Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guide for Beginners

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Are you new to Infinity Kingdom? Not sure where to start and need some help on understanding the game mechanisms like Immortals stats, skills, elements, and attributes? Both Rise of Kingdoms and Infinity Kingdom are similar in some way, except Infinity Kingdom Immortals have added attributes that allows in-depth and complex gameplay.

In our Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortal guide, we will teach you how to understand the basic game mechanisms. At the end of this guide, you will be able to develop a powerful Immortal roster and lead yourself to the victory.

Immortal Guide for Beginners: The Basics

Before we start, let’s get to the basics first. When you tap on the Immortals Icon, it will take you to the Immortals screen which shows all of the summoned and locked Immortals.

Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guide

At first glance, the Immortal screen might seem simple. However, there are a few things you need to know about the Immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Each Immortal have their own attribute that is composed of element type, troop type, and position type.

Attribute is what give each immortal advantage and weakness during the battlefield. By understanding each attributes, you will be able to strategically plan in advance to maximize your army’s attack and defense capabilities during the battles.

Therefore it is important to know these attributes and how to use them correctly will raise your skill cap, setting you apart of newer and inexperienced Lords in Infinity Kingdom.

Element Type

There are 7 elements in Infinity Kingdom. Each element have their own strengths and counters. Therefore it is imperative that you choose the best element that counters your opponent’s element in order to maximize damage done. Below is the element counter relationship:

Infinity Kingdom Element Counter Relationship
  • Fire –> Wind
  • Wind –> Lightning
  • Lightning –> Earth
  • Earth –> Water
  • Water — Fire
  • Shadow –> Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth
  • Light –> Shadow

In addition to that, the Immortals will have their own unique skill that aligns the assigned element type. Whenever they generate enough rage during the battle, their skill will be activate and you can decide when to use it.

Throughout the game as you unlock new Immortals, you will be able to visit each element gallery to unlock them for easy rewards. You can visit each element gallery to see which Immortals are outlined with white lines and tap on them to collect gems.

Water Immortals Gallery

Below is a collection of unlockable Water Immortals:

Infinity Kingdom Water Immortals Gallery

Earth Immortals Gallery

Below is a collection of unlockable Earth Immortals:

Infinity Kingdom Earth Immortals Gallery

Lightning Immortals Gallery

Below is a collection of unlockable Lightning Immortals:

Infinity Kingdom Lighting Immortals Gallery

Wind Immortals Gallery

Below is a collection of unlockable Wind Immortals:

Infinity Kingdom Wind Immortals Gallery

Fire Immortals Gallery

Below is a collection of unlockable Fire Immortals:

Infinity Kingdom Fire Immortals Gallery

Holy and Shadow Immortals

Below is a collection of unlockable Holy Immortals and Shadow Immortals:

Infinity Kingdom Holy and Shadow Immortals Gallery

Troop Type

Another important attribute that you need to know about the Immortals in Infinity Kingdom is Troop Type. Each Immortal will be able to command a specific type of troop as assigned. For instance, if an Immortal have Bowmen icon, they are only able to command and lead ranged troops.

On the other hand, Immortals that have Cavalry icon can command cavalry troops only. Although, the Lords will be able to assemble a platoon which comes with four slots for Immortals and one slot for the dragon.

Spearmen, Shieldmen, and Cavalry all go to the front row. Bowmen with Immortals who have either attack or support position go to the back row to provide additional combat capabilities to the Immortals in the front row. It’s also important to keep in your mind that there are counter relationship when using these troops:

Counter Relationship Troop Types
  • Cavalry always beat Shieldmen
  • Shieldmen always beat Spearmen
  • Spearmen always beats Cavalry
  • Bowmen beats all troops

Important Note: If all Immortals and the dragon have the same element type, then all will gain massive stat boost that will really help out the troops a lot during the battle.

