Best Infinity Kingdom Review: Perfect RTS Game for Beginners

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Are you looking for the next best RTS game to take your strategy skill to the next level?

Then you may want to check out the Infinity Kingdom.

It is one of the most popular mobile RTS games that involves training troops and assembling teams with immortals so that the Lords can battle on the field against other players and the evil gnome army.

With a massive open-field world map, you will face several rivals on the path to victory.

So, gather resources, prepare your troops, train dragons and immortals to meet against them as you stake territory and reign what belongs to you.

So, if you are looking for something different that adds exciting twists to the RTS game in a cartoonish style.

Stick around, and let’s find out why Infinity Kingdom is one of the best RTS game alternatives to Rise of Kingdoms.

Gameplay & Contents

In the Infinity Kingdom, the gameplay is relatively straightforward, simple, and easy to understand.

Immortals, similar to commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, are the units where you can assemble a team and fill their army with troops.

The immortals come in three categories with their strengths and weaknesses: troop type, element type, and position type.

Troop Counter System Infinity Kingdom Review

These attributes turn Infinity Kingdom into a strategy-based game.

The Lords must format the right army position, element type, and troop type to counter enemies in various battles.

Lords can command multiple teams across multiple troop types such as spearmen, shieldmen, cavalry, and even bowmen.

They come in seven different elements: fire, water, lightning, earth, wind, holy, and shadow.

These element types have their strength and counter systems. For instance, water beats fire, fire beats wind, and to deal additional damage bonus.

Element Counter System Infinity Kingdom Review

The immortals also are supported by powerful beasts that the Lords call Dragons in the Infinity Kingdom.

As a Lord, you can hatch an element-specific dragon and train from baby stage to elder stage.

Over time, your dragon will learn new skills and grow in power to become a formidable force that serves as an ultimate source of force for your immortal teams.

Take care and evolve your dragons to unleash their true full force to maximize your combat advantage.

Aside from the combat gameplay, the world map is pretty open-end, and you can explore ruins as you please.

Unlike Rise of Kingdoms, where the map is covered in fog, the map is fully visible in the Infinity Kingdom.

But to progress the game, you must level up your Lord Level.

Which can be done by performing daily objectives such as exploring ruins, farming gnomes, gathering resources, and even upgrading equipment through Alchemy Lab.

Best Infinity Kingdom Review Gameplay

There are abundant resources, gems, and special items being handed out very often through our Infinity Kingdom gift code guide, making the game quite Free-to-Play player-friendly.

Compared to other mobile games such as Rise of Kingdoms, leveling up and investing your time in the Infinity Kingdom is fast, simple, and easy.

As long as you maximize your daily objectives, participate in events, and in one of the top alliances the server.

It is also not difficult to play alone as a free-to-play player, but any help is always welcoming to accelerate your city development.

Immortals & Dragons

Immortals and dragons are two of the essential gameplay factors that you will be using quite often as you progress throughout the game.

They are what makes up your army and contribute to your ability to defeat enemy lords, evil gnomes, and harvesting resources on the map.

Therefore, you must focus on training your immortals and dragons as often as possible to maximize their combat ability.


Best Infinity Kingdom Review Immortal

The Immortals are the units that you can use to assemble a team formation.

Each immortal specializes in a troop type, element type, and position role.

Four rarities determine an immortal’s power level, the number of passive skills, and the number of troops they can carry.

For instance, common, rare, and elite can only have one active skill and two passive skills.

While epic immortals such as Harald III, Yoshitsune, and even Frederick I come with one active skill and three passive skills.

Epic immortals also have a significantly larger troop capacity to deliver even more damage on the battlefield.

Most epic immortals are easy to get by performing advanced summons as free-to-play players in the Hall of Immortals.

The Lords can also collect the immortal fragments via the Market, Alliance Shop, and Daily Deals.

To grow your immortals in power, you must defeat the evil gnomes to gain experience.

Alternatively, you can use experience scrolls to level up quickly.

In addition to that, you can increase your immortal’s power by fusing them with runes and equipping them with powerful, epic gears.


Best Infinity Kingdom Review Dragon

As a Lord, you will collect dragon eggs over time through completing Well of Time story mode and via Special Events.

Mend your dragon eggs, hatch them, train, and evolve them into a powerful beast that will destroy your enemy teams with its raw magical power.

There are seven types of dragons, and they each have their name: Glyndwr, Demeter, Taranis, Zephyr, Ignatius, Lucasta, and Melanthios.

These dragons usually complete the element-specific immortal team formations to acquire the total element affinity stat bonuses.

It takes quite a long time to train dragons because of high requirements involving spending a lot of gold, dragon crystals, and upgrading skills.

Therefore, we recommended you train your dragons all the time with minimal downtime to get ahead of your competitors.

Each dragon can learn up to three skills: an active skill that grants a special buff to your team, debuff enemy team, and even deal massive damage.

