Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses guide for beginners.

If you are looking for an in-depth guide that comprehensively explains everything you need to know about these gnome bosses in the Infinity Kingdom.

Then look no further because, in this guide, I will share everything you need to know about these gnome bosses and how to farm them!

Unlike other games, the gnome bosses in the Infinity Kingdom is undoubtedly an exciting type of unit and often comes with powerful, amazing rewards upon defeat.

The gnome boss isn’t your typical monster. It is a raid-level boss that requires multiple lords to work together.

Even though your army is strong enough to handle them, you will still suffer a significant loss.

Therefore, it’s recommended you pair a player or two to help out with killing the gnome bosses on the map.

That being said, let’s learn the basics and find out what you can do to maximize your combat advantage.

Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses

Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses Guide

There are four types of gnome bosses in the Infinity Kingdom, and each comes with its elemental type.

That means each gnome bosses have their strengths and weaknesses against certain immortals.

If you have never thought about this before, it’s a good time to start studying each gnome boss’ elemental type and plan in advance before you dispatch your immortals to fight them.

Here’s a list of gnome bosses that you will find on the map:

  • Metallic Fortress
  • Death Stinger
  • Lava Lurker
  • Giant Breaker

Let’s learn a bit more about each gnome boss, so you know what your army will face when fighting them.

Metallic Fortress

Metallic Fortress Infinity Kingdom Guide

Meet Metallic Fortress, one of the most powerful gnome bosses that are expertly built to withstand all the most damaging attacks.

This war stream machine is armed with a powerful attack and defense capabilities.

With strong forelimbs, the Metallic Fortresses are capable of shaking the ground and sending your troops to tremble in fear.

Metallic Fortress is an Earth Elemental type, which means it is strong against water but weak against lightning.

If you want to defeat the Metallic Fortresses with ease, you need to assemble a team of the best lightning immortals.

Overview of Metallic Fortress:

  • Elemental Type: Earth
  • Strong vs: Water
  • Weak vs: Lightning

Death Stinger

Death Stinger Infinity Kingdom Guide

It’s everybody’s favorite gnome boss: Death Stinger. This gigantic scorpion is powered via a steam machine and has a powerful driving force.

The Death Stinger can deal a massive amount of damage to all enemies with its powerful pincers, poisonous stinger, and drills.

Upon defeating the Death Stinger, all Lords that participate in the attack will get rewards accordingly to the amount of damage done.

The Death Stinger is a Water Elemental type, which means it beats fire-type immortals easily, but it doesn’t fare well against earth-type armies.

Therefore, you need to assemble strong earth immortals to have an easy time beating the Death Stinger.

Overview of Death Stinger:

  • Elemental Type: Water
  • Strong vs: Fire
  • Weak vs: Earth

Lava Lurker

Lava Lurker Infinity Kingdom Guide

Lava Lurker is another gnome boss that’s powered via a steam machine.

It is a behemoth machine crafted with hardened steel and serrated teeth that spin rapidly, fast enough to shred through anything that stands in its path.

The Lava Lurker also occasionally spew magma hot enough to melt through the toughest material known in the Infinity Kingdom.

This gnome boss is Fire Elemental type. Which means it beats wind-type immortals with ease. But it’s weak against water-type elemental.

Therefore, to defeat the Lava Lurkers, you will need to assemble a team of the best water immortals to defeat this gnome boss.

Overview of Lava Lurker:

  • Elemental Type: Fire
  • Strong vs: Wind
  • Weak vs: Water

Giant Breaker

Giant Breaker Infinity Kingdom Guide

Lastly, the lords can find the Giant Breakers all over the Infinity Kingdom map. They usually roam close to and far from the human castles.

This gnome boss is ape-like steam machinery capable of lifting heavy objects with its powerful arms.

The unique fuel is located on the back to empower further the Giant Breaker’s combat strength to perform powerful punches.

The Giant Breaker is Lightning Elemental, which means it will have no issue beating earth-type armies.

However, it does not fare well against wind-type armies. Therefore you need to craft a team of wind immortals to defeat the Giant Breaker decisively.

Overview of Giant Breaker:

  • Elemental Type: Lightning
  • Strong vs: Earth
  • Weak vs: Wind

How to Defeat Gnome Bosses

Multiple Attack Gnome Bosses Infinity Kingdom Guide

Defeating the gnome bosses in the Infinity Kingdom isn’t an easy task. The gnome bosses are far much more robust than regular gnomes.

To defeat gnome bosses, you need to launch multiple attacks.

Although, we recommend you partner with an alliance member or two so that you all can launch an attack together to maximize overall damage done and minimize troop losses.

At the same time, your alliance members and you will reap awesome rewards such as dragon rocks, resources, and even gems that you can use to upgrade your VIP level further.

When you start off fighting gnome bosses at a low level, you might find yourself that it’s pretty easy to defeat these gnome bosses once you can farm level 5 / level 6 gnomes with ease.

However, as you progress to high level, you will start to see the need to team up with alliance members, especially when fighting against level 2+ gnome bosses.

Gnome Bosses Rewards

Gnome Bosses Rewards Infinity Kingdom Guide

Upon defeating these gnome bosses, you will earn fantastic rewards.

One of the primary reasons why you will want to farm gnome bosses in the Infinity Kingdom is because they drop dragon rocks, which you can use to upgrade your dragons.

The dragons play an essential role in your immortal team formation, especially they give a massive combat stat boost and can deliver powerful strikes against enemy targets.

Therefore, you will want to get plenty of dragon rocks to be able to upgrade your dragons.

Each gnome boss drops a specific dragon rock based on its elemental type.

For instance, if you are currently focusing on upgrading your water dragon, then you might as well start farming Death Stingers.

Alternatively, if you want to focus on maxing out your fire dragon, then you will want to focus on farming Lava Lurkers as much as you can.

The only drawback is that no gnome boss drops wind, shadow, or holy dragon rocks.

It’s currently unknown as to whether the game developers plan to add a new gnome boss for wind dragons and other elemental types in the future.

Conclusion of Best Gnome Bosses Guide for Beginners

Best Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses Guide for Beginners

As we conclude the best gnome bosses guide for beginners, you now know each bosses’ elemental type, strengths, and weaknesses.

So you should always plan before dispatching your armies to fight against them.

If you plan to fight high-level gnome bosses, you should ask your alliance members for help first and assemble a raid party.

Lastly, if you are new to the Infinity Kingdom, you need to head over to our Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes guide to get free gems and fantastic rewards.

Did you find our best gnome bosses guide for beginners informative and helpful?

If you have any questions about these gnome bosses, let us know in the comment section below.

Happy ruling, Lords!

Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses: Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Gnome Bosses: Guide for Beginners

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