Best Hall of Immortals Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our Hall of Immortals guide. If you are new to Infinity Kingdom and you are wondering what is the best way to collect new immortals such as fire immortals, water immortals, earth immortals, lightning immortals and even wind immortals.

Then look no further because in this guide, we have everything covered from collecting immortal fragments to combining them to summon an actual immortal. Lords have been using Hall of Immortals to summon new immortals with the Philosopher’s Stone fragment and Philosopher’s Stone.

In order to do so, you must construct Hall of Immortals which is typically early in the beginning of the game when you establish your first city.

Hall of Immortals Infinity Kingdom

Once Hall of Immortals has been constructed, you can use your Philosopher’s Stone fragment and Philosopher’s Stone to start collecting pieces and summon Immortals to fight for you.

How to use Hall of Immortals

It’s actually pretty easy and straightforward to use Hall of Immortals. If you have played Rise of Kingdoms before, then you are probably familiar with the way their Tavern system is set up to be similar to Hall of Immortals.

This is the Hall of Immortals when you visit the place. On the bottom left corner, you can use fragmented stones to collect pieces which will consist of common and rare immortals. On the bottom right corner is the Philosopher’s Stone. We highly recommend you to save until you have 9 stones to get the 10th summon for free.

How to use Hall of Immortals Infinity Kingdom

Each time you perform 10 advance summons, you will have a chance to get an elite or epic immortal. The fact that this is guaranteed is actually a big deal because if you do save 9 stones to take advantage of the free advance summon, you will get an elite or epic immortal every time.

One of the most common mistakes that I see with the new Lords is spending their stone one by one. Lords should be only taking advantage of the free normal and advance summons, nothing else. Save rest of your stones for major advance summons.

Hall of Immortals Rewards

Believe it or not, there are rewards for performing summons at Hall of Immortals:

Hall of Immortals Rewards Infinity Kingdom

As you can see, the rewards for performing advance summons vastly outperform normal summons. Which is why you will always want to save your stones so that you will have at least a chance to get one of these epic immortals like Julius Caesar, Charles the Great and even Leonidas for instance.

Chance of getting an epic immortal is roughly 2% for each advance summon which is pretty low. Though you will always get at least some epic immortals in form of fragments over the time. By then you will be able to summon epic immortals to fight for you.

Hall of Immortals is a great place to get started with building your team — especially early in the beginning of game where it is imperative to have same element-type immortals to gain combat bonuses.

Hall of Immortals Rewards Rate

Below is a chart of chance rate for each fragments and immortals based on normal summons and advance summons:

Uncommon Immortal3%0%
Rare Immortal2%0.4%
Elite Immortal0%8.1%
Epic Immortal0%1.9%
Uncommon Immortal Fragments50%0%
Rare Immortal Fragments45%52.5%
Elite Immortal Fragments0%27.1%
Epic Immortal Fragments0%9.9%

Conclusion of Hall of Immortals Guide

Best Hall of Immortals Guide Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our guide about Hall of Immortals informative and helpful? If you think of something that we should mention or add to this guide, let us know in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Lastly, if you are playing Infinity Kingdom on phone or tablet. We highly recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. It is absolutely free to do that and it comes with ton of perks like lag-free experience, higher graphic quality and overall better game controls.

Again, if you have any questions about Hall of Immortals, let us know. Happy ruling Lords!

Best Hall of Immortals Guide for Beginners
Best Hall of Immortals Guide for Beginners

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