Best Lord Talent Builds Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Lord talent builds guide for beginners. Are you wondering what is the best lord talent build to use in Infinity Kingdom? If so, then look no further because you have come to the right place.

In Infinity Kingdom, players earn talent point each time they upgrade their Lord Level. Then these talent points can be used to invest into either Development Skill or Military Skill to improve their overall efficiency.

But as a new player, it can be a difficult task to decide which one you should start with. If you are a new player and just started playing the game, we recommend Development Talent Build as it will be very important early in the beginning to develop your city as fast as you can.

Lord Talent Rise of Kingdoms

For more experienced Lords and late-game veterans, Military Talent Build would be the best option as you will have every buildings fully upgraded and no longer need to take advantage of additional building speed boost in the Development Talent Area.

The Lord Talent Build is an awesome addition to the game. However, if you make a small mistake or want to reset your talent build, it will cost you 200 gems to do that every time. As a free-to-play player, you do not want to spend gems every time to fix mistakes.

Which is why we created an in-depth Lord talent builds guide to help you get it right the first time. So, which talent build should you pick and what’s the best path for each talent builds?

Best Development Talent Build for Lord

This is by default the best development talent build for Lord. This build focuses on maximizing experience gain and rewards from killing gnomes. Which is important to leveling up your immortals as fast as you can.

Strong immortals will be able to command even more troops, unlock new skills, and wear powerful equipment as well as farming gnomes and bosses with minimal effort. If you are starting off, maxing out your immortals and decked out in epic gears is high priority.

Best Lord Development Talent Build

Lord Development Talent Build Bonuses:

  • +10% Building Speed.
  • +100% Experience Gain when fighting Gnomes.
  • +10% Troop Load.
  • +100% Enchant Stones.
  • +10% Academy Research Speed.
  • Troops cannot die while fighting gnomes.
  • -10% Resource Cost when healing injured troops.
  • Free Summon cooldown timer reduced.
  • +25% Warehouse Storage.
  • Doubled Rewards from killing gnomes.

The Lord Development Talent Build will require 30 talent points to invest in. Once you have all of these points invested, you are free to start spending your talent points into Military Talent Area to further increase your immortals’ combat capability.

Best Military Talent Build for Lord

If you need to shift the gear for war, then you will want to use this Military Talent Build for Lord. Mainly this talent build focuses on increasing your immortals’ combat strength during the battle. Especially when it comes to doing high amount of damage in a short timeframe.

With powerful immortals on your team, you will be able to take advantage of these temporary buffs to increase your army’s combat strength such as improved energy regeneration rate for faster active skill, additional damage against back-row and more. Below is our recommend military talent build for Lords:

Best Lord Military Talent Build

Lord Military Talent Build Bonuses:

  • +30% Critical Rate Chance
  • +5% Magical Defense
  • +5% Physical Defense
  • +50% March Speed
  • Deals 5% of Maximum Health to a random target before entering battle.
  • -10% Troop Causality
  • +100% Honor Points after winning as Attacker (Must-have for upgrading your Nobility Rank)
  • -5% Enemy Magical Defense
  • -5% Enemy Physical Defense
  • +10% Extra Damage to the backrow.
  • +20% Additional Damage when dealing with an enemy using Ambush Tactics.
  • +5% Energy Regeneration Rate
  • +30% Energy Regeneration Rate for two random immortals.

The Lord Military Talent Build will require 30 talent points to fully invest in. Once you are done with this talent build, you can decide whether to continue investing in military talent area to further increase your immortals’ combat strength.

Alternatively, if you need to grow a strong team of immortals then investing your talent points into increasing amount of experience gained from killing gnomes may be a smart investment. Especially as new immortals are coming to Infinity Kingdom and it will be essential to max them out as soon as you can to gain edge over other Lords.

Conclusion of Best Lord Talent Builds

Best Lord Talent Builds Infinity Kingdom Guide

Before we conclude our lord talent builds guide for beginners. You should plan in advance what you want to do first. For majority of the lords, they are going to focus on development talent because the first few weeks in Infinity Kingdom, you need to upgrade and max out your buildings as well as immortals.

They also play an important role in helping you progress through your Growth Missions and Daily Missions. Without investing talent points into Development, you will have a hard time making an advancement.

As you become high-level Lord and have everything maxed out. You may want to consider resetting your talent build only once and invest into military talent build. You will find the military talent build incredible useful in times when you need to go to war against other alliances and kingdoms.

Did you find this guide informative and useful? If you have any questions or want to send a suggestion for this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Lastly, be sure to check out our complete VIP level guide on how to speed level with free gems. Don’t forget to visit our Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes guide to enter free codes for awesome rewards like gems, experience scrolls, speedups and resources!

Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Lord Talent Builds Guide for Beginners
Best Lord Talent Builds Guide for Beginners

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