Best Nobility Rank and Honor Points Guide for Beginners

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In Infinity Kingdom, Lords can gain Honor Points to increase their Nobility Rank by defeating other Lords’ troops. Upgrading your Nobility Rank will increase the daily rewards from the Nobility Chest and increase the Nobility Bonuses.

If you are trying to increase your Nobility Rank, attacking a Lord’s castle will give you nothing most of the time unless they are garrisoned. If the Lords do not want to fight inside their castle, there is no way you can force them to do so.

However, in this guide we are going to show you how to earn honor points to increase your Nobility Rank the fast and easy way.

How to Earn Honor Points in Infinity Kingdom

Nobility Rank Infinity Kingdom

There are several ways you can do to earn honor points to increase your Nobility Rank in Infinity Kingdom:

  • Attacking Resource Camps
  • Honorable Battles
  • War

Attacking Resource Camps

One of the easiest way to earn honor points is by attacking enemy lords that are farming resource camps on the map. Dispatch your Immortals right next to the resource node before attacking them to avoid alerting the enemy Lords.

You can achieve this by sending your Immortals to a nearby location and once they are close to the resource camp, redirect your march to attack them.

Honorable Battles

There are several players who are looking for fights to trade honor until their hospitals are full. You can do this by finding another player with similar power and agree to meet up somewhere for a 1 vs 1 battles where you each take turn attacking.

If you do not count travel times, or can schedule battle times regularly, this honor points farming method will be the most time-efficient to increase your Nobility Rank fast.


Fighting against other alliances will give a lot of honor points for all alliance members who join the war. If you are on the losing side, you will earn a lot of honor points.

However, if your hospital is full, you will have to play defensively to avoid your troops being killed on the battlefield, which lowers your Prosperity. If your Prosperity reaches to zero, you will be randomly teleported.

Skilled Lords uses this trick to hide their power level by removing Immortal team formations from the lineup. This help reduce their overall power on the world map by roughly 20K. If enemies see a low power level, they may be inclined to attack you.

Nobility Ranking System

Nobility Ranking System Infinity Kingdom

The higher your Nobility Rank is, the bigger attribute bonuses you gain for your troops and overall better, high-quality daily rewards. Each Nobility Rank comes with a spot based on amount of honor points gained and the Lord’s Level.

  • Prince
  • Archduke
  • Duke
  • Marquis Level 1 (3 players limit)
  • Marquis Level 2 (5 Players limit)
  • Marquis Level 3 (10 Players limit)
  • Marquis Level 4 (20 Players limit)
  • Count Level 1 (50 Players limit)

Infinity Kingdom Nobility‌ ‌System

Here’s how the Nobility System works in Infinity Kingdom:

  1. Defeat other Lords’ Troops to gain Honor Points and increase your Nobility Rank.
  2. Nobility grants attribute bonuses to all your Troops.
  3. Certain Nobility Ranks have player quotas that are restricted by Lord Level.
  4. Nobility Ranks with player quotas will be reallocated every Sunday at 00:00 UTC.
  5. Higher Nobility Ranks deduct 1% of your current Honor per day.

Conclusion of Nobility Rank and Honor Points Guide

Best Nobility Rank and Honor Points Guide Infinity Kingdom

We hope you found our Nobility Rank and Honor Points guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions about honor points farming or securing your Nobility Rank, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

We are looking forward to helping you out. Be sure to visit our Infinity Kingdom gift codes guide and grab free rewards. If you are playing the game on your phone or tablet, we recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC. It is absolutely free to do and the gaming experience is a lot better.

Good luck farming honor points!

Best Nobility Rank and Honor Points Guide for Beginners
Best Nobility Rank and Honor Points Guide for Beginners

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