Position Type

There are five position type: attack, defense, support, range, and magic. This attribute is used to denote what the Immortal performs the best. If you want to defend your city against, then you might want to garrison Immortals with solid defense to the front.

However, if you are attacking other cities and gnomes. You will want to assemble an unit of Immortals with powerful attack, range and magic capabilities. Ever since Patch 1.3 Update which added an Artifact System that allows the Lords to continue empowering their Immortals based on position type.

Using the Immortal’s position type is an important attribute to strategy in advance and to maximize your winning chance during the battle. Immortals will have skills that match their position type as well as element type.

How to Upgrade Immortal: The Basics

Now that we have troop type, element type and position type covered. We will talk about skill upgrade and how you can further enhance your Immortal’s power. Upgrading your Immortal’s skill is one of the key factor to growing in power fast.

Skill Upgrade

Infinity Kingdom Skill Upgrade

To skill upgrade, you need to collect enough Immortal fragments and gold as shown in the image above. Once you meet the criteria, tap on the develop button to upgrade the Immortal’s skill.

Lords can tap on the skill icon to see what will be the new damage factor and chance by hovering above it after the upgrade. Once you develop the Immortal, they will gain a minor stat boost which will give them an edge during the battle.

All Immortals start off with an active skill. When they reach 3 stars, a second passive skill will unlock. Upon reaching 5 stars, the third skill unlocks. And finally, with 7 stars, the fourth skill becomes unlocks.

Once you reach 7 stars, the Immortal is maxed out and cannot be developed any further. However, you can continue to make your Immortal stronger through the use of Artifact thanks to Patch 1.3 Update and Patch 1.4 Update (which expanded the artifact system).

Additionally, The Tower of Knowledge becomes available at Castle Level 12. The Lords can take advantage of this powerful end-game building to improve existing Immortals’ skills.

Rune Upgrade

Infinity Kingdom Immortal Artifact

Another way to upgrade your Immortal is through collecting materials and combining them to grant a major power boost. Lords can collect materials by performing raids in the Well of Time.

When you have enough material, you can assemble them together to create several small runes that give a minor stat boost. Upon collecting all the required runes, you can fuse them to power up the Immortal.

With each rune upgrade, the Immortal will gain bigger and more stat boost. Which then of course becomes difficult as the Lords progress to high level chapters. We highly recommend collecting the materials to assemble runes whenever you can to keep your Immortals tapped out.

Equipment Upgrade

Infinity Kingdom Equipment

Equipping your Immortals with gears is very important in Infinity Kingdom. They are the single most effective and easiest way to give a major stat / power boost to the Immortals.

It’s very easy to farm green shards in the game, which can be used to upgrade the equipment. Always keep the green shards and save them to upgrade the equipment. Eventually you will obtain powerful equipment in either epic or legendary rarity and the old ones can be given to new Immortals.

Well-equipped Immortals fight better in the battles compared to Immortals that do not wear them. Small stat boost do make a big difference in determining who have the edge during the battle. Remember to equip your Immortals and upgrade them as much as you can to take advantage of the stat boost.

Conclusion of Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guide

Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guide

To recap our in-depth Infinity Kingdom immortal guide, you should be able to understand what these attribute types means:

  • Element Type: Elements and Counter Relationship
  • Troop Type: Type of troops and Counter Relationship
  • Position Type: Role and Position Advantage
  • How to develop your Immortal.
  • How to upgrade your Immortal’s runes.
  • How to upgrade your Immortal’s equipment

We hope you found our Infinity Kingdom immortal guide for beginners informative and helpful. If you think there is something that we should add to this guide. Then by all the means let us know in the comment section below.

You can also download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac for free. Learn how to do that in our complete guide on how to play Infinity Kingdom on your computer. If you are new to Infinity Kingdom, be sure to save your gems and upgrade your VIP level to gain big permanent stat bonuses.

We are looking forward to helping out with any questions you may have. Happy ruling, Lords!

Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortal Guide for Beginners

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