troops warm, provide light against the darkness and expand vision proximity.

With Gnome cities scattered across the vast frozen wastes capable of producing special resources, your alliance members and you must conquer them. Aside the Legion of Frostborne event, there is a new Season system crafted to meet the servers’ needs at different progression stage that will strengthen talent and technology branches.

As a new wind blows north, bringing new life and growth to a bustling Norheim. Stick around and read on to find out the changes that Patch 1.7 notes is coming to Infinity Kingdom and prepare to embrace the newfound glory!

New Features

The latest patch notes brings new features:

  • Legion of Frostborne
  • Season System
  • Throne of Supreme Social Feature
  • New Survival Guide

Legion of Frostborne

Here, we will provide a detailed guide to Legion of Frostborne, centering on the battlefield environment, Thermal Towers, checkpoints, Gnome cities, victory conditions, and reward rules. We will make a separate announcement when the first Legion of Frostborne begins. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Battlefield Environment

These are the rules to become eligible:

  • Server – Must have been open for 60 days or more, and have completed Chronicle Event 21 “Royal Ambition”.
  • Lords on servers that meet the above requirements, have joined an Alliance, and reached Castle Lv.15 or higher can travel to the Frozen Realm to end the Gnomes’ threat.

This is the matching system that explains how it exactly works:

  • Seasons 1 to 3 (we will describe the Season system shortly) – 8 servers will be grouped into one large legion to take part in the Legion of Frostborne together. Season 1 will match servers of adjacent server numbers into the same legion. Seasons 2 and 3 will group servers from a larger range into legions.
  • Conquest Season – The conquest season is the ultimate challenge of the Legion of Frostborne. In this season, servers will be grouped based on a comprehensive analysis of each server’s Lord Power, previous battle results, and Lord’s activity level. This is to match opponents based on their strength, so as to ensure fairness in the groupings. After the first conquest season begins, conquest seasons will start to cycle indefinitely. Each conquest season will start immediately after the end of the previous conquest season.
  • Trial Season – The trial season lasts for a shorter time than a regular season, and has a different matching system and rewards.

Below is the Expedition Information:

  • Starting the Expedition – Lords taking part in the Legion of Frostborne enter the battlefield, their territories on their original continents will disappear, and will be relocated to the Legion of Frostborne battlefield. All Lords from the same server will be relocated to the same zone.
  • Returning Home – Lords can return to their original continent at any time by using a Random Relocation item.
  • Returning to the Battlefield – After returning to your original continent, you must wait 10 minutes before you can re-enter the battlefield.
  • Shrouded in Darkness

An overview of the game mechanics that covers Shrouded in Darkness:

  • An ancient and evil power has shrouded the entire battlefield in darkness. The darkness hides all movements, so you cannot see other Lords’ territories, troops, or relocation sites. (Members of the same Alliance can see each other. Alliances with friendly relations can see each other.)
  • The locations of resource gathering points, Gnomes, cities, and checkpoints can be seen vaguely, but you cannot view detailed information about them. To obtain complete information about these targets, you must first obtain Vision Proximity of the zones they are in.

Mechanics on obtaining vision proximity:

  • Your Territory – You start with a certain range of Vision Proximity centering on your territory, so you can view targets close to your territory.
  • Cities and Checkpoints- After your Alliance occupies a city or checkpoint, you will gain the Vision Proximity of the city or checkpoint.
  • Thermal Towers – Your Alliance can also build Thermal Towers that provide a large range of Vision Proximity to all Alliance members.
  • Shared Vision Proximity – You and your Alliance members share each other’s Vision Proximity. If your Alliance has established friendly relations with other Alliances, your Alliances will also be able to share each other’s Vision Proximity.

The Frozen Realm is bitterly cold, with almost every area perennially smothered by blizzards. Pay attention to the damage from the blizzards:

  • Territory – If your territory is in a blizzard zone, it will gradually lose Prosperity, and its Prosperity will not recover automatically. Building speed at relocation sites will also be reduced.
  • Gathering – Due to the cold weather, troops’ gathering speed is reduced by 25% when gathering at resource deposits in blizzard zones.
  • Gnomes – Gnomes who live in blizzard zones seem to enjoy the freezing climate, and therefore possess even greater combat prowess.

