Best Immortal Team Formations Guide for Beginners

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In our in-depth guide, we will share basic tips and strategies on how to create the best immortal team formations in Infinity Kingdom for free-to-play players.

Assembling a good team formation is one of the most important part that guide your immortals to victory as the battle outcome depends on the layout to counter enemy team formation.

If you are new to Infinity Kingdom and just started learning the combat system, then you will find this guide incredible useful and informative as it will raise your skill cap. Which means you will be able to utilize these immortal team formations to your advantage over new and inexperienced lords.

That being said, let’s get to the basics!

Immortals: The Basics

Infinity Kingdom Element Team Formations

As you know, Immortals play a big role in commanding and leading your troops. They decide how much troops they can bring to the battle based on their level. Their combat efficiency depends on skill and equipment with the higher level they are, the better their combat efficiency becomes.

In Infinity Kingdom, there are two types of summons: Normal and Advanced. The Lords can summon Immortals through Hall of Immortals. Rarity of immortals depends on type of summon that the lord performs:

  • Normal Summon includes Uncommon and Rare Immortals.
  • Advanced Summon includes Rare, Elite and Epic Immortals.

Each time you perform 7 Advanced Summons, you will get a free elite or epic Immortal. If you decide to stick around and spend money on Infinity Kingdom. We highly recommend that you buy the Builder Pack, which will grant you an extra permanent builder that helps you grow even faster.

If you purchase the pack, you will get a free epic immortal called Merlin who is one of the most powerful wizard along with valuable rewards like gems and VIP points that you can use to level up your VIP status. This is an excellent deal as Merlin and the extra builder queue will help you progress faster in late game.

Infinity Kingdom Pack

Immortals: Attributes

The game mechanism in Infinity Kingdom is much more complex, richer and adds interesting twists to the combat system. In fact, there are 7 element types, 4 troops type and 5 position types that denotes each immortal’s combat capability in term of strength and weakness.


There are 7 type of elements. They can be used to counter other type of elements which give you advantage on the battlefield.

Whenever you fight against an enemy team that has an element which counters your team formation element, they will take less damage. Therefore, make sure you inspect the opponent’s troops first before heading into Arena, Mysterium or attacking their city on the map.

Element comes with visual effects that shows up on Immortals, Dragons and even Gnomes — which makes them quite interesting and exciting.


In Infinity Kingdom, there are 4 troop types which comes with their own strength and weaknesses. They are independent from elements and can provide additional damage output based on counters. If you do not have element advantage yet, then the troops will give you combat advantage that can turn the tide of battle into your favor.

  • Spearmen Troops counter Cavalry Troops
  • Cavalry Troops counter Shieldmen Troops
  • Shieldmen Troops counter Spearmen Troops
  • Bowmen beat all of the above troops

Before you fight any of enemies on the battlefield or in events, make sure you check their formation first and adjust your Immortal layout accordingly to maximize counter damage.


There are 5 different type of position in Infinity Kingdom. They are used to identify Immortal’s strength and weakness to help the Lords make the best decision in assigning them to the correct role.

  • Attack – Front-Row / Offensive
  • Defense – Front-Row / Defensive
  • Ranged – Back-Row / Offensive / Defensive
  • Magic – Back-Row / Offensive / Defensive
  • Support – Back-Row / Defensive

Each immortal’s position plays an important role as their active skill is based on it. If you are in need of defenders to protect your city against the attackers, you will want to assemble a team of Defensive Immortals.

Vice versa, if you want to raid enemy cities and fight in PvP battles, you will want to build a team formation with powerful attackers and ranged or magical support for increased damage output.

Immortals: Team Formations

You should always have multiple immortals and a dragon with the same element at all the time to gain maximum stat bonus. For each same element type, your immortals and dragon will become stronger compared to fragmented team formation.

Infinity Kingdom Team Formation

Here’s a few tips to creating team formations in Infinity Kingdom:

  • Dragon plays an important role in all battles. They are the backbone and comes with powerful skill. Therefore, you need to upgrade your dragon level as often as you can.
  • You need Dragon Soul Crystals to upgrade your dragon at level 4 and to upgrade its abilities.
  • Dragon Soul Crystals can be found in the Market or by farming Gnome Bosses on the map.
  • All 4 immortals and dragon must be the same element to get maximum stat bonus.
  • If you are garrisoning your city, have 2 defensive immortals, 1 ranged / magical immortal and 1 support immortal.
  • If you are attacking enemies, have 2 offensive immortals, 1 ranged / magical immortal and 1 support immortal.

Immortal Team Formation: Offensive

Lords who likes to play offensively, plundering enemy cities for resources and reap in awesome rewards should follow the recommended team formation. An ideal offensive team formation should look like this:

Offensive Immortal Team Formation
  • Front-Row: Two Offensive Immortals (Preferable different troop type i.e Cavalry / Spearmen to balance counters).
  • Back-Row: One Ranged or Magical Immortal and one Support Immortal for debuffs / buffs.
  • Same-type elemental (4 immortals and 1 dragon) will grant maximum stat bonus.

Immortal Team Formation: Defensive

Protecting your city is an important part in Infinity Kingdom. By protecting yourself, you keep your resources safe and sound from these hungry attackers. Which is why it is essential that you form an immortal team formation that can keep your city secured:

Defensive Immortal Team Formation
  • Front-Row: Two Defensive Immortals (Preferable different troop type i.e Shieldmen / Spearmen to balance counters).
  • Back-Row: One Ranged or Magical Immortal and one Support Immortal for debuffs / buffs.
  • Same-type elemental (4 immortals and 1 dragon) will grant maximum stat bonus.

Immortal Team Formation: Balanced

And lastly, if you like to keep things balanced through providing buffs to nearby friendly allies and weakening your enemies, while dishing out major damage. You will find this immortal team formation to be quite strong and useful.

Balanced Immortal Team Formation
  • Front-Row: One Offensive Immortal and one Defensive Immortal (Preferable different troop type i.e Shieldmen / Cavalry to balance counters).
  • Back-Row: One Support Immortal for debuffs / buffs and one Ranged or Magical Immortal.
  • Same-type elemental (4 immortals and 1 dragon) will grant maximum stat bonus.

Immortal Team Formation Tips

When you are starting off as a new Lord in Infinity Kingdom, we recommend starting with Water Immortals because they are super easy to get early in the game. Plus, they are easy to level up which will give you a headstart as your kingdom develops over the time.

It is not possible to get either Shadow Immortals or Holy Immortals right off the bat as they are much rarer, exclusively and typically becomes available in late game. So you do not need to worry too much about element counter in the beginning except for Lords who have a team of Earth Immortals.

Manage your immortal team formation and adjust accordingly to counter their layout using one of these recommended team formations in this guide.

Conclusion of Best Immortal Team Formations Guide

Best Immortal Team Formations Guide Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our immortal team formations guide useful and informative? Let us know if you have any suggestions or think there are something we should add to this guide by commenting in the comment section below. We hope to help foster and teach free-to-play players to become a skilled Lord in the game.

Lastly, Infinity Kingdom hands out free gift codes frequently. We highly recommend you to check out our free Infinity Kingdom gift codes guide and take advantage of awesome rewards and swags to boost your progress in the game.

You also can download Infinity Kingdom on PC for free. Playing the game on computer comes with the advantage of higher graphic quality, easier game controls, and lag-free experience. Give it a try.

If you have any question, give us a holler. Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Immortal Team Formations Guide for Beginners
Best Immortal Team Formations Guide for Beginners

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