Ultimate Melanthios Shadow Dragon Guide for Beginners

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Hello and welcome to the Melanthios shadow dragon guide for Infinity Kingdom. Are you specializing in shadow immortals as your end-game team formation? Then you will want to get your hands on Melanthios who is a shadow dragon in the game.

Melanthios is a shadow dragon that delivers powerful demonic, shadowy attacks to deal damage and grant combat advantage to your immortals on the battlefield. When he pairs with shadow immortals, they all gain stat boost through element affinity.

Unlike other dragons in the game, Melanthios have element advantage over fire, water, wind, earth and lightning. Which makes him a very powerful dragon to be on the team. Although, he is easily countered by holy element. If you plan to build a formidable force of shadow immortals, then this dragon guide is just what you need to know to complete your team.

Shadow Dragon Stages

Maturing Melanthios is divided in five different phases:

  • Egg Stage
  • Infancy Stage
  • Adolescence Stage
  • Adulthood Stage
  • Elder Stage

As you progress throughout the game, you will have to collect Shadow Dragon Crystals — which is much more rare compared to other elements. Lords can get them through farming high-level gnome bosses and monsters around the World Heart as well as high-level events.

Egg Stage

Melanthios Shadow Dragon Egg Infinity Kingdom

Before you can have Melanthios on the team, you need to obtain Shadow Dragon egg first. This can be done by upgrading your VIP to level 15 and purchase VIP exclusive chest, which will give you a Shadow Dragon egg.

Once you have the egg, you can tap on it to hatch and Melanthios will come out of it. While the shadow dragon is at this stage, it can’t perform any moves nor does it have skills. It’s vulnerable and must be protected by the lord until you are ready to start raising the shadow dragon.

What’s required in Shadow Dragon Egg Stage:

  • Shadow Dragon Egg (VIP Level 15, exclusive VIP Chest. Requires you to pay money).

Infancy Stage

Melanthios Shadow Dragon Baby Infinity Kingdom

Upon hatching the dragon egg, Melanthios will appear. He is very shy, timid and likes to hide in the shadow. As a baby dragon, he can be added to any immortal team formations to increase your overall power and combat strength.

Melanthios can perform attacks and grant stat bonus through element affinity. Although he does not have any skills at this stage as he is too young to know. Your main focus is to train and level up the shadow dragon to level 5.

What’s required in Shadow Dragon Infancy Stage:

  • None

Adolescence Stage

Melanthios Shadow Dragon Adolescence Infinity Kingdom

An adolescent shadow dragon comes with far more power and a newly learned skill. At this stage, Melanthios is starting to show off his combat strength and a force to be reckoned with. With incredibly high magical and physical attack, he can easily obliterate enemy targets with Dark Breath.

Unlike other dragons, the Dark Breath is far more lethal because it focus on the weakest target first. When the weakest target is eliminated, the excess damage is dealt to other enemy targets. Melanthios then will focus on the next weakest target.

Which makes him a very powerful nuker in the game. You will always want to take advantage of his active skill at all the time.

What’s required in Shadow Dragon Adolescence Stage:

  • Shadow Dragon Level 5
  • Quite a bit of gold.
  • 20 Shadow Dragon Crystals.

Adulthood Stage

Melanthios Shadow Dragon Adulthood Infinity Kingdom

At this stage, Melanthios will gain another stat boost. As his physical and magical attack continue to increase, making him even more powerful single-target attacker. He learns a new skill called Eclipse.

It is a great crowd control skill that silence all enemy targets, preventing them from recovering energy and casting active skills. This means enemy targets can’t perform powerful damage skills or heal at all.

Eclipse allows your immortals to take advantage of mass silence to turn tide of battle into your favor. Absolutely a strong skill for a shadow dragon. Your next step is to upgrade Melanthios to level 25.

What’s required in Shadow Dragon Adulthood Stage:

  • Shadow Dragon Level 15
  • Decent amount of gold.
  • 40 Shadow Dragon Crystals.

Elder Stage

Melanthios Shadow Dragon Infinity Kingdom

When Melanthios enters elder stage, he will gain a significant stat increase which makes he even more powerful. In addition to that, he learns a new skill called Force of Evil. This skill increases all immortals dodge and critical rate chance.

And if you are pairing Melanthios with shadow immortals, then they all will gain massive damage bonus as long as their health remains above 60%. But if their health falls below 60% then they lose the damage bonus which is a minor drawback compared to other dragons.

It’s definitely a tradeoff that grants massive damage bonus right at the beginning of battle since other dragons requires immortals to perform attack, gain buff, gain debuff or even lose health to be able to benefit from it. At this stage, you should start upgrading skills to increase the shadow dragon’s power and make him useful on the battlefield.

  • Shadow Dragon Level 25
  • Motherload amount of gold.
  • 80 Shadow Dragon Crystals.

Shadow Dragon Skills

Melanthios will learn three skills through each maturity phases:

  • Dark Breath: Deal massive damage to the weakest target. If the target dies, excess damage is distributed to the enemy targets surrounding it.
  • Eclipse: Silence all enemy targets, preventing them from recovering energy or using active skills.
  • Force of Evil: Increase immortals’ dodge and critical rate chance. Shadow immortals gain massive damage bonus as long as health remains above 60%.

Conclusion of Best Shadow Dragon Guide

Best Melanthios Shadow Dragon Guide Infinity Kingdom

Did you find our best Melanthios shadow dragon guide useful and informative? If you have any questions or have suggestions that we should add to this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

You can learn more about the Infinity Kingdom dragons to explore them out and build the perfect immortal team formation. As always, make sure you reap in free dragon crystals after hatching an elemental dragon as you will need them to mature.

Lastly, if you are playing on your phone or tablet, you can download Infinity Kingdom on PC for free. It runs the game faster, graphic quality is better and game controls is a lot easier. Happy ruling, Lords!

Ultimate Melanthios Shadow Dragon Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Melanthios Shadow Dragon Guide for Beginners

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