Best Yoshitsune Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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Meet the best ranged epic water immortal in Infinity Kingdom, Yoshitsune. If you are looking for a powerful ranged immortal that can deliver high damage output and provide additional support to your front-row.

Then look no further because we have assembled a complete Yoshitsune immortal guide that covers everything you need to know about this unit’s passive skills, pairings and equipment. Without further ado, let’s find out how you can turn Yoshitsune into a powerful ranged water immortal on the team.

Yoshitsune Immortal IK

Yoshitsune| Title: Legendary Samurai Commander
Troop Type: Bowmen| Attribute: Water | Position: Ranged
Rarity: Epic

Yoshitsune Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of pros and cons of having Yoshitsune on the team.


  • Very high damage output.
  • Excellent nuker.
  • Beats fire element.
  • Easy to obtain.
  • Powerful passive skills.
  • Good physical damage.


  • Vulnerable to magical damage.
  • Can hit only one target with active skill.

Yoshitsune Introduction

Yoshitsune Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Yoshitsune is a ranged water immortal in the game. He comes with an incredible high damaging active skill that will make a quick work out of any enemy targets in matter of seconds, unlike other immortals.

Thanks to his powerful active skill, he can easily pierce through the most dense defense in the game. Lords can collect shards by performing advanced summons in the Hall of Immortals, Market, and by purchasing in the Alliance Shop. Once you have enough fragments, you can summon Yoshitsune to join your team.

Yoshitsune Skill

Learn more about the active skill and recommended passive skills.

Active Skill: Sky Feather

Yoshitsune Sky Feather Rise of Kingdoms

Yoshitsune rapidly fires three arrows in a row against a random enemy target. If the target’s health is less than 50%, then the damage is increased by an additional 50%.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate: 123% / 164% / 205% / 246% / 287% / 328% / 369% / 410%

Sky Feather: Absolutely an incredible powerful active skill for nuking enemy units. When striking against a full health units, Sky Feather does a total 1,230% damage. Whenever Yoshitsune hits an enemy target that have health below 50%, then the total damage increases to 1,845% which is very lethal for a single-target direct attack.

Recommended Passive Skills

Being a physical ranged attacker, we highly recommend that you focus on increasing Yoshitsune’s physical attack so that his active skill damage will do even more damage. Here’s our suggested passive skills to maximize Yoshitsune’s physical attack and active skill damage:

  • Anger: Increase physical damage by 30% (Passive).
  • Fighting Master: Gain immunity to control and reduces damage taken by 15% (Passive).
  • Adrenaline Rush: Each normal attack has a chance to grant 200 extra energy (Triggered).
  • Berserk: Increase attack speed by 10% and restores a small amount of health with each normal attack (Aura).

Best Immortal Pairing for Yoshitsune

Since Yoshitsune is a powerful nuker and takes the back-row role, we recommend pairing him with other water immortals to gain attribute bonuses through element affinity. In addition to that, Yoshitsune is vulnerable to magical damage and close combat, therefore it is imperative you have strong front-row immortals to hold spearmen, cavalry and shieldmen troops at bay.


Brynhild Immortal Profile

One of the best defensive immortals in the game is Brynhild. She comes with high defense value and a solid active skill that can stun few enemy targets at a time. When the targets are stunned, they can’t perform normal attacks, generate energy or even utilize active skills.

This allows Yoshitsune to focus on dealing damage to the enemy targets quickly and effective as possible. Brynhild will be able to benefit from Yoshitsune’s incredibly powerful nuking ability, especially at the frontline to offload some of the incoming damage.

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Do not underestimate Attila the Hun. As a powerful physical attacker, he can make quick work out of the enemy targets with ease. However, he comes with a mass silence ability which will definitely play an integral role in assisting Yoshitsune with utilizing Sky Feather as often as he can.

Attila the Hun on the other hand will be able to take advantage of Yoshitsune’s high damage output to quickly clear the front-row enemy targets. Additionally, Yoshitsune will be able to minimize causalities by eliminating troops to reduce incoming damage. Overall, solid pairing to have on the team.


Dido Infinity Kingdom

Another great water immortal to have on the same team is Dido. Yoshitsune is vulnerable to close combat attacks, especially when the enemy units perform active skill that deals physical damage. This is where Dido can help improve Yoshitsune’s survivability through Frost Armor.

With increased physical defense, Yoshitsune will be able to withstand high damage with ease. Plus, while the Frost Armor is active, there is a chance to inflict enemy targets with chill debuff on normal attacks, which reduces their attack speed. Through combination of increased physical defense and reduced attack speed will help Yoshitsune defense-wise.

Best Equipment for Yoshitsune

Here’s a list of best equipment to wear for this immortal:

Abuzzi's QuiverAbuzzi’s QuiverOffhand
Abuzzi's Eagle ArmorAbuzzi’s Eagle ArmorChest
Abuzzi's BarbuteAbuzzi’s BarbuteHead
Abuzzi's BowAbuzzi’s BowMain Hand

Conclusion of Yoshitsune Immortal Guide

Best Yoshitsune Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Whether you are looking for a ranged immortal to support your water team, Yoshitsune is an excellent water immortal thanks to high damage output. When equipped with right gears and passive skills, Yoshitsune have the potential to become an incredible main nuker in the game.

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Let us know if you have any questions about this immortal. Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Yoshitsune Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment
Best Yoshitsune Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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