Best Holy Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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Hello and welcome to our Holy Immortals Guide for beginners. Do you know which element-type have no weakness in Infinity Kingdom? If you guessed Holy, then you are correct.

Holy Immortals have advantage over Shadow Immortals, but neutral towards fire immortals, wind immortals, water immortals, lightning immortals and earth immortals. Which makes Holy one of the best element-type in the game due to no weaknesses.

Although, getting elite and epic holy immortals isn’t going to be that easy as you think. They are by far the rarest and fewest as there is not much of them compared to other immortals. Though, the Lords definitely should go for Holy Immortals whenever they can.

If you are new to Infinity Kingdom, I highly recommend you to check out our Ultimate Immortals Infinity Kingdom guide to learn more about these elements and attributes so that you can create very strong immortal formations.

Without further ado, let’s find out who is the best holy immortals in Infinity Kingdom!

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Holy Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Meet Julius Caesar, the Roman Dictator. He is one of the strongest defensive immortals in the game thanks to his powerful active skill. Specializing in spearmen troops and holds a defensive position means he excels in the front-row role.

Julius Caesar comes with an active skill called Golden Ruler that deals 200% physical damage to all targets and has a 60% chance to disarm the target with highest physical / magical attack for 8 seconds.

While the target is disarmed, they deal 30% less damage. Because of Julius Caesar’s unique active skill, it makes him a highly desired immortal in the game as he can easily subdue the strongest target in matter of seconds.


Gilgamesh Holy Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Gilgamesh is easily one of the best holy immortals in Infinity Kingdom. With him on your team, you will absolutely crush the enemy force with ease thanks to his powerful active skill.

This epic immortal can perform Golden Capital that does 400% physical damage to all targets. Then deals another 80% damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds to all targets. Overall, Gilgamesh’s active skill does an impressive 2,680% physical damage.

Gilgamesh specializes in bowmen troops and holds ranged position, which means he takes the back-row role. He is an amazing holy immortal to have on the team due to high damage output. Perfect for demolishing targets quickly.


Theodora Holy Immortal Infinity Kingdom

It’s always great to have an immortal that can support your team. This is where Theodora, the Empress of Eastern Rome, comes into the play. Specialized in bowmen troops and excels at support role means she takes the back-row.

Theodora can cast Divine Gift which heals all allies’ health instantly for 300% and dispel any continuous damage debuffs. If the friendly target’s health is below, then the healing effect is increased by 100%. Which means when they get healed by Theodora, they will be healed instantly for 600%.

Being a healer means Theodora can provide support to both your offensive and defensive forces, depending on the way you want to play. Ideally, Theodora will perform the best if it was put in an all-holy immortal formation to take advantage of the same element-type bonuses.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Holy Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Another stellar holy immortal to get is Joan of Arc. This elite immortal specializes in spearmen troops and assumes the defensive row, which means she takes the front-row.

Joan of Arc comes with an active skill called Martyr’s Glory that increases all friendly targets’ damage by 15% for 6 seconds and dispel any debuffs. For each debuff that Joan of Arc dispel, she gains 1% additional damage bonus for 6 seconds.

Suppose that she dispelled 5 debuffs with her active skill, her troops will gain 20% damage bonus (15% + 5% bonus). If she managed to dispel 10 debuffs, then her troops will do 25% additional damage (15% + 10% bonus). So the damage bonus grows the more debuff she dispel with her active skill.

Overall, Joan of Arc is a solid elite holy immortal to have on the team.

Conclusion of Best Holy Immortals Guide

Best Holy Immortals Guide for Beginners Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our best Holy Immortals guide for beginners helpful and informative? If you have any suggestions or something that you think we should add to this guide. Then by all means, let us know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to check out your Holy Immortals gallery to get free gems and rewards for each new immortal that you summon. As of right now, there are 4 holy immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Collecting all of them will give you 1,000 gems that you can use to level up your VIP status!

Infinity Kingdom Holy and Shadow Immortals Gallery

Be sure to check out Shadow Immortals guide which is a counterpart of the Holy Immortals if you prefer to take on the darker, demonic side. As always, we will continue to update this guide as new holy immortals comes out.

Lastly, we highly recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. It is free to do so and you get to enjoy more out of it without lag, better graphics, easy controls, and fluid gaming experience.

Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Holy Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners
Best Holy Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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