Ultimate Glyndwr Water Dragon Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our Ultimate Water Dragon Guide for beginners. Do you want to learn how to use your water dragon to its advantage? If so, then you have come to the right place because in this guide, I am going to cover the basics about the water dragon.

Glyndwr is a water dragon that comes with amazing magic healing property and of course, stellar crowd control ability that keeps the enemy targets in their place. This water dragon takes the furthest back row and completes team of water immortals.

Glyndwr mainly focuses on magical defense as it is the strongest stat with physical attack trailing behind. Each maturity stage will greatly enhance Glyndwr’s stats as he grows into a powerful water dragon that serves the water immortals in Infinity Kingdom.

Let’s find our what you can do to help grow your water dragon into a mighty force on the battlefield.

Water Dragon Stages

There are five maturity phases for the Water Dragon that is divided in these following stages:

  • Egg Stage
  • Infancy Stage
  • Adolescence Stage
  • Adulthood Stage
  • Elder Stage

Maturing a water dragon will require a significant amount of Water Dragon Crystals, which can be collected by performing chain-quests i.e Well of Time, events, and through farming gnome bosses on the map.

Egg Stage

Glyndwr Water Dragon Egg Stage

Before you are able to summon Glyndwr, you must first obtain Water Dragon egg which can be obtained right in the beginning of tutorial when you create a character (or game account) for the first time in Infinity Kingdom.

In the egg stage, the water dragon is still being incubated and can’t be assembled on the immortal team formation at all. They can’t perform any attack or defense moves at all and have no magical skill properties.

Obtain Water Dragon Egg to hatch it at this stage.

What’s required in Water Dragon Egg Stage:

  • Water Dragon Egg

Infancy Stage

Glyndwr Water Dragon Infancy Stage

Upon hatching a Water Dragon Egg, Glyndwr will pop out of the shell. This dragon comes with adorable, dog-like eyes that will charm its way with fellow and foe lords alike. While it can be added to the immortal team, it can’t perform any skills because the water dragon is still too young to learn.

An infant water dragon will add to your overall power and provide additional combat boost to the water immortals through same element affinity. Focus on training Glyndwr until you upgrade him to level 5 where it is time to mature to the next stage.

What’s required in Water Dragon Infancy Stage:

  • None

Adolescence Stage

Glyndwr Water Dragon Adolescence Stage

At the next stage is adolescence. Glyndwr will grow bigger, its wings expand forward and gains an ability to cast frosty breathe to inflict damage against enemy targets. An adolescence Glyndwr will gain healing ability that heals injured friendly units back to fighting state.

When you mature a water dragon, they will gain a significant stat increase to both magical defense and physical attack. To mature Glyndwr, you will need at least 20 Water Dragon Crystals to perform it.

What’s required in Water Dragon Adolescence Stage:

  • Water Dragon Level 5
  • Quite a bit of gold.
  • 20 Water Dragon Crystals.

Adulthood Stage

Glyndwr Water Dragon Adulthood Stage

As you continue to train Glyndwr, which will become expensive and require a lot gold within each level up. An adult water dragon is far much more powerful and possess an immense source of strength that makes your enemies tremble before its full might.

To mature your Glyndwr to the adulthood stage, you need to have plenty of gold and 40 Water Dragon Crystals. You can collect the crystals through various events, quests and by farming gnome bosses — which adds over the time as you play the game.

Glyndwr also will gain a second skill that allows him to root enemy targets in their place. This gives your ranged immortals combat advantage to strike them from distance and prevents the enemy targets’ physical skills from doing damage to your units.

What’s required in Water Dragon Adulthood Stage:

  • Water Dragon Level 15
  • Decent amount of gold.
  • 40 Water Dragon Crystals.

Elder Stage

Glyndwr Water Dragon Elder Stage

An elder water dragon is much wiser, stronger and a formidable force on the battlefield. In this stage, Glyndwr will have all of his skills unlocked. He also will gain massive stat boost to increase his combat capability on the battlefield as well as increasing dodge and critical rate chance for the immortals.

Once you have an elder water dragon, it is time to start domesticating his skills. By domesticating Glyndwr, you will upgrade his skills to improve efficiency and combat potential. An elder water dragon have much bigger impact on these skills compared to an adult or adolescence dragon.

To mature Glyndwr to elder stage, you will need at least 80 Water Dragon Crystal and the dragon must be at least level 25 to do so. Additionally, you will have to spend a lot of gold to reach the final stage. Be sure you are prepared to do so in advance.

  • Water Dragon Level 25
  • Motherload amount of gold.
  • 80 Water Dragon Crystals.

Water Dragon Skills

Here’s a list of skills that Glyndwr can do in a battle:

  • Life Source: Restores health to friendly immortals (Adolescence Stage).
  • Ice Breath: Freezes enemy targets, leaving them unable to perform attacks or recover energy (Adulthood Stage).
  • Spring Spell: Increase immortal dodge and critical rate chance. Each time water immortals inflict damage, grant a damage bonus stack (Elder Stage).

Conclusion of Best Water Dragon Guide

Best Water Dragon Guide for Beginners Infinity Kingdom

We hope you found our best water dragon guide for beginners informative and useful. If you have any questions or suggestions about this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below and we will help you out.

Be sure to explore our complete dragons list in Infinity Kingdom to learn more about other type of dragons in the game. Don’t forget to take advantage of free dragon crystals whenever you hatch a dragon in the gallery on the Immortals screen.

Lastly, if you are playing on your phone or tablet, you can download Infinity Kingdom on PC for free. It runs the game faster, graphic quality is better and game controls is a lot easier. Happy ruling, Lords!

Ultimate Glyndwr Water Dragon Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Glyndwr Water Dragon Guide for Beginners

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