Ultimate Taranis Lightning Dragon Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our best Taranis lightning dragon guide for beginners. If you plan to specialize in lightning immortals, then you will want to consider investing resources and crystals into upgrading your lightning dragon.

Taranis is a powerful lightning dragon that focuses mainly on magical attack stat. He is one of the most powerful magical damage dealer in Infinity Kingdom who is actually a dragon. Whether you are looking for a damage dealer or not, Taranis can pretty much upheave the entire battlefield through combination of powerful lightning attacks.

As you advance throughout the story, Taranis will grow and evolve into a powerful lightning dragon with strong magical attack that serves the lightning immortals. That being said, let’s get to the basics and find out what this lightning dragon has to offer for your team.

Lightning Dragon Stages

There are five maturity phases for the Lightning Dragon that is divided in these following stages:

  • Egg Stage
  • Infancy Stage
  • Adolescence Stage
  • Adulthood Stage
  • Elder Stage

To mature a lightning dragon, you need to collect Lightning Dragon Crystals. You can get them by performing events, completing chain-story quests and even killing gnome bosses on the map. Each stage require significant amount of dragon crystals and gold to mature.

Egg Stage

Taranis Lightning Dragon Egg Stage

In order to hatch Taranis, you must complete Chapter 10 in the Infinity Kingdom Story Mission. Once you meet the requirement, you can hatch the lightning dragon out of this egg.

However at this stage, it cannot do anything. It can’t be added to an immortal team formation nor can it perform attack / defense moves at all. Furthermore, it has no magical skill properties.

At this point, the lightning dragon is entirely defenseless and the Lord must take proper care of it until the dragon hatches from it.

What’s required in Lightning Dragon Egg Stage:

  • Lightning Dragon Egg

Infancy Stage

Taranis Lightning Dragon Infancy Stage

Upon hatching the egg, Taranis will appear from it. This is a playful lightning dragon that likes to show off its impressive speed. Even though he is an infant dragon, his power isn’t to be reckoned with.

A baby lightning dragon can be added to the immortal team formation to increase your power and boost element affinity for the lightning immortals. However, Taranis do not have any skill at this stage yet as he still have some growing to do. Train him to level 5 to reach adolescence stage.

What’s required in Lightning Dragon Infancy Stage:

  • None

Adolescence Stage

Taranis Lightning Dragon Adolescence Stage

Once Taranis becomes an adolescent, he gains a powerful active skill called Lightning Shriek which does a notable amount of magical damage to all targets. This is where the lightning dragon will start to rely on the lightning immortals to stun targets as many as they can.

Whenever the enemy targets is stunned, Taranis will deal twice the normal damage. This makes him one of the highest damage dealer in the game. Although, his crowd control ability is lacking at this stage.

Lords will have to continue to train and upgrade him to level 15 to become an adult dragon. Focus on leveling him up.

What’s required in Lightning Dragon Adolescence Stage:

  • Lightning Dragon Level 5
  • Quite a bit of gold.
  • 20 Lightning Dragon Crystals.

Adulthood Stage

Taranis Lightning Dragon Adulthood Stage

As Taranis reaches adulthood stage, he will gain immense boost to all stat. Plus he will learn a new skill called Lightning Cage that roots enemy targets in its place for a few seconds. While the targets are rooted, they can’t perform normal attacks.

The newly acquired crowd control skill is a nice addition to the already powerful lightning dragon. As the enemy targets can’t perform any normal attacks, it will ease up the amount of damage that your front-row immortals take and focuses more on utilizing active skills more often.

To mature Taranis to an adult dragon, it has to be level 15 and you need plenty of gold and dragon crystals to do so.

What’s required in Lightning Dragon Adulthood Stage:

  • Lightning Dragon Level 15
  • Decent amount of gold.
  • 40 Lightning Dragon Crystals.

Elder Stage

Taranis Lightning Dragon Infinity Kingdom

The final stage is an elder lightning dragon. At this stage, Taranis will finally reveal its true power. Armed with powerful lightning strikes that can dish major damages against multiple targets and paralyzing them.

Taranis will learn a third skill that increases dodge and critical rate chance for all of your immortals. Whenever your immortals gets a debuff, a damage bonus stack is granted and stacks up to 5 times.

Once you mature Taranis to elder stage, it’s time to domesticate his skills to further increase his combat potential. Before you do so, make sure you plan to stick with lightning immortals because domesticating Taranis’ skills will take time as it cost ton of dragon crystals. But the upgrades are significant enough to make major pushes.

  • Lightning Dragon Level 25
  • Motherload amount of gold.
  • 80 Lightning Dragon Crystals.

Lightning Dragon Skills

Taranis will learn three skills through each maturity phases:

  • Lightning Shriek: Deals massive damage to all targets. If the targets are stunned, deal twice the damage.
  • Lightning Cage: Roots 3 random targets and prevents them from performing normal attacks.
  • Ghostly Drumming: Increases immortals dodge and critical hit rate. Each debuff grants immortals a damage bonus and stacks up to 5 times.

Conclusion of Best Lightning Dragon Guide

Best Taranis Lightning Dragon Guide for Beginners Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our ultimate Taranis lightning dragon guide useful and informative? Let us know if you have questions or suggestions that we should add to this guide by commenting in the comment section below.

Be sure to explore our complete dragons list in Infinity Kingdom to learn more about other type of dragons in the game. Don’t forget to take advantage of free dragon crystals whenever you hatch a dragon in the gallery on the Immortals screen.

Lastly, if you are playing on your phone or tablet, you can download Infinity Kingdom on PC for free. It runs the game faster, graphic quality is better and game controls is a lot easier. Happy ruling, Lords!

Ultimate Taranis Lightning Dragon Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Taranis Lightning Dragon Guide for Beginners

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