Best Dragons Infinity Kingdom: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Dragons guide for Infinity Kingdom. In this guide, we are going to explains what the dragons do in the game and how they can help your immortals gain combat efficiency during the battles.

Dragons are well-known for their immense source of power. They can either deliver destructive attacks to inflict damage to the enemy targets. Or they can utilize their magical healing ability to recover injured troops back to fighting state.

Depending on your immortal team formation, you might want to check out these dragons first before you build an army that align to its ultimate skill to maximize team’s combat potential. That being said, let’s find out how to use the dragons in Infinity Kingdom.

How to Train Dragons

Lords can train dragons in the Dragon Cave. The building is situated in the northern region in your castle.

Infinity Kingdom Dragon Cave

When you see a dragon icon bubble above the Dragon Cave, it indicates the dragons are ready for training. As a rule of thumb, you will always want to keep on training dragons to level up fast.

In the beginning of game, you will start with a Water Dragon. We highly recommended maxing out the Water Dragon first because it will be your strongest dragon in the beginning and the highest level out of all. Afterwards, you can start focusing on other dragons such as Earth Dragon or Fire Dragon.

Each time you train a dragon, it will cost gold to do so. However at Level 5, Level 15, and Level 25 will require Dragon Crystals to upgrade to the next stage. You can collect dragon crystals (element-based) through treasure chests, high-level events, and chain quests.

There are 7 different type of dragons that come with their own unique skills and strengths:

All dragons will go through five maturity phases in the following order: egg stage –> infancy stage –> adolescence stage –> adulthood stage –> elder stage. In both egg and infancy stage, the dragon is vulnerable and can’t perform any attacks. Dragons start acquiring skills once they reach adolescence stage and beyond.

Water Dragon

Glyndwr Water Dragon Infinity Kingdom

Glyndwr is a water dragon and the first type of dragon for all Lords in Infinity Kingdom. This dragon comes with a very powerful healing ability that helps keep your team alive during the battlefield. Equipped with a frosty aura, he can cast ice breath that freezes enemy immortals and prevents them from performing attacks or generate energy.

Upon unlocking the third skill, all immortals gain critical and dodge chance bonus. Water Immortals gain a damage bonus that can stack up to 5 times. If you are looking for a reliable dragon that can support your team through healing and freezing ability, Glyndwr is an awesome water dragon.

Lords can learn more about Glyndwr in details by visiting the Ultimate Water Dragon Guide for beginners.

Earth Dragon

Demeter Earth Dragon Infinity Kingdom

Out of these original five elements, Demeter is the most toughest and bulky dragon. This earth dragon comes with an incredibly high physical defense and magical attack that makes him an excellent addition to the earth immortals team.

With his tremendous weight and destructive force, Demeter can stun all enemy units with his mighty earthquake ability. Demeter also can whip up a sandstorm that reduces damage taken for your three random units.

Each time your immortals lose 10% of its troops, they gain a damage bonus that stacks up to 5 times. Demeter is truly a mighty war machine for Lords who wants to be able to keep enemies at bay. You can learn more about Demeter by visiting the Ultimate Earth Dragon Guide for beginners.

Lightning Dragon

Taranis Lighting Dragon Infinity Kingdom

One of the strongest dragons with an impressive magical attack capability is Taranis. This lightning dragon can do immense raw damage with his lightning abilities. If the enemy targets are stunned, then Taranis can do even more damage which makes him one of the highest damage dealer in this category.

Lightning immortals benefit from close partnership with Taranis thanks to his unique skill called Lightning Cage that roots enemy targets in its place. This means enemy physical attackers are vulnerable to ranged attacks and can’t perform skills that otherwise requires close contact.

Taranis also raises all Lightning Immortals’ damage that stacks up to 5 times for each debuff. If there are 5 debuffs, then the immortals gain a massive damage bonus. This lightning dragon is awesome for Lords who likes to focus on gaining immediate damage bonus.

You can learn more about Taranis by checking out the Ultimate Lightning Dragon Guide for beginners.

Wind Dragon

Zephyr Wind Dragon Infinity Kingdom

If you prefer to play a close combat style i.e getting up front and personal. You will absolutely love to have Zephyr on your wind immortals team. This wind dragon is quick, witty, and with a sense of humor can lighten up and turn tide of battle into your favor.

Zephyr can perform Turmoil Breath to deal damage to all enemy targets and reduce their accuracy by 25%. In addition to that, your friendly units will have a chance to recover a small portion of their health.

Lords who likes to focus on dealing massive amount of physical damage with some healing support should have Zephyr on the team. You can learn more about Zephyr by visiting the Ultimate Wind Dragon Guide for beginners.

Fire Dragon

Ignatius Fire Dragon Infinity Kingdom

Meet Ignatius. He is one of the most feared fire dragons in Infinity Kingdom. Armed with overall balance stats, he excels in physical and magical attack that are equally strong to physical and magical defense. Fire immortals benefits from Ignatius’ fiery aura during the battle.

Ignatius can breathe searing hot flame to inflict major damage against enemy targets, leaving them to burn over the time. Additionally, he can roar to grant a temporary damage bonus to three random friendly immortals, increasing their combat capabilities.

Whenever your immortals gain buff, they will gain damage bonus in addition to improved critical rate and dodge chance. Ignatius is a strong fire dragon to have on the team. You can learn more about him by visiting the Ultimate Fire Dragon Guide for beginners.

Shadow Dragon

Melanthios Shadow Dragon Infinity Kingdom

Melanthios is a shadow dragon that draws in demonic, dark energy from the world. When you pair a shadow dragon with a team of shadow immortals, they all will gain attribute bonuses that increases their combat efficiency on the battlefield.

Melanthios is a very powerful dragon that will hone on the weakest enemy immortal during the battle and utilizing its full might to inflict massive damage. Any excess damage will be distributed to other enemy immortals.

Through his frightening aura, he can silence enemy immortals, leaving them unable to generate energy or use active skills at all. If you love the idea of being a Dark Lord, then you will definitely love this dragon. You can learn more about Melanthios by visiting the Ultimate Shadow Dragon Guide for beginners.

Holy Dragon

Lucasta Holy Dragon Infinity Kingdom

Lastly, Lucasta is a holy dragon that wields an immense power of healing and damage abilities. He is the ultimate source of light that guide the Kingdom to glory and expose the evil that is causing havoc across the world.

This holy dragon will strengthen all holy immortals on the battlefield and provides additional healing output. Whenever your immortals get healed, they will have a chance to gain reduced damage taken buff.

Through Lucasta’s mighty power, he can perform a Judgement Roar to reduce enemy targets’ damage. All of your friendly immortals will gain critical rate and dodge bonus chance as well as damage bonus modifier. You can learn more about Lucasta by visiting Ultimate Holy Dragon Guide for beginners.

Conclusion of Best Dragons Infinity Kingdom Guide

Best Dragons Infinity Kingdom Guide for Beginners

We hope you find our guide on the best dragons for Infinity Kingdom useful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions that you think we should add to this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

As always, be sure to take advantage of these Infinity Kingdom gift codes for free rewards like Gems and VIP points, which you can use to level up your VIP even faster. Plus, if you are playing on your phone or tablet, you can download Infinity Kingdom on PC for free. It runs the game faster, graphic quality is better and game controls is a lot easier.

Again, let us know if you have any questions about these dragons in the comment section below. Happy ruling, Lords!

Best Dragons Infinity Kingdom: Guide for Beginners
Best Dragons Infinity Kingdom: Guide for Beginners

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