Best Abaoji Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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Welcome to the best Abaoji immortal guide for beginners in the Infinity Kingdom.

Suppose you are looking to jumpstart your lightning immortal team formation.

Look no further because Abaoji is one of the best entry-level lightning immortals that comes with an incredibly powerful active skill and high damage output.

The lightning immortals come with bonus damage against earth immortals and dragons.

But the lightning immortals also have a lot of utility and fantastic crowd control ability under their sleeves, which is why Abaoji is one of the fewest lightning immortals with an active skill with built-in support to reduce enemy targets’ magical defense.

Let’s stick around to find out how you can turn Abaoji into one of the best and strongest lightning immortals in the game.

Abaoji Infinity Kingdom

Abaoji| Title: Snake of the Prairie
Troop Type: Bowmen | Attribute: Lightning| Position: Ranged
Rarity: Elite

Abaoji Pros & Cons

Here’s a list of pros and cons of having Abaoji on the team.


  • Great early game lightning immortal.
  • Super easy to level up.
  • Good damage output.
  • Awesome support active skill.
  • Counters earth element.
  • Easy to pair with other immortals.
  • Weakens enemy targets’ magical defense.


  • Vulnerable to magical attacks.

Abaoji Introduction

Abaoji Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Abaoji is a ranged physical attacker that inflicts damage at a distance.

He specializes in bowmen troops and comes with a decent active skill.

His active skill is Starry Pearl which allows Abaoji to fire an arrow against one target, dealing damage.

After a few seconds, it explodes, causing damage to all enemy targets in a radius and reduces their magical defense temporarily.

When the enemy targets’ magical defense is diminished, they are exposed to incoming magic attacks.

To obtain Abaoji, you can collect fragments via the Hall of Immortals and in the Market.

Abaoji Skill

Learn more about the active skill and recommended passive skills.

Active Skill: Starry Pearl

Starry Pearl Abaoji Skill Infinity Kingdom

Abaoji fires an arrow against a random target, dealing damage. After a few seconds, the arrow explodes in a small radius, inflicting damage to all enemy targets and reducing their magical defense. During this period, the affected enemy targets are vulnerable to incoming magical attacks and damage.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Damage Rate:: 75% / 100% / 125% / 150% / 175%/ 200% / 225% / 250%
  • Reduced Magical Defense: 13.5% / 18% / 22.5% / 27% / 31.5% / 36% / 40.5% / 45%

Starry Pearl: It’s a decent active skill that does quite a ton damage, especially in the right moment. The magical defense reduction is incredible useful when you are paired with a magical user that relies on dealing magical damage.

Recommended Passive Skills

Abaoji is a ranged physical attacker that does serious damage and provides support to magical immortals through reducing enemy targets’ magical defense.

We highly recommend that you gear Abaoji with passive skills that increase his physical attack and damage for best use.

Additionally, you can choose passive skills that will allow him to generate energy quickly to maximize his active skill usage as frequently as you can.

Below are our recommended passive skills for Abaoji. He is an elite immortal and can have up to two passive skills at a time.

  • Onslaught: Physical attack increased by 60%.
  • Duel Master: Physical attack increased by 50% and gain immunity to Wound.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Normal attack have a 50% chance to generate 150 energy.
  • Anger: Physical damage increased by 30%.

Best Immortal Pairings for Abaoji

As a ranged physical attacker, you will want to pair Abaoji with decent frontline immortals.

That means you need immortals that can hold the frontline at bay with ease while Abaoji focuses on dealing damage at a distance.

Luckily, lightning immortals come with several excellent crowd control abilities.

That means it should not be an issue for Abaoji to deliver massive damage output with ease.

Below is our recommended immortals to pair with Abaoji

Richard I

Richard I Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Meet Richard I. He is a fantastic lighting immortal that comes with a superb built-in crowd control active skill.

He can deliver powerful damage and stun multiple enemy targets with ease.

While the enemy targets are stunned, they can’t attack or recover energy.

That makes it super easy for Abaoji to focus on dealing damage and utilizing his active skill as effectively as possible to maximize overall damage output.

Overall, the Richard I and Abaoji is a good combo if you are looking to take advantage of stun to expose the enemy targets’ magical defense and to deal a burst of damage.

William Wallace

One of the easiest elite lightning immortal to pair with is William Wallace.

He is quick to level up and comes with good active skill utility.

His active skill does a moderate amount of damage and silences enemy targets.

When the enemy targets are silenced, they can’t generate energy and cannot activate their active skills.

That gives Abaoji a battlefield advantage to utilize his active skill as often as possible without being interrupted by the enemy’s active skills.

At the same time, William Wallace will benefit from Abaoji’s serious damage output as he chips off the enemy troops.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Immortal Infinity Kingdom Guide

Suppose you are looking for another powerful ranged physical attacker to pair with.

Then you will want to do Abaoji + Genghis Khan combo. Genghis Khan comes with a powerful active skill that does a ton of damage to all enemy targets.

Plus, all affected targets will be wounded, which means they can’t recover heals for the next few seconds.

Combined with magical defense reduction and wound debuff sets up the perfect storm to deliver a rapid burst of high damage output with ease.

Genghis Khan and Abaoji work together exceptionally well if you do not have Yi Seong-Gye in your immortal roster yet.

Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Another powerful ranged physical attacker that is worth having on the same team as Abaoji is Yi Seong-Gye.

He is more than capable of dealing an insane amount of damage through his active skill.

But he also can transfer two random enemy targets’ physical and magical attack/defense up to 20% to himself for the next 10 seconds.

That means two random enemy targets will be left vulnerable and exposed to incoming damage.

That is when Abaoji can take advantage of the enemy’s weakness to pounce with his active skill to maximize overall damage and further weaken their magical defenses.

Yi Seong-Gye will utilize the magical defense debuff if he is skilled in Death Breath, which does more magical damage through the lowered magical protection.

Overall, a decent immortal pairing for beginners.

Best Equipment for Abaoji

Here’s a list of best equipment to wear for this immortal:

Abuzzi's QuiverAbuzzi’s QuiverOffhand
Abuzzi's Eagle ArmorAbuzzi’s Eagle ArmorChest
Abuzzi's BarbuteAbuzzi’s BarbuteHead
Abuzzi's BowAbuzzi’s BowMain Hand

Conclusion of Abaoji Immortal Guide

Best Abaoji Immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Now you know what it takes to create the best immortal team formation, passive skills, and equipment for Abaoji.

He is excellent lightning immortal to have on the team, especially for early games when you need to start formatting your first lightning-specific team.

You will want to have Abaoji cast his active skill as often as possible to maximize his overall damage done.

Did you find our best Abaoji immortal guide for beginners valuable and informative?

If you have any questions about this elite immortal, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Lastly, you can head over to our best Infinity Kingdom gift code guide for free gems, items, speedups and even philosopher’s stones.

Which you will need it to level up your VIP status quickly and effortless as possible.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Rule on, Lords!

Best Abaoji Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment
Best Abaoji Immortal Guide: Skills, Pairing and Equipment

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