Best Lightning Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our best Lightning Immortals Infinity Kingdom guide for beginners. Elemental-type plays an important role in countering specific element-type and to gain advantage over your opponents. In this case, Lightning Immortals beat Earth Immortals.

Lightning-type immortals are one of the most interesting elemental because they are wield with powerful lightning spells and magic that can inflict major damage. If you are looking to assemble a pure lightning-type party, then you have come to the right place.

Because in this guide, I am going to talk about the best lightning immortals to get and level up right now in Infinity Kingdom. If you are new to game and want to learn more about attributes such as elements, we recommend you to read our Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortals Guide to learn more and get right to the basics.

Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling and see who is the lightning immortals in the game!

Richard I

Richard I Lightning Immortal

One of the most powerful lightning immortals in the game is Richard I. This legendary immortal excels at the defensive role and specializes in shieldmen troops. Which means he will take the front-row and provide additional protection to the fragile back-row units.

Richard I is not to be underestimate for what he has an active skill called Heaven’s Wrath, which inflicts 170% damage to all targets and has a 40% stun chance for 4 seconds. While stunned, the enemy targets can’t attack or generate energy.

His active skill is incredibly strong as it can hit all targets within a certain range and prevent enemies from attacking or recovering energy. Because of that, Richard I can easily provide support to both defenders and attackers.

Peter the Great

Peter the Great Lightning Immortal

If you love to play an offensive style, then you will absolutely love this lightning immortal. Peter the Great is one of the best offensive immortal that takes the role as a powerful attacker and specializes in spearmen troops.

His active skill is called Mighty Thunder that deals 550% physical damage directly to targets ahead of him. Additionally, it dispel all active buffs on the enemy targets, which is a big help if they have attack speed, defense, or health recovery buff.

Lords will be able to utilize Peter the Great’s unique active skill to counter against enemy Lords that are heavily invested in support role. And that makes this lightning immortal a very good pick.

El Cid

El Cid Lightning Immortal

Another powerful lightning immortal that excels at defensive role. If you need a good defensive immortal that can pair nicely with a spearmen unit, El Cid is the perfect match to go with Richard I.

El Cid specializes in cavalry which counters shieldmen troops, and Richard I’s shieldmen can effectively neutralize spearmen to create an opening for the legendary lightning immortals to break into the formation.

El Cid can use his active skill called Conquest to reduce damage taken by 30% for the front-row troops. Additionally there is a 65% chance to reflect 100% of damage back to the enemies for 12 seconds. This lightning immortal is an excellent unit to deal serious counterattack damage.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Lightning Immortal

Having a solid ranged immortal that can do heavy damage is important for all Lords. One of the biggest advantage Genghis Khan has is the ability to deal damage afar thanks to bowmen specialization and fills in the role as a ranged damage dealer.

As an enemy, you will definitely not want to face this lightning immortal. Because Genghis Khan have an incredibly strong active skill called Arrow Storm that does 440% damage to all targets and causes Wounded, preventing enemies from being healed for 10 seconds.

Preventing enemy targets from healing themselves during the battle is a huge shift that tides the favor from defenders to your advantage. Always make sure you have Genghis Khan in the party if you are an attacker.

Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye Lightning Immortal

Being able to dish out major damage in a short timeframe is absolutely a must. This is where Yi Seong-Gye plays an interest role in stat transfer ability with his active skill. Being a ranged immortal and specializes in bowmen troops, he can provide additional support to the front-row units while doing massive amount of damage.

Yi Seong-Gye’s active skill is called Heavenly Conquering which inflicts 500% damage to two random targets. Then transfers 20% physical / magic attack and 20% physical / defense to the lightning immortal for 10 seconds. During this time, the exposed targets deal less damage and are more vulnerable to incoming damage.

Yi Seong-Gye is a very good lightning immortal to have on the team if you want to be able to quickly eliminate the enemy targets. At the same time, you want to provide additional support to your front-row units.


Abaoji Lightning Immortal

If you do not have legendary ranged lightning immortals such as Genghis Khan or Yi Seong-Gye yet. Then you will want to pick up Abaoji. He is a decent epic immortal that fills in the back-row and specializes in bowmen troops.

Abaoji can use his active skill called Starry Pearl that deals 250% physical damage to one target. Then it explodes and reduces enemy targets’ magical defense by 45% for 9 seconds.

This active skill works awesome in conjunction with a powerful magical immortal who then can take advantage of the lowered magical defense to inflict even more damage. Overall, a decent epic lightning immortal to have on the party.

William Wallace

William Wallace Lightning Immortal

William Wallace is an excellent alternative to legendary immortals that would be otherwise take a time to obtain them. This epic immortal is a strong early game attacker and specializes in spearmen, which means he takes the front-row.

William Wallace can use his active skill called Lightning Smash to inflict 240% physical damage to the targets directly ahead. In addition to that, there is a 40% chance to silence the targets for 6 seconds, preventing them from activating their active skill.

If you are in a need of a strong attacker that can limit your enemy targets from using their active skills. You will want to have William Wallace on your team because he can stop them from casting powerful skills that will otherwise obliterate your party.

Best Dragon for Lightning Immortals

Taranis Lightning Dragon Infinity Kingdom

The best dragon to team up with the lightning immortals is Taranis. He is a powerful lightning dragon that delivers massive amount of damage to all enemy targets. If the targets are stunned, then Taranis will deal even more damage.

With stuns on your very own fingertips, Taranis is more than capable of showing off his fearsome power and bring down the lightning strikes against the targets. All lightning immortals will gain dodge and critical chance bonus in addition to damage bonus when paired with Taranis.

You can learn more about Taranis, the lightning dragon here.

Conclusion of Best Lightning Immortals Guide

Best Lightning Immortals Guide Infinity Kingdom

That’s a wrap of our best Lightinng Immortals guide for beginners. We hope you found our guide informative and helpful in building the best team for you in the game.

Don’t forget to visit your Wind Immortals gallery to collect free rewards whenever you summon a new immortal! Currently there are 13 wind immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Collecting all of them will give you 1,830 gems that you can spend to level up your VIP!

Infinity Kingdom Lighting Immortals Gallery

If you have any questions about these Lightning Immortals, please feel free to ask us questions by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to answering any questions you may have.

Lastly, we highly recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. It is free to do so and you get to enjoy more out of it without lag, better graphics, easy controls, and fluid gaming experience.

Best Lightning Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners
Best Lightning Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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