How to Farm Resources in Infinity Kingdom: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our in-depth guide that covers farming resource spots in the Infinity Kingdom.

If you have played other mobile games such as Rise of Kingdoms, you will notice how the resource spots work differently in the Infinity Kingdom.

In order to farm the resource spots on the map, your Lord level must be high enough to dispatch an army to gather the resources.

At the beginning of the game, it can be pretty challenging to get enough resources to jumpstart your city development.

Sometimes you will find yourself surrounded by high-level resource spots which you can’t farm if your Lord level is not high enough.

That is why I created a guide for beginners that teach them how to farm resources in the Infinity Kingdom.

In this guide, I will teach you how to:

  • Farm resource spots on the map.
  • Accelerate your city resource production.
  • Create a mini farming account.
  • Defeat gnome bosses for resources.

It’s pretty easy to do once you get it up and running.

Farm Resource Spots on the Map

How to Farm Resources on the Map Infinity Kingdom Map

If you are new to the Infinity Kingdom, it might come as a bit confusing if you are trying to farm resource spots on the map.

The resource spots can range from Level 1 to Level 8, with the resource spots edging closer to the Forbidden Zone spawning at a high level.

To farm resource spots on the map, your Lord level must be high enough. The main reason behind this is to limit competition between Lords and encourage active playing.

Which gives you a significant advantage if you are a free-to-play player and play actively.

A wide swath of high-level resource spots limited to high-level Lords means you will have an easy time farming them.

Each resource spot level up will require five Lord levels. For instance, if you want to farm a Level 2 resource spot, your Lord Level must be at least five or higher.

Here’s a list of Lord Level requirements for each resource spot level:

  • Level 1 Resource Spot: None
  • Level 2 Resource Spot: Lord Level 5
  • Level 3 Resource Spot: Lord Level 10
  • Level 4 Resource Spot: Lord Level 15
  • Level 5 Resource Spot: Lord Level 20
  • Level 6 Resource Spot: Lord Level 25
  • Level 7 Resource Spot: Lord Level 30
  • Level 8 Resource Spot: Lord Level 35

You can learn how to upgrade quickly by reading our simple step-by-step Lord Level guide.

Increase Your City Resource Production

How to Increase City Resource Production Infinity Kingdom Guide

Another way you can increase your resource production flow is by leveling up your resource buildings.

Your city will produce all resource types: food, wood, iron, stone, and even gold.

They are a simple and easy way to produce resources passively.

At the beginning of the game, these resource production buildings will max out their storage capacity quickly.

You can extend the time it takes to reach its maximum storage capacity by upgrading them.

These resource buildings will generate more resources at a high level and have a much bigger storage capacity to support long-term duration.

Having a steady resource flow is especially important in your early city development and a late-game where you need to support your Tier 5 troops.

At the maximum level, your farms, lumber mills, quarries, and smelteries will generate 25,600 resource points per hour and have a maximum storage capacity of 928,000 — which takes around two days to reach.

For the dwellings at maximum level, it will generate 13,350 gold and have a maximum storage capacity of 290,000, which takes roughly one day to fill it up.

Create Mini Farming Accounts

Mini Farming Accounts Infinity Kingdom

Did you know that you can have up to three characters on the same server?

You can have one of your characters as the primary and other two characters for farming purposes to help you progress your main city development, research alliance technology, and train Tier 5 troops.

Veteran Infinity Kingdom players always have at least two or more characters (some on different accounts) that focus on gathering resources as much as they can.

Then dispatch armies from their main character to plunder the resources and bringing them back to the city.

I highly recommend that all of your characters are in the same kingdom so that you can have them in the same alliance to take advantage of the ability to send gifts once you reach VIP 7.

For optimal mini farming accounts, you should level up your farming characters to Lord Level 20.

That way, you will have more options to farm resource spot Level 5 and below.

Defeat Gnome Bosses for Resources

Defeat Gnome Bosses for Resources Infinity Kingdom Guide

Another way you can get more resources in the Infinity Kingdom is by defeating the gnome bosses.

You earn rewards based on the amount of damage done to the gnome bosses. So, even if you did not kill the gnome bosses, you will still get rewards along with resources.

Farming the gnomes is an equally exciting and rewarding experience for all Lords who want to take on a chance for powerful items.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can defeat gnomes between levels 5 and 6, you can easily defeat a level 1 gnome boss.

Before you head on to fight the gnome bosses, I highly recommend asking your alliance members if they want to tag along so that you don’t suffer significant losses by soloing these gnome bosses.

Since there are abundant gnome bosses on the map, it should be pretty easy to farm them.

Bonus Point: If the Titantula Chase event is active on your server, I recommend doing them for a chance to reap in ton of resources!

Conclusion of How to Farm Resources Guide

How to Farm Resource In Infinity Kingdom Guide

Now you know ways to farm resources in the Infinity Kingdom. As mentioned before, you can generate more resources simply by:

  • Increasing your Lord Level to farm high level resource spots.
  • Increase your city resource production rate.
  • Create mini farming accounts and plunder / have them gift to your primary character.
  • Defeat gnome bosses for resources and rewards.

Did you find our guide on how to farm resources in the Infinity Kingdom helpful and informative?

If you have any questions about farming resources, let us know in the comment section below.

Lastly, if you want to get free gems and other powerful rewards, you can head over to our Infinity Kingdom gift codes guide to check for new codes.

Again, let us know if you need any help with farming resources in the Infinity Kingdom. Happy ruling, Lords!

How to Farm Resources in Infinity Kingdom: Guide for Beginners
How to Farm Resources in Infinity Kingdom: Guide for Beginners

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