The other two passive skills bolster your dragon’s combat strength during the battle and sometimes enhance their active skills to make it even stronger.

Upgrading your dragon skills requires dragon crystals, and the cost will increases as you continue to upgrade.

Luckily, acquiring dragon crystals is pretty straightforward and is done by defeating gnome bosses and participating in the Special Events.

Talent and Skill Development

Another major gameplay that you should know when playing Infinity Kingdom is talent and skill development.

As a Lord, you will have the opportunity to gain talent points, which you can use to invest in developing your city’s resource production.

Alternatively, you can use your lord talent points to upgrade your troops’ combat strength so that the immortals can fight even better.

Through Tower of Knowledge, you can browse a wide array of passive skills and decide which one to invest your soul crystals for your immortals to use during the battles.

Lord Talent System

Lord Talent System Infinity Kingdom Review

The Lord Talent is a unique system where you will get a talent point each time your Lord levels up.

From that point, you can invest in upgrading your development to accelerate resource production rate, get more out of farming the evil gnomes, as well as protecting your resources from potential attackers.

The development talent section will surely help get you started on a quick path if you are progressing.

At the same time, the military talent section provides your immortals’ combat advantage during the battles.

It comes in various stat boosters such as increased damage and defense against physical and magical attacks.

The military talent system also has special effects if certain conditions are met, such as Ambush for massive damage.

That is a great way to plan strategically so that you can defeat hard-to-beat enemy Lords and enemy monsters on the battlefield.

The Infinity Kingdom makes it easy to swap talent pages, and you can have up to three talent pages at a time.

Unfortunately, it costs 200 gems to switch talent pages each time you do so.

Passive Skill System

Tower of Knowledge Passive Skill Infinity Kingdom Review

The Infinity Kingdom also has a very customizable passive skill system, unlike other mobile games typically in a preset.

You can decide which passive skills to focus on and equip your immortals with them through the Tower of Knowledge.

Each passive skill will come with recommended immortals, which you can choose to do so if you want to maximize their overall combat advantage but are not required to.

You can upgrade a passive skill eight times before they are maxed out.

Unfortunately, the cost to upgrade passive skills will increase, and you will need even more soul crystals to max them out fully.

Luckily, if you have many immortal fragments, you can head to the Alchemy Lab and convert them into soul crystals.

The passive skills don’t require any action from the Lords during the battle as they are done automatically.

They have various effects like reduced physical / magical damage taken, unique magic spells, and even permanent attack speed boost with self-healing capability.

City Developmental

City Developmental Infinity Kingdom Review

You will take reign of your castle, where you will be responsible for day-to-day operations, including training troops, upgrading buildings, and constructing new structures.

As you level up your castle, you will unlock new buildings that have a purpose in the Infinity Kingdom, like the Alchemy Lab, Alliance Center, and even the Forge.

Your castle is the heart of the city that the Lords must protect against potential attackers at all costs.

Therefore, you need to produce fortifications at the Wall continually and train troops to defend your city.

Outside at the outskirt, you can construct resource production buildings like farms, quarries, smelteries, and lumber mills to generate resources passively.

Upon reaching a certain building level, you will be able to gain access to even more powerful technologies and troops and perform advanced features otherwise unavailable to low-level Lords.

As a free-to-play player, you will have one builder queue at a time.

But you can unlock a permanent second builder queue by purchasing A Winning Start bundle just for $4.99.

Conclusion of Best Infinity Kingdom Review

Best Infinity Kingdom Review RTS Game Guide

So, should you play the Infinity Kingdom? If you are looking for a free-to-play player mobile RTS game that doesn’t require paying money and has many freebies.

Then the Infinity Kingdom is one of the best and top-rated strategy games to play right now.

Many free gift codes are being handed out on an almost weekly basis, and each gives you between 100 to 200 gems along with powerful items.

The Infinity Kingdom is also straightforward, simple, and less time-consuming compared to Rise of Kingdoms.

So, if you are looking to make the switch or prefer to play casually without being tied down too much by P2W items compared to Lords Mobile or Raid: Shadow Legends.

Then you will enjoy the Infinity Kingdom for sure.

After all, it’s a relatively new game, and it’s already popular among casual mobile gamers.

The Infinity Kingdom still has a lot of growth, which will eventually include new immortals, events, dragons, elements, buildings, talents, skills, and even strategies.

Out of all RTS mobile games, the Infinity Kingdom takes the crown for being the most casual, free-to-play player friendly with a lot of flexibility and combination designed to suit your preference and game style.

We give the Infinity Kingdom a solid five out of five stars rating.

Did you find our best Infinity Kingdom review helpful and informative?

If you want to share your Infinity Kingdom review, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the Infinity Kingdom. Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Infinity Kingdom Review: Perfect RTS Game for Beginners
Best Infinity Kingdom Review: Perfect RTS Game for Beginners

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