Best Water Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Water Immortals Infinity Kingdom guide for beginners. Are you looking to build an army out of best Water Immortals? Then look no further because in this guide, we make it easy for you to decide which one is best based on ranking order.

Water-type Immortals excels at demolishing fire-type Immortal with their magic spells and skill set. However, water-type Immortals are weak to earth-type Immortals. Make sure you read our ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortal guide to learn more about counters and weaknesses.

That being said, we are going to share the best legendary and epic water Immortals to have on the team:

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hunt Immortal Infinity Kingdom

First and foremost, Attila the Hun ranks as number one best Water Immortal in the game. Mainly because he possess an immense power and combat prowess. He is a force to be reckon with whenever he is on the battlefield.

He specializes in cavalry troops and is well positioned with powerful offensive capabilities. With position-type being attack, Attila the Hun can easily obliterate the enemies in matter of seconds.

Wild Corrosion is an active skill that inflict 230% normal damage and has a 50% chance to silence the enemy for 4 seconds in a fan-shaped area. Which makes this Immortal easily one of the best option due to his insane active skill.


Yoshitsune Immortal Infinity Kingdom

If you are looking for a Water Immortal to expand your unit with powerful direct attacks. Then look no further because Yoshitsune is the perfect Immortal for this role.

Yoshitsune specializes in bowmen troops and provides ranged support. Being a ranged Immortal means he can launch barrage from the sky to deal devastating damage.

Sky Feather is an active skill that allows Yoshitsune to fire three powerful direct arrows that deals 410% damage each time to one random target. This is perfect if you want to be able to quickly eliminate an enemy Immortal.


Merlin Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Merlin is easily one of the best legendary Immortal to obtain in the game. While this Immortal will require you to spend money on the game, you can acquire Merlin for as little as $0.99 by purchasing a bundle in the store.

Merlin is a very powerful magic user that specializes in bowmen troops and magic spell. He can cast spells to destroy enemy forces afar. At the same time, he is capable of providing support to the frontline which is much needed.

Prophecy is an active skill that deals 520% damage to all targets. However, if the targets is chilled, then the damage is increased by 50% up to a maximum 730% damage to all targets. Pair Merlin with a Water Immortal that can debuff targets with chilled.


Dido Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.3 added Dido as the new Water Immortal and is obtainable in the game by collecting fragments throughout events and summon crystals.

Just like Merlin, Dido is a powerful magic user and excels at providing support to all friendly Immortals in the game. She can protect your troops by granting defense buff to lower incoming damage as well as delaying the enemy’s troops attack.

Divine Sovereignty is an active skill that grants all Immortals and troops Frost Armor for 9 seconds. During this time, all troops gain 2,000% defense bonus and there is a 25% chance to inflict Chill on normal attack. When chilled, the enemy Immortal’s attack speed is reduced by 20% for 6 seconds.

Ramesses II

Ramesses II Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Any Lords who is looking for ways to weaken their enemies in the battlefield will absolutely love to have Ramesses II on the team. He is a very strong frontline Immortal that is capable of dishing out powerful strikes.

Ramesses II specializes in spearmen troops and possess an awesome offensive combat capabilities. He can quickly kill enemy troops in matter of seconds with brute force.

Divine Judgement is an active skill which Ramesses II can use to deal 330% damage to all targets. In addition to that, all targets will be disarmed for 6 seconds and deal 20% less damage.

Harald III

Harald III Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Getting through the front row can be challenging sometimes, especially if the opponent have a well formatted troops and Immortals. This is where Harald III comes into the play due to his specialty.

Harald III specializes in shieldmen troops and focuses on attack position. Which makes him well equipped to break through tough defenses with ease.

Glacier Incursion allows Harald III to deal a massive amount of damage to the front row. He can inflict 400% physical damage to the front row and has a 55% chance to deal 310% damage continuously each 3 seconds for 6 seconds. Additionally, the front row defense is reduced by a whooping 35% and that makes it a lot easier to break through the defenses.


Brynhild Immortal Infinity Kingdom

If you are just starting off and don’t have any of the legendary Water Immortals yet. First thing to do is focus on obtaining epic Water Immortals as they are pretty easy to get. Brynhild is a good Water Immortal to have on the team.

She specializes in cavalry troops and excels at defense role. Which means she is the perfect Immortal to defend your city against attackers. Keeping your resources safe is important, therefore it is essential to have city defender like Brynhild.

Water Surge is an active skill that does 220% damage to the front row and has a 35% stun chance. When the enemy Immortals are stunned, they can’t perform any action for 5 seconds.

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Another solid epic Water Immortal that everyone should have in their roster is Helen of Troy. This strong magic user can summon blizzard to hail on the enemies with relative ease.

Helen of Troy specializes in bowmen troops and excels the role as a magic user. If you are in need of powerful magic spells to support your team, Helen of Troy is an excellent addition for Merlin who relies on other Water Immortals to debuff targets with Chill.

Blizzard is an active skill that does 120% damage to three random targets every 3 seconds for 6 seconds. Additionally there is a 8% chance to debuff the targets with Chill, slowing down their attack speed by 20%.


Glyndwr Water Dragon Elder Stage

In addition to these water immortals, Glywndr is a powerful water dragon that will grant attribute stat bonus through complete element affinity. This water dragon provides amazing healing ability that helps keep your immortals alive throughout harsh battles.

His active skill called Life Source restores health to injured immortals, recovering them to fighting state. In addition to that, Glywndr can cast freezing breathe to freeze enemies in their place, rendering them unable to generate energy or perform attacks.

Glyndwr automatically takes the further back-row on the immortal team formation and provides much needed ranged attack with incredible high damage output. Add the water dragon to your team to take advantage of full element affinity bonuses.

Conclusion of Best Water Immortals Guide

Best Water Immortals Guide for Beginners Infinity Kingdom

That’s a wrap of our best Water Immortals guide for beginners. We hope you found our guide informative and helpful in building the best team for you in the game.

Don’t forget to visit your Water Immortals gallery to collect free rewards whenever you summon a new immortal! Currently there are 13 water immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Collecting all of them will give you 2,130 gems that you can spend level up your VIP!

Infinity Kingdom Water Immortals Gallery

If you have any questions about these Water Immortals, please feel free to ask us questions by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to answering any questions you may have.

Lastly, we highly recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. It is free to do so and you get to enjoy more out of it without lag, better graphics, easy controls, and fluid gaming experience.

Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Water Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners
Best Water Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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