Geothermal zones serves as a safe checkpoints for your immortals and troops:

  • Cities and Checkpoints – There are natural geothermal energy sources near Gnome cities and checkpoints. They prevent the surrounding area from taking blizzard damage. While in these zones, your territory will also be safe from blizzards.
  • Thermal Towers – Thermal Towers can create geothermal zones for all Alliance members. A completed Thermal Tower will protect everything within a certain range from taking blizzard damage.
  • Resource Deposits – If a resource deposit is within a geothermal zone, troop gathering speed will return to normal.
  • Gnomes – Gnomes in geothermal zones dislike the hot atmosphere, and their combat prowess will be reduced, making them easier to defeat.
  • Geothermal zones are shared by all Lords, regardless of who occupies the relevant city, checkpoint, or Thermal Tower.

Here’s how to build thermal towers:

Producing Thermal Towers consumes Alliance resources. When Alliance members gather resources in this frozen land, some of the gathered resources will be converted at a certain ratio into extra Alliance resources. (The Lord who gathered the resources does not lose any resources. Converted Alliance resources are produced as a bonus.) All Alliance resources contributed by Alliance members can be used to produce Thermal Towers.

Here’s how to produce more thermal towers for your alliance members and yourself:

  • Starting Production – The Alliance Leader (R6) and Officers (R5) have the authority to start producing Thermal Towers. Producing a Thermal Tower consumes time and Alliance resources. Only 1 Thermal Tower can be produced at the same time, and the production process cannot be cancelled once started.
  • Quick Production – Use Quick Production to spend extra Alliance resources to reduce Thermal Tower production time.
  • Storage – Produced Thermal Towers are stored in the Alliance Warehouse. The Warehouse can hold a limited number of Thermal Towers. The more Thermal Towers there are in the Warehouse, the more time and resources are needed to produce additional Thermal Towers.

To construct Thermal Towers, these are the rules:

  • First Tower – The Alliance Leader (R6) and Officers (R5) can start building Thermal Towers. If your Alliance does not have any Thermal Towers on the battlefield yet, the first Thermal Tower can be placed in any area inside your Vision Proximity, and outside the geothermal range of other Alliances’ Thermal Towers.
  • Additional Towers – If your Alliance has already constructed a Thermal Tower, new Thermal Towers must be placed within the Vision Proximity of your current Thermal Towers, and cannot overlap with the geothermal zones created by other Alliances’ Thermal Towers.
  • Building Thermal Towers – After a Thermal Tower is placed, Alliance members can dispatch troops to start constructing it. The more troops are dispatched, the faster the construction speed.

The buildings have effect on visions. Here’s a breakdown how they can help your alliance and yourself in shroud of darkness:

  • Vision Proximity and Geothermal Zones – A completed Thermal Tower will provide your Alliance with Vision Proximity and a geothermal zone within a certain range from itself.
  • Overlapping Geothermal Zones – If the geothermal zones of Thermal Towers belonging to separate Alliances overlap, the overlapping area will only belong to the Thermal Tower that was constructed earliest. Vision Proximity is not subject to any overlap restrictions, and Alliances will always enjoy the full Vision Proximity of their Thermal Towers.

Destroying an enemy’s Thermal Tower is no simple matter. Here’s how you can destroy your enemies to hamper their war efforts:

  1. First, you must defeat all troops garrisoned at the Thermal Tower. Then, you must dispatch demolition troops to the Thermal Tower.
  2. After the demolition troops have entered the Thermal Tower, the latter’s Durability will fall gradually. When Durability falls to 0, the Thermal Tower is completely destroyed. The speed at which Durability falls will increase gradually while the demolition troops are inside the Thermal Tower.
  3. If the demolition troops leave or are defeated before the demolition is complete, the Thermal Tower will gradually recover its Durability.

Sometimes you need to abandon Thermal Towers. There is a limit to the number of Thermal Towers each Alliance can build.

  • The Alliance Leader (R6) and Officers (R5) may thus choose to abandon some Thermal Towers based on their current needs.
  • Only 1 Thermal Tower can be abandoned at a time.
  • Abandonment can be cancelled at any time.


Infinity Kingdom 1.7 Patch Notes Checkpoint
  • Origin

The Gnomes have survived in the Frozen Realm for a long time. To protect their energy hubs against the possibility of a human invasion, they drew on an evil power to create many ice walls, dividing the land into zones connected by checkpoints.

  • Obstacles to be Overcome

Due to the evil power contained within the ice walls, humanity cannot use alchemy to teleport their territories between the separated zones. Troops have to cross the checkpoints located along the ice walls in order to progress. If humanity wishes to travel freely between the separated zones, they must capture the checkpoints connecting the zones. After an Alliance occupies a checkpoint, members of the Alliance and its friendly Alliances can march, relocate their territories, and teleport freely between the zones connected by it.

  • Occupying Checkpoints

Occupying a checkpoint is basically the same as occupying a city. You must reduce the Wall’s Durability to 0 within the time limit, then dispatch troops to attack the enemies defending the checkpoint. Defeat all defending troops to occupy the checkpoint. (All defending troops are located in 1 district in the checkpoint.)

