Best Earth Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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Hello and welcome to the best Earth Immortals Infinity Kingdom guide for beginners. Are you looking for ways to build a powerful force of Earth Immortals. If so, then you have come to the right guide. Because in this guide, we are going to talk about the best Earth Immortals to level up right now in Infinity Kingdom.

Earth-type immortals comes with an elemental advantage over water-type immortals. Which means these Earth Immortals do more damage to Lords who commands a party of Water Immortals. Choosing the right element-type can give you significant advantage in these battles.

If you are new to Infinity Kingdom, we highly recommend you to read our Ultimate Infinity Kingdom Immortals Guide to learn more about attributes such as elements where fire immortals, water immortals, wind immortals, lightning immortals, holy immortals, shadow immortals and earth immortals all play a role in the game.

That being said, are you excited to find our who is the best Earth Immortals? Stick around and let’s find out!

Charles the Great

Charles the Great Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

One of the most powerful legendary immortals in the game is Charles the Great. This earth immortal have the ability to raise defense and absorb all of the incoming damage. If you are looking for the perfect immortal to defend your city, Charles the Great is absolutely a godsend.

He comes with an amazing active skill called Terra Shield that grants an absorption shield that absorbs 400% of the incoming damage for 6 seconds, whichever last longer. The fact that this active skill affects all friendly units is just pure amazing and incredible useful if you want to minimize your troops loss.

Out of all defensive immortals, Charles the Great definitely ranks high in this category. Moreover, he is an Earth Immortal which will benefit your party massively if you want to provide additional support along with powerful damage dealers.


Leonidas Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Another stellar earth immortal to have on the team is Leonidas. Being able to deal damage and provide protection to the back-row units is equally important. Which is why Leonidas is one of the strongest defensive immortals in the game.

With his active skill called Earth Splitter, he can deal 250% physical damage to all targets and reduce damage taken by 30% for 6 seconds. The damage reduction goes nicely with Charles the Great’s shield absorption buff that can tremendously bolster your immortals’ defensive capabilities.

Leonidas specializes in spearmen and fills in the role as a front-row defender. He excels at killing cavalry troops.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Meet Alexander the Great. He is an incredible offensive immortal that excels at breaking through the most toughest barriers in the game. Unlike other immortals, Alexander the Great have an unique active skill called Eternal Conquest that grants a passive buff which increases normal damage by 50%.

The passive buff is already strong as the 50% damage increase is more than enough to provide a large output increase for the troops. However, when Alexander the Great activates his active skill, all the troops gain an additional 50% damage and attack speed bonus.

The combination of damage and attack speed bonus can easily overwhelm the enemy forces. During this phase, Alexander the Great is immune to all controls such as stun and silence. And honestly, that makes him a frightening powerful legendary immortal.


Cleopatra Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

If you are in need of a solid back-row immortal that can reliably deliver powerful and damaging spells to the enemy targets. You will want to have Cleopatra on the team for sure.

She comes with an active skill called Entangling Snakes that does 300% magical damage to all targets and randomly selects two targets to reduce their magical defense by 35% for 6 seconds.

The debuff means Cleopatra and other magical users can unleash their spells to deal even more damage. This legendary earth immortal is amazing due to high damage output and debuff also means she can provide additional support to further increase overall combat capabilities.


Boudicca Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

One of the best epic earth immortals in the game is Boudicca. If you are just starting off and need a solid attacker, Boudicca easily fills in the front-row role. Specializing in shieldmen troops means she excels at destroying the enemy spearmen troops with ease.

However, Boudicca can further break through the defenses with her amazing active skill called Victory Charge. Whenever she performs a Victory Charge, she strikes up to two random targets, dealing 240% physical damage and has a 40% chance to Confine them for 6 seconds.

When the enemy targets are confined, they can’t perform normal attacks for 6 seconds. This allows your units to focus on dishing out damage while the enemy targets is incapable of counterattacking your team.

Isabella of Castile

Isabella of Castile Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

Lords who is looking for a specialized nuker needs to get this epic earth immortal. Isabella of Castile at first glance might look like a healer or support role. However, she is actually an incredible attacker thanks to her active skill.

If you are facing a tough opponent, Isabella of Castile can activate her active skill called Divine Kingdom which does 500% magical damage to a random target. That target also will deal 20% less damage and take 20% additional damage from the targets.

Isabella of Castile is amazing when you need added damage output against raid bosses or tough enemy units where it is imperative to eliminate important immortal first.

John Henry

John Henry Earth Immortal Infinity Kingdom

One of the best early-game defender is John Henry. He specializes in shieldmen troops and fills in the front-row as a defender. Protecting your city is just about as important as it is to attack the enemies.

John Henry have an unique active skill called Iron Hammer which does 150% physical damage to all targets. Plus, there is a 30% chance to stun the affected targets for 4 seconds. When the targets is stunned, they can’t generate energy or attack your targets.

This allows your units to focus on dealing damage and using active skills as often as they can to deliver the final blow. Whenever you need to apply unit-wide stun, John Henry is your guy.

Conclusion of Best Earth Immortals Guide

Best Earth Immortals Guide for Beginners Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our best Earth Immortals Infinity Kingdom guide informative and helpful? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We are looking forward to help Lords improve and become a great player in the game.

Also don’t forget to visit your Earth Immortals gallery to earn free rewards and gems every time you summon a new one! Currently there are 15 earth immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Collecting all of them will net you 2,230 gems that you can spend to level up your VIP!

Infinity Kingdom Earth Immortals Gallery

If you have any questions about these Earth Immortals, please feel free to ask us questions by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to answering any questions you may have.

Lastly, we highly recommend download Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. It is free to do so and you get to enjoy more out of it without lag, better graphics, easy controls, and fluid gaming experience.

Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Earth Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners
Best Earth Immortals Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

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