Best Kingdom Guide for Beginners: How to Choose a Kingdom

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Are you wondering which kingdom to choose before you found your first city in the Infinity Kingdom? Look no further because, in this guide, we are going to talk about the kingdoms and how to pick one that fits you the best.

In Infinity Kingdom, the Lords will have to decide to pick a kingdom out of three. Each kingdom comes with a perk that increases the health of a specific troop type by 5% i.e Shieldmen troops, Cavalry troops, and Spearmen troops.

However, the kingdom does play a major role in the game. By assembling joining a kingdom, you will be able to benefit from bonuses, buffs, and perks that your kingdom gain by seizing control of the zones.

Even though the health perk that each kingdom grants isn’t actually that much, it is always a smart idea to join a kingdom that have the best and strongest players to reap in awesome perks through territory control.

But first, let’s get to the kingdom basics.

Kingdom Selection Screen

Kingdom Selection Screen Infinity Kingdom

Upon creation of a new character or game account, you will go to the kingdom selection screen. On the screen, there are three kingdoms to choose from:

  • Ydvia Kingdom
  • Vitas Kingdom
  • Ruslan Kingdom

Depending on the server, you will see a kingdom that says recommended.

Joining a recommended kingdom is completely optional and totally up to you. But if you join a recommended kingdom, you will get 200 gems and 100 VIP points for free. Which is a great early booster reward, especially when it comes to leveling up your VIP status.

If you never played the Infinity Kingdom before, we recommended you join the recommended kingdom to take advantage of free rewards. However, for the more experienced players who might want to go together may decide to join a specific kingdom type.

Ydvia Kingdom

Best Ydvia Kingdom Guide

Kingdom Ydvia is well known as the beginner kingdom due to the fact that it is recommended most of the time. Joining the Ydvia kingdom will give you +5% spearmen health bonus, which is a nice bonus if you plan to use spearmen immortals that specializes in spearmen troops.

Ydvia kingdom embodies mystery and rationality that possesses the most talented alchemists in Norheim. Their powerful alchemy acts as a deterrent for the other two kingdoms and is considered as the best of all.

Ydvia Kingdom is great for players who are new to Infinity Kingdom and want to take advantage of the +5% bonus health points for the spearmen troops. This kingdom excels at conquering zones through sheer number.

Vitas Kingdom

Best Vitas Kingdom Guide

Vitas Kingdom is one of the popular kingdom due to bonus health points for the shieldmen troops. Upon joining this kingdom, you get 5% shieldmen HP bonus that goes nicely with shieldmen immortals who specializes in shieldmen troops.

Vitas kingdom is located in the most fertile regions of Norheim. The Lords believe that the sacred tree, Saris is the symbol of supreme law of nature. Vitas adheres to the principle of respect for life, friend, and fore alike as well as countless of wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

Vitas Kingdom is perfect for beginner to experienced Lords who wants to try something new and different. In addition to that, those Lords who plans to take advantage of the health bonus for the shieldmen troops.

Ruslan Kingdom

Best Ruslan Kingdom Guide

Unlike Ydvia kingdom and Vitas kingdom, the Ruslan kingdom is the most fearsome and powerful force in Norheim. They value valor and strength that showcase the Lords’ immense combat capabilities.

Upon joining the Ruslan kingdom, Lords will get a 5% health bonus to the horsemen, which benefits cavalry immortals. While Ruslan kingdom isn’t exactly that popular as the other two kingdoms, it is well known kingdom for experienced Lords that boasts tremendous power.

Ruslan Kingdom dominates the zones through sheer of power. While they are great for beginners and experienced players alike, it is a popular kingdom for experienced Lords.

Which Kingdom Should You Pick?

It depends on which kingdom you want to choose. We recommend picking the kingdom that is being recommended by the game to take advantage of 200 gems and 100 VIP points. You can always make the change to a different kingdom before reaching your Castle to Level 9.

Follow your heart and pick the kingdom you want to stick to. Because once your Castle reaches to Level 9, there is no turning back at that point. So make your choice carefully and plan ahead as the game progress.

Each zone have a massive kingdom city situated across the map. If your alliance manage to capture the city, then all of the members within the affected kingdom will be able to reap in bonuses in the zone.

Kingdom City Infinity Kingdom

The winning kingdom gets to control the city. If your goal is to become the strongest and be in a strong kingdom, you will want to join a team armed with powerful players such as Vitas Kingdom or Ruslan Kingdom.

Ydvia Kingdom is pretty good kingdom as well, though it will mostly have a lot of new Lords and beginners. But through sheer number and fostering a healthy, growing community, it is entirely possible to transform your kingdom into a formidable force late game.

Conclusion of Best Kingdom Guide for Beginners

Best Kingdom Guide for Beginners Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our kingdom guide for beginners informative and useful? If you think of something that we should add to this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to fostering a healthy Infinity Kingdom community at House of Kingdoms.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Infinity Kingdom gift codes (updated frequently) for gems and other awesome rewards. If you are playing Infinity Kingdom on your phone or tablet, we recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. It is absolutely free to do and runs a lot smoother.

Again, if you have any questions about the Kingdoms in Infinity Kingdom, let us know. Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Kingdom Guide for Beginners: How to Choose a Kingdom
Best Kingdom Guide for Beginners: How to Choose a Kingdom

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