Gnome Cities

  • Plentiful Specialties – Occupy cities in the battlefield to gain special resource rewards. The higher the city’s level, the higher the level of the special resources. Some Gnome cities in the central zone will produce multiple types of special resources simultaneously.
  • Specialties Production – All Gnome cities will randomly produce one or more types of special resources (depending on city type) at set times. The higher the city’s level, the higher the chance of producing valuable resources. Resources produced by cities will be sent to all members of the occupying Alliance after the required waiting time.

After a Gnome city is occupied by an Alliance for the first time, its garrisons will no longer automatically recover.

  • Train Garrisons – To ensure the security of the cities, Alliance members must donate various resources to train garrisons in the city. The higher the city’s level, the more resources are needed to train a garrison. Trained garrisons are automatically deployed to the city’s various districts.
  • Stop Training – Training will stop if there are insufficient donated resources, or if the maximum number of garrisons has been reached.

Victory Conditions

To preserve humanity’s strength, the Council of Sages has ruled that each expedition cannot exceed 45 days. (The trial season will be even shorter.) Once the time limit is reached, all Lords must retreat from the Frozen Realm immediately. During these 45 days, if an Alliance manages to occupy the Gnome’s Capital for more than 24 hours, then humanity will achieve victory. All Lords can then end the expedition early.

  • Early End – If a server occupies the Gnome’s Capital for more than 24 hours during the expedition period, that server will be judged to have won. The expedition will then end early.
  • Complete Victory – The server occupying the Gnome’s Capital at UTC 00:00 on the 45th day of the expedition obtains a Complete Victory.
  • Courageous Victory – When the expedition ends, servers occupying any Citadel in Midgar will obtain a Courageous Victory.

Reward Rules

  1. Faction Power Progression Rewards – When your Alliance reaches the required amount of Faction Power from occupying cities, you will earn the corresponding Cold Silver rewards. (A stackable percentage bonus will be added to the above rewards for every Gnome’s Capital or Citadel occupied by each server.)
  2. Faction Power Ranking Rewards – Alliances will be ranked based on their Faction Power from occupying cities, and Alliance members will receive a reward based on the ranking.
  3. Gnome’s Capital and City Occupation Rewards – At the end of Legion of Frostborne, the Alliance occupying the Gnome’s Capital or Citadels will receive additional rewards (allocated by the Alliance Leader, up to one reward per player) and Cold Silver rewards (all members).
  4. City Production – All members of the Alliance occupying a Gnome city will receive special resource rewards.

Personal Rewards

You can earn Legion’s Mark by building Thermal Towers, demolishing enemy Thermal Towers, attacking cities or checkpoints, donating resources to allied cities, or defeating other Lords’ territories. When Legion of Frostborne ends, Lords will be ranked based on their total Legion’s Mark, and receive rewards based on their ranking.

Achievement Rewards

Legion of Frostborne includes an achievement system. Alliances and individual Lords can complete achievements to earn rewards.

Chronicle Rewards

Legion of Frostborne includes it’s own Chronicle. Complete Chronicle missions to earn the corresponding rewards.

Legion Shop

If mankind achieves victory in the Legion of Frostborne, they will bring ancient relics that once belonged to humanity back from the Frozen Realm. All Lords who participate in the expedition can use Cold Silvers or Gems to purchase these rewards.

  • Lords who obtain a Complete Victory can purchase Divine’s Prophecy from the Legion Shop.
  • Lords who obtain a Courageous Victory can purchase Divine’s Will from the Legion Shop.
  • Lords who did not obtain any victory can purchase Divine’s Protection from the Legion Shop.
  • Shop items may include Immortal fragments, Philosopher Stones, speedup items, resource items, Chat Msg Box, avatar frames, Lord nameplates, and other valuable goods. Actual available items may differ. The trial season has different rewards.

Season System

The new Season system was created to satisfy the development needs of servers at different stages of progress. The Season system categorizes servers into various seasons based on certain rules. As each server progresses through the seasons, the maximum level (of buildings, Immortals, troops, dragons, and more) will increase, and new Technology and Talent branches will be unlocked. We will make a separate announcement when the new Season system officially starts. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

  • Preparation Season – Servers that have not completed the last chapter of the Chronicle are in the Preparation Season. 
  • Season 1 – Servers which have completed the last chapter of the Chronicle, but have not completed the first round of Legion of Frostborne, are in Season 1. 
  • Season 2 – Servers which have completed the first round but not the second round of Legion of Frostborne are in Season 2. 
  • Season 3 – Servers which have completed the second round but not the third round of Legion of Frostborne are in Season 3. 
  • Conquest Season – Servers which have completed the third round of Legion of Frostborne are in the Conquest Season .

