Best William Wallace Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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Are you looking for solid lightning immortal to get started in the Infinity Kingdom?

Then look no further because you have come to the right place.

In our best William Wallace immortal guide, we will talk about this lightning immortal, recommended passive skills and immortal pairings.

If you are getting started with your first lightning immortal team, William Wallace will be one of the first to help you build the perfect team to counter earth immortals.

One of the main advantages that William Wallace has to offer is superior offensive capability with built-in silence ability, which makes him excellent early-game lightning immortal in the Infinity Kingdom.

Stick around, and let’s find out why William Wallace is one of the best lightning immortals.

William Wallace| Title: Champion of Freedom
Troop Type: Spearmen | Attribute: Lightning| Position: Attack
Rarity: Elite

William Wallace Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of pros and cons of having William Wallace on the team.


  • Great early game lightning immortal.
  • Super easy to level up.
  • Good damage output.
  • Awesome support active skill.
  • Counters earth element.
  • Easy to pair with other immortals.


  • Vulnerable to magical attacks.

William Wallace Introduction

William Wallace Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

William Wallace is a physical attacker that specializes in spearmen troops.

However, he comes with a solid active skill that does quite a ton of damage and silences the enemy targets for a few seconds.

His active skill is Lightning Smash, which inflicts moderate damage and prevents the enemy targets from generating energy.

That allows your immortal team to focus on performing normal attacks and active skills without interruptions.

To obtain William Wallace, you can collect fragments via the Hall of Immortals, Market, and your Alliance Shop.

William Wallace Skill

Learn more about the active skill and recommended passive skills.

Active Skill: Lightning Smash

Lightning Smash William Wallace Skill Infinity Kingdom

William Wallace slams against the enemy targets, smashing them to inflict moderate damage and silencing them for the next 6 seconds. During this period, the affected targets can’t generate energy and are unable to utilize their active skills.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate:: 72% / 96% / 120% / 144% / 168% / 192% / 216% / 240%
  • Silent Rate: 12% / 16% / 20% / 24% / 28% / 32% / 40%

Lightning Smash: Overall, it is a decent active skill for early-game since William Wallace is a respected physical attacker.

That active skill will help provide much-needed support to the frontline by disabling the enemy targets from using their active skills to inflict damage, heal or even gain buffs.

Recommended Passive Skills

William Wallace is a physical attacker who excels at inflicting damage and providing indirect support to your team by silencing enemy targets.

For best use, we highly recommend increasing William Wallace’s physical damage and attack capabilities to bolster his offensive capabilities further.

Here are our recommended passive skills for this elite immortal, which only can have up to two passive skills at a time.

  • Onslaught: Physical attack increased by 60%.
  • Duel Master: Physical attack increased by 50% and gain immunity to Wound.
  • Silence: Grants 45% chance to silence an enemy target and deals 225% physical damage.
  • Anger: Physical damage increased by 30%.

Best Immortal Pairings for William Wallace

One of the advantages of a free-to-play player is that William Wallace is super easy to get.

Therefore, he is great lightning immortal to have on the team for early team formation and to help jumpstart your pure lightning team.

Plus, William Wallace is fast to level up due to low experience requirements compared to epic immortals.

So, if you are looking to create a perfect lightning immortal team, then here are our recommended immortals to pair with.

Check them out below:

Richard I

Richard I Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Easily one of the best lightning immortal teams to pair with is Richard I.

If you are looking to maximize your overall team’s combat effectiveness and to prevent your team from using their active skills to the maximum extent possible.

Richard I can bring all enemy targets together and stun them for a few seconds.

When the enemy targets are stunned, they cannot perform attacks or even activate their active skills.

Once they are free of stun, you can use William Wallace to silence them to frustrate the enemy team further.

With Adrenaline Rush and increased energy regeneration, you can easily make the most use out of the stun and silence lock combo.

Peter the Great

Peter the Great Immortal Infinity Kingdom

If you prefer to play offensively, you will want to pair William Wallace with Peter the Great.

He is easy to get since the Lords can collect fragments via the Hall of Immortals for this epic immortal.

One of the main advantages that Peter the Great has is high damage output thanks to his active skill.

Thus, he can do quick work out of the enemy targets.

In addition to that, he purifies the enemy targets of buffs such as increased attack speed, damage, defense, and such.

That helps level out the playing field in your favor.

So, Peter the Great and William Wallace are both an excellent combo to go with if you plan to fight on the offense.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Immortal Infinity Kingdom

It’s always good to have some ranged support that can deliver massive damage.

In this case, Genghis Khan is an excellent immortal to pair with William Wallace due to his great damage output.

He comes with an active skill called Arrow Storm that inflicts massive damage to all enemy targets.

In addition to that, his active skill prevents the enemy immortals from self-healing, which means they can’t recover at all for the next few seconds.

That gives you an upper hand in battles where the enemy team relies heavily on healing.

So with blockage on self-healing, Genghis Khan will help William Wallace break through the enemy team easily.


Abaoji Infinity Kingdom

Alternatively, you can pair William Wallace with Abaoji since he is pretty easy to get early in the game.

Just like Genghis Khan, he is a ranged physical attacker that comes with a decent offensive capability.

He has an active skill called Starry Pearl that inflicts damage to one target, then it explodes and deals damage to all enemy targets in a radius.

All enemy targets that are hit will have their magical defense reduced by 45%.

This positions Abaoji as the best-ranged lightning immortal, providing indirect support to magic users, especially if your immortals deal with magical attacks.

Best Equipment for William Wallace

Here’s a list of best equipment to wear for this immortal:

Aranse's MedalAranse’s MedalOffhand
Aranse's ArmorAranse’s ArmorChest
Aranse's BarbuteAranse’s CrownHead
Aranse's GreatswordAranse’s GreatswordMain Hand

Conclusion of William Wallace Immortal Guide

Best William Wallace Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Whether starting in the Infinity Kingdom and looking to build the best element-specific immortal team, you now know what it takes to create a strong lightning immortal team formation with William Wallace.

He is a tremendous early elite immortal that will help you get started with the lightning immortal team to counter enemy earth forces in the game.

As a rule of thumb, you will always want to activate his active skill as often as you can to maximize silence duration and overall damage output.

You also can check out our recommended Military Lord Talent to maximize your immortals’ damage and combat capability.

Did you find our best William Wallace immortal guide for beginners valuable and informative?

If you think of any suggestions that we should add to this guide or have a question, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Happy ruling, Lords!

Best William Wallace Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment
Best William Wallace Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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