Best Dido Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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Introducing Queen of Ancient Carthage, Dido. If you are looking for a good support water immortal to pair with your team. Then you read our complete Dido immortal guide to learn about best passive skills, pairings, and equipment to make her one of the best unit on the team. Any good Lords know how important it is to have a support immortal like Dido on the team.

Dido Infinity Kingdom

Dido| Title: Queen of Ancient Carthage
Troop Type: Bowmen| Attribute: Water | Position: Support
Rarity: Epic

Dido Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of pros and cons of having Dido on the team.


  • Awesome support immortal.
  • Powerful physical defense buff.
  • Reduces enemy targets’ attack speed.
  • Adaptable to all water immortal team formations.
  • Ranged, able to provide additional damage output.


  • Vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Weak damage output.

Dido Introduction

Dido Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

One of the best support immortals in the game, Dido brings much needed buff that strengthen your immortal team’s defense capability and reduces enemy targets’ attack speed. The combination of defense buff and attack speed debuff enables your team to withhold powerful and lethal attacks with ease.

Lords can obtain Dido shards by completing King of the Hill event as well as performing Daily Deals. Once you collect enough shards, you can summon Dido to join your water immortal team.

Dido Skill

Learn more about the active skill and recommended passive skills.

Active Skill: Divine Sovereignty

Divine Sovereignty Dido Infinity Kingdom

Dido grants Frost Armor to all allies that last for 9 seconds. Frost Armor increases all immortals physical defense by 600% and has a chance to inflict chill debuff when receiving normal attacks, reducing their attack speed by 6% for 6 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Attack Speed Reduction: 6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 18% / 20%
  • Defense Increase: 600% / 800% / 1,000% / 1,200% / 1,400% / 1,600% / 1,800% / 2,000%

Divine Sovereignty: This is an incredible active skill with strong defense potent. Ideally, you will want to activate Divine Sovereignty whenever your enemy targets is about to use their powerful physical skills and to counter against their dragons such as Demeter, the Earth Dragon.

Recommended Passive Skills

There’s several recommended passive skills that you should choose for Dido. Because she is an epic immortal, she can have up to three passive skills at a time. Here’s our recommended passive skills for Dido:

  • Fortify: Increase your magical defense by 18% (Level 1).
  • Penance: Increase your resilience rate by 4.5% (Level 1).
  • Fighting Master: Gain immunity against control and reduces damage taken by 4.5% (Level 1).
  • Paralysis: Reduces the attack speed of all enemy units by 4.5% (Level 1).
  • Shelter: Grants a chance to recover 7.5% of health whenever any allied immortal sustain damage (Level 1).

Best Immortal Pairing for Dido

We highly recommend pairing Dido with other water immortals in order to gain attribute bonuses through same element affinity. Below is our suggested immortals to pair with Dido for best results:


Merlin Immortal Infinity Kingdom

One of the most powerful magical water immortals in the game is Merlin. This spellcaster can take advantage of Dido’s incredible supportive active skill. Whenever the enemy targets are chilled, Merlin’s active skill called Prophecy will deal doubled damage.

Merlin is already a high damage dealer, so Dido will go nicely with this epic immortal. When you have both Merlin and Dido on the same team, they make an excellent partner due to synergy. We highly recommend pairing Merlin with Dido for best damage output due to reliability.

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun Immortal Infinity Kingdom

As a physical attacker, Attila the Hun stands to benefit a lot from Dido thanks to improved defense capability and reduced enemy attack speed. Attila the Hun is a frontline attacker so the increased physical defense will allow him to withstand incoming attacks with ease.

However, Dido will be able to work along with this epic immortal. Primarily because Attila the Hun has a mass silence ability that stops the entire enemy immortal team from using their active skills and generating energy. This is an immense help because when the enemy immortals can’t perform powerful attacks, your immortals are allowed to focus on performing what is the best for the team to maximize overall damage done and to plan strategically.


Brynhild Immortal Profile

If you do not have any of these epic immortals yet, Brynhild is an elite immortal and works surprisingly well with Dido. Being a defensive immortal, she can take advantage of additional physical defense buff to keep the enemy front-row at bay with relatively ease.

Furthermore, Brynhild can stun enemy targets to render them unable to perform attacks, cast active skills or generate energy. This will be a big help for Dido because she can focus on generating energy and help maintain high uptime with physical defense buff. Overall solid pairing that’s worth a look.

Best Equipment for Dido

Here’s a list of best equipment to wear for this immortal:

Daisy's CodexDaisy’s CodexOffhand
Daisy's Feather RobeDaisy’s Feather RobeChest
Daisy's CrownDaisy’s CrownHead
Daisy's StaffDaisy’s StaffMain Hand

Conclusion of Dido Immortal Guide

Best Dido Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

In conclusion, Dido is a great immortal to support your water team formation, thanks to high physical defense buff and reduced attack speed. Let us know if you found our guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions or have suggestions that we should add, then comment in the comment section below.

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Let us know if you have any questions about this immortal. Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Dido Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment
Best Dido Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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