Server Preview

The server preview feature has been moved to the Season system.

How to Access

Tap the Season button in the top right corner of the main screen to access the season preview interface.

Throne of the Supreme Social Feature

Comment Barrage, declarations, and a Battle Report sharing feature have been added to create a livelier atmosphere in Throne of the Supreme.

Comment Barrage

All players in the same tournament grouping (Region/Inter-Region/Grand Region) can leave comments up to 3 times per day. Comments will scroll across the event’s main screen. All comments will be cleared at 00:00 one day after each round ends.


During the Regional Point Race, you can add a custom battle declaration that can be changed once per day.

Sharing Battle Reports

A Battle Report sharing feature has been added to the regular season, allowing you to share your own Battle Reports to the server chat channel.

New Survival Guide Chapter

The third chapter of the Norheim Survival Guide, titled Ultimate Champion, is now available. This chapter covers territory expansion and becoming a champion of Norheim. It contains strategies for capturing cities, as well as guides to all large-scale events and game modes, including the Mysterium, Illusion Battlefield, Throne of the Supreme, Contention of Relics, Battle of Asteria, Malena’s Ambition, and Infernal Assault!


To provide a better battle experience with clearer strategic choices, Version 1.7 brings optimizations to boss skill displays, the Auto Fight system, Throne of the Supreme, and Active Events.

Skill Effect Displays

  • Gnome Boss

Tap a Gnome Boss on the world map to view its skills and their descriptions, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Well of Time Boss

Tap a stage to view information about the skills of the stage’s boss.

Throne of the Supreme

  • New Access Button: Added a Throne of the Supreme button to the top right of the main screen, allowing you to quickly access the tournament.
  • Battle Rules: Changed “If the attacking team does not beat all the units in the defending side when the battle time is exceeded, the defending side wins.” to “If time runs out before victory is decided, the battle will enter overtime, and will continue until one side wins.”
  • Missions: Divided missions in the Missions panel into Daily Missions and Round Missions.
  • Lucky Guess: Added a setting for lowest multiplier.
  • Battle Report Storage: Changed storage limit to 20.
  • Interface Optimizations: Optimized the layout of information on the Inter-Regional Group Match interface.


  • Malena’s Ambition: Added participation rewards for players who participated in Malena’s Ambition but did not deal any damage to Gnome troops.
  • Infernal Assault: Added event missions. Complete event missions to claim the corresponding rewards.
  • King of the Hill: Arash Fragment will be available in the King of the Hill event.

Other Optimizations

  • Building Management: You can now use chests in your Backpack from the resource item shortcut panel.
  • Artifact Materials:

1) How to Obtain – Added information about current methods to obtain Artifact materials, allowing you to quickly jump to other methods or open chests.

2) Artifact Material Conversion – Changed default conversion quantity to 10. Added shortcut feature for using resource items.

  • Rallying: Added more information to the Rally details panel, including Rally bonus and estimated arrival time.
  • Active Events:

1) Difficulty – Adjusted the difficulty of Prosperous Life event missions. 

2) Rewards – Adjusted the rewards for the Prosperous Life, Armed Troops, and Expel Gnomes events.

  • Chat: Added a cute baby dragon emoji pack.
  • Daily Deals: Added a feature that allows you to buy 3 packs from Daily Deals with a single tap.
  • Auto Fight: Fixed an issue in Auto Fight where Immortals could not use skills when Rooted.

Balance Adjustments

Immortal Attributes – Energy Recovery

  • Cyrus the Great: Changed from 64 to 83.
  • Dido: Changed from 64 to 83.
  • Arash: Changed from 64 to 66.

Immortal Skills

Manco Cápac skill has been reworked.

Before: Gain control immunity and channel a dazzling light for 15 seconds, the light increases dodge rate to all allies and removes all negative effects to a random ally once every 3 seconds. After the spell channeling is complete, cause physical damage to all enemies until the battle ends. Energy will no longer be gained after the spell is casted.

After: Channel a dazzling light for 15 seconds, while channeling the skill, granting control immunity to all friendly Holy Immortals, and increasing dodge rate to all allies. After the spell channeling is complete, cause physical damage to all enemies once every 3 seconds until the battle ends. The caster will no longer recover energy after this spell is cast.

That’s all the changes for the upcoming Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.7 notes. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest patch notes.

Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.7 Notes: New Features, Balance, and Optimization
Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.7 Notes: New Features, Balance, and Optimization

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