Best Cyrus the Great Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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Welcome to our best Cyrus the Great immortal guide for beginners.

Are you looking for a bowmen immortal that can provide ranged support and cast magical spells to boost your army’s strength?

Meet Cyrus the Great; he is one of the best fire immortals in the Infinity Kingdom, thanks to his fantastic support ability.

He can reduce the enemy targets’ resilience and make it more likely to stun them whenever they are critically hit.

In our best Cyrus the Great immortal guide, we will talk about the best passive skills, equipment, and immortal pairings to go with Cyrus the Great.

Stick around, and let’s find out what you need to turn this epic immortal into one of the best support units in the Infinity Kingdom!

Cyrus the Great | Title: King of the Four Corners of the World
Troop Type: Bowmen| Attribute: Fire| Position: Support
Rarity: Epic

Cyrus the Great Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of pros and cons of having Cyrus the Great on the team.


  • Awesome crowd control effect.
  • Ranged support.
  • Can have up to three passive skills at a time.
  • Powerful active support skill.
  • Great support immortal overall.


  • Vulnerable to magical damage.
  • Limited offensive capability.

Cyrus the Great Introduction

Cyrus the Great Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Cyrus the Great is a ranged immortal and partakes support role in the Infinity Kingdom.

He specializes in bowmen troops and comes with an incredible adaptive active skill called Static Armor that reduces enemy resilience.

He also grants your immortals a chance to stun enemy targets whenever they are critically hit, making Cyrus the Great an incredible useful immortal in the game.

To obtain Cyrus the Great in the Infinity Kingdom, you will have to collect fragments via the King of the Hill event and through the Daily Deals.

Once you have gathered enough fragments, you can summon Cyrus the Great to join your team.

Cyrus the Great Skill

Learn more about the active skill and recommended passive skills.

Active Skill: Static Armor

Static Armor Cyrus the Great Immortal Skill

Cyrus the Great casts Static Armor that reduces enemy targets’ resilience rate, making them prone to stun chance whenever they are critically hit by your immortals. The Static Armor lasts for 6 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Stun Chance: 10.5% / 14% / 17.5% / 21% / 24.5% / 28% / 31.5% / 35%
  • Resilience Down: 4.5% / 6% / 7.5% / 9% / 10.5% / 12% / 13.5% / 15%

Static Armor: This is a fantastic active skill that applies debuffs up to three random targets.

Suppose your immortal team specializes in high critical chance. In that case, this active skill can become a powerful ability as it will allow your immortals to stun enemy targets.

In addition to that, your immortals will be able to inflict even more damage thanks to lowered resilience rate.

Recommended Passive Skills

Because Cyrus the Great is ranged and support immortal, it’s recommended that you focus on increasing your immortal team’s critical chance to maximize his active skill usefulness.

At the same time, you will want to be able to deliver powerful attacks.

Since Cyrus the Great is an epic immortal, he can have up to three passive skills at a time.

  • Weakness: Reduces Resilience Rate by 20%.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Every normal attack has a 50% chance to gain 150 energy.
  • Fighting Master: Gain immunity to Control and reduces damage taken by 15%.
  • Duel Master: After battle starts, gain immunity to Wound and increase physical attack by 50%.

Best Immortal Pairings for Cyrus the Great

One of the main advantages that Cyrus the Great has to offer is flexibility and adaptability.

He can work with almost every fire immortals in the Infinity Kingdom since they rely on his active crowd control skill.

If you are looking to build a fire immortal team with Cyrus the Great in it, then you will find these immortal pairings informative:

William I

William I Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Undisputable, William I is the best epic immortal to pair within the game. 

William I and Cyrus the Great are inseparable due to excellent synergy between their active skill.

William I’s active skill increases your immortal team’s critical rate chance by 20% and inflicts heavy damage to enemy targets directly ahead of him.

With the added critical rate, chance means your immortals will be able to greatly enhance their ability to control the enemy targets by stunning them.

Unfortunately, Cyrus the Great will make it super easy to do so with improved stun chance and lowered resilience rate, leaving your enemy army even more exposed than ever before.


Spartacus Immortal Infinity Kingdom

One of the best elite immortals for free-to-play players.

Suppose you want to take advantage of Cyrus the Great’s stun chance along with William I.

You will want to consider pairing Cyrus the Great with Spartacus for increased attack speed.

This elite immortal is more than capable of keeping your enemy targets stunlocked through a combination of increased attack speed, stun chance, and critical rate chance.

In addition to that, Spartacus will recover a portion of his health for each normal attack that he makes against the enemy targets, which makes him an ideal frontline immortal to take heavy damage and to provide support to your immortal team.

Frederick I

Frederick I Immortal IK

Alternatively, you can go for Frederick I with Cyrus the Great.

He is a powerful physical attacker and quite tanky enough to absorb a large amount of damage, whereas Spartacus relies on inflicting damage fast enough to recover.

In addition, Frederick’s active skill converts 30% of the damage into health, recovering troops back to the fighting state.

As a frontline attacker, it is important that Frederick I have some kind of support to further minimize incoming damage taken if the enemy targets are too strong for him.

That is where Cyrus the Great comes into the play with his Static Armor.

Which grants Frederick I a chance to stun enemy targets and inflict heavy damage with his active skill.


Ashoka Immortal IK

One of the critical factors when it comes to crowd controlling your enemy targets is the ability to hit all of them.

That’s where Ashoka comes into the play with his powerful active skill.

He can fire a mighty arrow that inflicts massive damage against all enemy targets.

In addition to that, there’s a chance his active skill will deal twice the normal damage.

When you pair Ashoka with Cyrus the Great and William I, Ashoka will not only be able to deal a tremendous amount of damage but also maximize your ability to stun enemy targets.

With both critical hit and double damage chance, Ashoka can deal roughly 6,720% damage with his active skill if he is lucky enough.

Empress Wu

Empress Wu Immortal IK

If you prefer not to roll with a pure physical immortal team formation, you can always pair Cyrus the Great with Empress Wu.

She is a magical immortal that does an excellent job at wrecking physical attackers and ranged immortals with her magical attacks and abilities.

Empress Wu pairs pretty well with William I and Cyrus the Great.

Her active skill does massive damage to a random target three times for 600% magical damage each time.

With increased critical chance and improved stun chance, Empress Wu will be able to keep your enemy targets stunned for a while.

Empress Wu is indeed a formidable immortal to face against for the physical attackers and defenders.

Best Equipment for Cyrus the Great

Here’s a list of best equipment to wear for this immortal:

Daisy's CodexDaisy’s CodexOffhand
Daisy's Feather RobeDaisy’s Feather RobeChest
Daisy's CrownDaisy’s CrownHead
Daisy's StaffDaisy’s StaffMain Hand

Conclusion of Cyrus the Great Immortal Guide

Best Cyrus the Great Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Now you know the best immortal pairings, passive skills, and equipment to use for Cyrus the Great.

When you learn and know how to play him the right way, he can be quite a very powerful fire immortal capable of debuffing your enemy targets.

Lords who plan to specialize in fire element will want to have Cyrus the Great on their team mainly because of multiple stun chances and reduced resilience rate.

That makes it easier to inflict more damage.

Suppose you are new to Infinity Kingdom and want to get a headstart of other players in the game.

You should check out our Infinity Kingdom gift codes guide and enter the code for a chance to win free gems as well as unique and powerful resources.

Did you find our best Cyrus the Great immortal guide informative and helpful?

If you have any questions about this immortal, let us know in the comment section below.

Rule on, Lords!

Best Cyrus the Great Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment
Best Cyrus the Great Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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